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First time having her face painted. She wanted a dragon but settled for a butterfly.

Today I had the pleasure of attending an event organized by @she.malta and this quote describes the ladies I met there perfectly. What an amazing group of women! #iamshe #shemalta

Yesterday, I watched this tailor do a fitting for a man as I waited at another shop across the street. It made me so happy seeing someone prefer a tailored suit to a shop-bought one. Some days I just want to hop into a time machine and go back to Victorian times (with today's benefits though).

My beautiful beautiful girl. I wasn't sure whether to post this because I know many of her friends will see it (including her) but this remains my go-to place to reach out to other mums. If any of you are in the teenage-raising years or have been and are willing to share some advice, would you send me a private message? I'm at a complete loss and I know very few mums with older children. And in case the subject of this photo sees this, I love you more than I show. So much more.

It's Festa day at school. Since we don't really follow festas and all that jazz, she chose to go as pink as possible.

Ivy Boo Boo at 2.5 yrs: a perfect mix of sweetness and attitude; she's the boss of our family, keeping tabs on everyone and making sure we are all doing what we're supposed to be doing; a picky eater with a taste for ostji and meat; an excellent talker (in English), constantly asking everyone to repeat what they just said, lest she misses out on any goings-on; she sleeps with her head on my chest and her feet up her dad's behind (if he's there), before being transferred to her bed; her favourite cartoon is Ben and Holly; she congratulates herself often on being a good boy; I could eat her up. #ivysagunimermaid #thingsidontwanttoeverforget

Cousin squad. I hope they're always as close as sisters.

You didn't become a dad in the most conventional of ways, but it's a title that suits you. The girls are very lucky to have you as the main man in their lives and I hope they find someone as patient and selfless as you when the time comes (assuming they do want to have a man in their lives). Thank you for being such a positive influence in our lives (except maybe when you leave memory cards and camera bits all over the place). Happy Father's Day!

A photo for the record, because it's not everyday we see her with straight hair.

She's desperate to start her own YouTube channel (I blame her dad for the bad influence), so we gave her an old mobile phone to use as a camera. She's taking practising very seriously. 🤳🏻

Robin's manicure, courtesy of Maia. She obviously chose the colours of Sweden. Luckily, they're the colours of her school uniform too. (Thank goodness it's the end of the scholastic year)

The first time in a week I manage to sit at the computer and a little tyrant demands to take my seat. 🙄

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