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Israel Saez De Miguel 

Good morning Los Angeles

Very happy for the birthday wishes from everyone, THANK YOU; you made my day. I welcome the 44's with this mantra 'Those who don't jump will never fly.'

Surfing the air on my way back home.

Always nice to fly private. Let's see this little dolphin with wings ....

Well, I did it again!!!! Vivan los Novios.
Thank you @wrennmgmt and
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Behind every photo, there’s a story.... Some couples getting married today already have it all. With this photoshoot our message was to inspire engaged couples towards having a "wedding with a cause." What does that mean? 
It’s a day not only arranged to celebrate their unity but also a day that goes beyond just them...In this case, it was focused on their love for elephants and giving back to We believe having a focus that goes beyond the couple changes the whole vibe of a wedding, the couple, family and friends feel more connected because they are all part of something bigger.
Through creative curating and photography we wanted to connect readers and viewers “back to basics." Embracing simplicity, and a connection to nature. Tai our Elephant, is the link between the bride and groom and reconnecting them with nature. The mood is simple, elegant and classic. Our goal is to invite one into a space where they feel at peace, relaxed, and inspired to plan their own “Wedding with a Cause.” Tai is a visual representation, and we are not suggesting or encouraging anyone to hire an elephant for their wedding.
We respect all opinions & perspectives but due to the abundance of both positive and negative feedback, we wanted to clarify our intentions for this editorial.

For this specific feature and in general Santa Barbara Life & Style rarely takes a political stance, we offer a platform where individuals are free to comment and engage with our content in an open and free manner. Our hope and vision is to inspire others while being respectful of a broad range of beliefs.

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The bride and the beautiful beast. @jerica and @israel_saez_de_miguel

Awards season is here, getting yhe black suits out of the closet. #amaawards #partytime #fun #israelsaezdemiguel #israelsaez 📸 By @bernardodoral

Mermaids and monkeys, what a night.

After a long day I can have a break in 2 weeks We come from the monkey. I just confirm it. #monkey

Playing an Italian olive oil artisan with la mama

Location for today, cold pressing olive oil today and shipping it all over the world by ... I will let you know.
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