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twaimz  oh hey y’all wassup

sooooo it’s my birthday today and just keepin it real i don’t feel so great rn (which is why i forced myself to get up and film this lol) anyways...i just want you guys to know that i will be thankful for y’all forever. no matter how many times i fall like this i’m always gonna try to get back up period. so while i try i want you guys to try with me okay!!! :) causeee when i release a new song i need us to all be happy little bitches together MMMMMK!!! :) i love y’all, and thank you so much for still being here after so many years. ilysm -issa💕

i’m NOT like most girls.

oh hey y’all wassup

turbo bein a whole mood for 4 pictures straight

hi i got bored sooooo 7 rings x feelin myself💕

happy 4th birthday llama song!!!!!! same stairs, same us :)



thicky nicky and flatty patty: thriving😜

NEW SONG: LAST PLACE ft. TWAIMZ (me🙈) link in my bio ;) love you bestie😜💕

tag 3 friends you want annabitch to possess🙈💕

just curious.......? ;) gaymz* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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