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Good morning! We have a request for all of our fans this morning:

A fake Instagram account has been opened in Islamic Relief's name. We have been in touch with @facebook / @instagram and they have asked that we get everyone we know to report the account.

Please take a moment and report @islamicrelief as a fraudulent account.
Thanks to all of you!

Families in #Somalia have lost their livestock due to the harsh drought in the region. Families like the one pictured are forced to leave their homes and flee to internally displaced camps.

On #muslimwomensday we want to introduce you to Um Kassar - who says "Difficulties did not deter my determination." She is a widow living in a #refugee camp in #Syria .
“I arrived at this camp in the north of Syria with my kids after a difficult trip that’s ingrained in my memory. I didn’t see another way but to work with determination.”
She opened up a small grocery shop in the camp and sold fruits and vegetables. “I earn Halal money and I am very happy with this job. I wake up in the morning and go to the neighboring village and buy the goods and then bring them here to sell. Life here is not devoid of a glimmer of #hope& #34;

When winter approaches, we take out our warm clothes, our hats, our gloves and our boots. Alhamdulillah for the warmth we have.
Meanwhile, the people of #Syria sit in tents drenched with water and their feet are freezing from being soaked in the snow.
Alhamdulillah for the warmth we have – and the warmth we can give.

Give a Syrian family warmth today.

Today marks #2YearsofWar in #Yemen , with over 3 million displaced and over 18 million in need of humanitarian aid.
Today we remember that our brothers and sisters are more than statistics - they each have a name and a voice that is asking for help.
Visit to send relief.

Islamic Relief’s Abdullah Shawky climbs over a large pile of life jackets that are left on the shores of #Lesvos , #Greece .
The drenched life jackets were discarded when #refugees arrived there in search of a better life.
The life jackets are cheap and dangerous, made from a material that actually weighs a person down when it gets wet. You can help refugees transition into their new lives.

The drought in #Somalia has caused much unrest in the hearts of the people, especially #mothers .
Imagine the overwhelming fear of not knowing if you can feed your child their next meal.
Over 15 million people across the Horn of Africa are in need of humanitarian assistance.
Check out our website to find ways that you can help!

Irbid Jordan - we just competed the 500th surgery for those in need as part of our surgery program with Islamic Relief Jordan all funded from Islamic Relief USA donors like YOU! Thank you for your support!

Today is #WorldWaterDay !
Did you know that 70% of #Syrians do not have access to clean water?
Many Syrians living inside camps aren’t able to get the cleanliness we often take for granted.
As you reflect on the #blessing of water, you can quench someone’s thirst.

A woman sits near her home in #drought stricken #Ethiopia .
Over 5 million people are in need of humanitarian aid in Ethiopia due to the drought. Islamic Relief teams are on the ground delivering aid wherever they can, but it’s still not enough.
How can we work together to help Ethiopia?
Visit to find out!

Islamic Relief worker packs bags of winter supplies for #Syrians in need inside #Syria . Many Syrians are living in harsh conditions in which they aren't protected from the cold, rain, or snow. These winter supplies help alleviate some of that suffering.
Are you paying attention to Syria?
Find out how you can help at

6 million people are in danger of dying due to a devastating famine in #Somalia - people like Zeinab’s family.

Zeinab has been in an Internally displaced camp in #Somalia for about a month. She was forced to leave her home because all of her livestock had died due to the drought.
She says that, "Everyone here is waiting for Allah's mercy." Find out how you can help at

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