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Islamic Relief USA  Working #Together4ABetterWorld. To learn more go to our website -

Join IRUSA and Rise Against Hunger to help prepare 500,000+ food packs to feed those in need around the world.
There are two ways to help support this effort, you can -
1 ) Volunteer to help pack these meals
2 ) Or you can help us fundraise, $25 will feed 250 people

Learn more by going to -


Today is #WorldFoodDay: a global campaign established by the #UnitedNations that asks us to think about our consuming habits, the resources we use, and what we can do for those who are #food insecure. We at Islamic Relief are taking part in this day through our campaign to create 500,000 meals for people worldwide. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP.

If you want to be part of this effort, making a difference can be as simple as a few clicks, and is free. We urge you to create a crowdfunding campaign to bring food to people in need. See the link in our bio to create your page. Then just share your page to your family and friends, and become a #change agent. Every $25 you raise will go to feed 250 people. Do your part in joining the UN's goal of zero hunger by 2030! #IRUSArise500k

It's international #dayofthegirl! Women often suffer especially harsh conditions in impoverished communities. With the help of our generous donors, IRUSA works to increase the number of resources to improve #education, #health, and income generation for women and girls. Not only internationally, even within the United States, recent Islamic Relief programs have helped women recover from #abuse, earn a living, and save for financial #goals. Improving the condition of women benefits not only women themselves but also their societies. Here is to all the resilient, hardworking, and compassionate women around the world! To learn more visit

"Today was one of @islamicreliefusa ’s Day of #Dignity events. An annual event across the country where IR provides #winter jackets, #food items, medical services, #school supplies, and more to some of the most vulnerable families and individuals in our communities.
I met these two shocks of energy today. As soon as they saw my camera they started smiling and asking if I could take their picture.
A few minutes later, they came up to me and asked if they themselves could take the pictures. So we switched off between modeling and shooting. And the #light I saw come up on their eyes to see their own pictures that THEY took come up on the little screen was even more electrifying than their excitement to be in the pictures. It was a beautiful, warm moment." - Omar Nassimi, Community Engagement.

On Sept. 28, 2018, a powerful 7.5 magnitude #earthquake and #tsunami struck #Sulewesi, #Indonesia. As of Oct. 2, the death toll was nearly 1,350 people. Thousands of homes have been destroyed. These numbers are expected to rise as #rescue teams search for #survivors. Indonesia’s population is vulnerable to natural disasters because the country lies on volcanic fault lines and is therefore susceptible to earthquakes and tsunamis as well as flooding and drought. Islamic Relief Indonesia is on the ground providing vital #humanitarian #aid. When you act to #donate generously now, you aid survivors in their time of dire need.

Children are most affected by the tragedies of #war and natural disasters. Many are left to live in desperate conditions without one or both of their parents to care for them. #Orphan #Family #Support means you help uplift an orphan and his or her family into self-reliance and independence by giving them the tools they need to thrive! What’s more: The family gets the medical and psychological support they need, all while building a sustainable living so that they can break the chains of #poverty, and rely on themselves for years beyond what a traditional sponsorship would offer. And donations toward Orphan Support are flexible—you can offer support whenever you’re ready, and as often as you like. As a sponsor, your commitment can help bring a smile to a saddened face and provide hope were it is often lost.
The #Prophet #Muhammad (PBUH) said, “I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in #paradise together like this," Reports Al-Bukhari, describing the motion as raising his forefinger and middle finger together.

Our bike across #Turkey for #water is all done! It took a handful of awesome #volunteers to raise funds and contribute to a worthwhile effort. So why water? And why countries in #Africa? Well that’s simple. Can we all agree that everyone of us should be able to access clean, safe, and drinkable water whenever we want to? And we shouldn’t have to worry about #disease, infections, or becoming ill whenever we turn our faucets on right? For our brothers and sisters in places like #Mali and #Niger clean water can be up to 15 miles away, or there can simply be no water at all due to drought. IRUSA is on the ground and literally digging in the ground to provide fresh water to communities who have partnered with us to address these concerns. And with innovative technology that harnesses #solarpower people can depend on a sustainable solution. Let’s continue to answer the call for clean water in African countries.

We can do our best to prepare for disasters. We can focus on the proper steps to take before a #hurricane makes landfall, before a #flood rushes through a region, or #wildfires take a toll on cities. We can build the proper communication channels to check on our loved ones. But we can’t guarantee that lives caught in the path of destruction won’t be changed forever. That’s why IRUSA Disaster Response Team (DRT) works round the clock to develop the best answers possible before and after natural disasters happen. IRUSA DRT engages in assessment and preparation for the worst, but can be found long after, assisting financially, removing debris, and partnering to rebuild with resilient families. We’re able to be there for them because you answer the call, even when all seems impossible. Today families will need you to help them prepare. Tomorrow they’ll need you to help them recover.

Everyday, but especially on this #NationalDayofServiceandRemembrance, we keep those that are less fortunate than us in mind. The #world is #hungry: 1 in every 9 of us is living in extreme hunger. That’s 815 million people! Teaming up with @riseagainsthunger, IRUSA volunteers are working towards a #goal 500,000+ meals and raising $500,000 to feed families in #Africa. Islamic Relief USA is ready to tackle hunger in a BIG way. Are you? To learn more visit #irusarise500k

#MotivationMonday: Let your #smile #change the #world, but don’t let the world change your smile!

IRUSA and @riseagainsthunger are gearing up for our next round of packouts next weekend for our 500K Meal Pack #IRUSARise500k. We are packaging 500,000 meals and raising $500,000 to feed families. Our packout from early August in #CharlotteNC has already reached the tables of families in the #DominicanRepublic. Over the next several months our amazing volunteers will be packaging more food for more families. But we don’t want you to miss out on the action! Volunteering at a packout near you is easy, sign up: Donating is easy too, $25 feeds 250 people!! Help us reach our $500,000 goal:
Help us send 500K meals across the world!

IRUSA is saddened today with the loss of a dear family member, Owess Munir, who acted as one of our Community Fundraising and Volunteering Officers with @islamicreliefuk @irworldwide. He passed in a fatal car crash and two others were badly injured in the vehicle. We must remember, that when those among us like Owess decide to walk in the path of service to humanity for the love of Allah, they are doing so because they deeply understand the frailty of this life. We must all guard the precious time we are given here. We pray the Allah comforts his family with patience and resolve during this time. Please pray for his loved ones and all others injured. (Photo taken from Wales Online).

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