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Charity Hall  Love Jesus • Love Others • Live Well // YL Essential Oils #1032300

It's easy to get caught up in our day to day habits and not think about the world outside. The things we take for, WATER! Today is #WorldWaterDay 💦 Did you know 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water worldwide? It's in the USA too, not just overseas. Help me change these stats by donating to companies like @charitywater that partner with local areas to bring water to people without. (There's a link in my bio with more info!) #charitywater

I've been hiding
Afraid I've let you down, inside I doubt
That you still love me
But in Your eyes there's only grace now.
#HowCanItBe #weekdayexplorer

Spring Scene :: rain or shine, I'll take the green!🙋🏼 Loving the results of El Niño this year🌱 #firstdayofspring #weekdayexplorer

Symmetry + Balance :: Love Jesus :: Live Well.

Discussing two important concepts of prayer + receiving God's answer of "YES!" over on @shesintentional today. Click the link in my bio to read further and join the dialogue talking about Hannah, proper possession of the holy "yes" answer, and also the processing of that answer...what a Savior He is❤#shesintentional #iovmusings

Strong. Selfless. Forever True. No one could replace the gift I have in you. Happy Birthday to the lady who gave me life + prepared me to weather any storm. Near or Far, I love you forever ❤ #50momentsofbeauty

Missing this funny face today 💫💃🏼💃🏼 #chroniclesofcnc

What if we lived the words we find it so easy to tweet, text, email and write? If we were unafraid to engage with the hard topics in real life? What if we decided to talk about His glory + mystery more often instead of the miserly + material things of the world?
In a word full of the searing color of His creation, we often lower our minds to see only the color and chaos instead of the very creation that stares us in the face. What if we decided to change the narrative? That our minds would seek to comprehend Him and His majesty, and even though we will always fall short of that comprehension our faith will find strength in the seeking.
What is the story that He is revealing in you? How is He seeking to change your heart through the world right in front of your eyes and the dialogue waiting to be had with that world?

My prayer: God, let it be. The story you have written. The mystery you have hidden. The beauty you have yet to reveal. Let it be to me. #iovmusings

Heart + Soul Reset ❤ #conversationtankfilled

"There’s nothing that makes you more miserable (or less interesting) than self-absorption: How am I feeling, how am I doing, how are people treating me…am I being treated justly? Self-absorption leaves us static; there’s nothing more disintegrating. … When we decide to be our own center, our own king, everything falls apart. … The good news of the kingdom of God is this: Jesus is that true King." - Tim Keller

This quote comes to life when we choose to look outside of ourselves. How often do we look for the loner when in groups? Do we reach out to the wallflower? To be interesting, be interested. To be loved, love others. To be known, seek to know others. To be truly known, we have to take time to KNOW Him. Before we can be others oriented, we have to be Kingdom oriented by being King-Centered. Center me Jesus! ✨ #iovmusings

Something beautiful about the "send-off" of a friend into a new journey + adventure. Celebrating the upcoming marriage of Audrey + Coco today and rejoicing in what God has joined together ✨ Love you beautiful lady @audreynicole.wb#theKifles

Shine a light on slavery. I'm in it to END it. The multiple people who asked what this ❌ on my hand meant today started a conversation that brings to light the harsh reality of human trafficking worldwide. We have hope : let's help share it with the hopeless❤ #enditmovement

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