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Mia Olevski  Columnist|Photographer|Conscious soul Founder of Mia.Reviews ©All Pictures Are Mine© 📩 📍 Paris 🇫🇷 and Bali 🇮🇩 traveling the 🌎

Bali always means beauty... 🛁🌸 Behind the scenes 🎥This is how we do photoshootings with my bestie @karina.kapris #fourseasonsbali #renaissancehotelbali

My city of love and light... where magic happens and dreams come true... where soul finds peace and eyes are filled with beauty 🇫🇷 (more on @miareviews))

Bonjour! ☕️ I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead! 💞☀️💞

He gave me Tiffany’s and few hours after - he won in the lottery!!!‼️😄🙌🏼🥂🍀 Today I want to share with you story about life and it’s laws : I know Nicolas since 2 months, we met couple times- like for example he helped me with transportation of my luggage when I came to Paris or, over coffee, I shared with him some of my knowledge about our World...
and the other day he said: « I want to be the reason for your smile! » and he just... took me to nearest Tiffany’s ! (Who ever been to Tiffany’s know how precious their jewelry are 🙈😅 )) He did it without any occasion, without ANY expectations and not waiting for nothing in return... except my smile!) Of course I was smiling all the time after that, more because of the deed itself )) By the way this is a normal deed of a normal Man! ☝🏼 Some girls think they have to be in relationships with a guy, or at least sleep with him to be treated like this ❗️Nonsense ! People always treat you the way you actually value yourself and life is the reflection of your beliefs)) By the way, Nicolas is not a rich guy, just a normal young man (on my Facebook you can see this story with tag 😉)) However, few hours later... I was eating at my usual place, when he came to the cafe and brought more reasons for my smile ! (As you can see on photos )) 🌹He said « You bring me good luck! » and then he showed me the lottery ticket with the amount of the winnings !!!!! ‼️😃 i was soooo happy to hear that, you can’t imagine !!! 🙌🏼✨ WWAAAOOOUUHH!!! 🙈 This is what happens when you live by the laws and rules of the Universe ✨ P.S. What people call « luck » or « miracle » is nothing but knowledge and inner work... a loooot of it! ;) so here’s some inspiration for you this week ! Have a great Monday ! 🥂#miareviews

Happy girl ☺️ #ParisianLife

This is my job 🙌🏼 #miareviews and i love it so much! It’s not as easy as it may appear, but it’s definitely awesome! 😍 love to share the beauty of this world and my personal life experience... ❤️ Follow your heart and do what you like... always ! ;)

I just réalized I never posted these pictures here! 😲🙈😄 time to correct this mistake 🤗 Enjoy- ici c’est (mon) Paris! ✨🇫🇷

3 Keys 🔑 to happy relationships 💞 : 1) Talk to each other more (any problem can be solved by conversation !!) 2) Always show you care (how someone supposed to know if you won’t show ?! 😄) 3) Do not just leave whenever issues appear, otherwise you might end up alone 🙇🏻‍♂️ (In a world full of unlimited choices, adore those who go hard for you. Commitment is a very rare thing) ❤️ Be loved and happy ✌🏼

Thank you @faatographer for this amazing shot! 💪🏼

Bonjour 🌸

Breakfasts 🥞 by @jumeirahgroup are always super delicious and very Instagramable ! 😉 (work is work ))))

Oh #Bali my happy place! I love you! ☺️

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