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Islamic Relief USA  Working #Together4ABetterWorld. To learn more go to our website -


Today is #randomactsofkindness day! Today we celebrate and encourage random acts of #goodness with the intention to brighten another's day! From sharing a #smile to passing out warm drinks on a rainy day, kind gestures are always appreciated, no matter how big or small. Share with us a random act of kindness that someone has done for you!

“We must discover the power of #love, the power, the redemptive power of love. And when we discover that we will be able to make of this old world a new #world. We will be able to make men better. Love is the only way.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Wishing everyone a day filled with much love and #light!

Happy #Monday! Lets start the week with a #smile, #positivity, and the intention to be #productive!

Happy Friday! May all of our prayers be accepted! #jummahmubarak #tgif

For millions around the #world, #poverty keeps #education out of reach. As a result, families cannot improve their quality of #life and break free from poverty. But access to education is one of the surest routes out of poverty according to the the #UnitedNation ’s International Institute for Educational Planning: it helps boost weak economies; it strengthens #community participation in government and restores the public’s #trust; it protects children from being coerced into armed service; it promotes #respect for rights and #nonviolence; it promotes social cohesion and nation-building; it promotes an equal society and challenges patterns of gender discrimination, oppression and violence; and it prevents environmental degradation.

Adequate access to education results in better family #health and reduced rates of child malnutrition and mortality, and it gives women access to better work opportunities.

It’s the smiles that keep us committed to this work. It’s the hearts that make it all worthwhile. #25YearsTogether #TuesdayThoughts #SouthAfrica

Happy #Friday! Wishing everyone a blessed day. May all your prayers be accepted! #jummahmubarak

On #worldhijabday we celebrate our #sisters who choose #hijab as a way of #life, and we honor them for their #strength, especially in the face of adversity.
When women are empowered, their communities are empowered. Here is to all the strong women who are leading our families, our communities and our #world to a better place.

Lets start the week with #smiles and #positivity. Here's to a bright and #beautiful week! #happymonday

Wishing you a happy Friday! #jummahmubarak

#Jordan’s population has doubled 12 times during the past 60 years, according to the #UnitedNations. Large influxes of #refugees from neighboring areas, including #Palestine and #Iraq, and most recently, hundreds of thousands from #Syria, present significant challenges for Jordan, which possesses limited natural resources.
The United Nations reports that Jordan has done remarkably well in its fight against #poverty; however, waves of population growth have strained the country’s infrastructure, resources and basic services, and affected the jobs opportunities available. Pockets of poverty remain, especially in rural communities.

Islamic Relief began working in Jordan in 1997.

Alhamdulillah, this is what YOUR generosity looks like in action. This #Syrian mother and her family received new blankets, warm clothing and more because IRUSA donors care about them.
Without your compassion, #refugee families like theirs will be left to fend for themselves. Unfortunately, we've just read an article about some of our refugee brothers and sisters who died trying to flee violence while battling the cold #winter weather.

Please pray for them. And please support winter aid efforts so that we can help more people before it's too late.


Our 25 daring individuals who embarked on a 4 day #cycling #adventure across #Andalusia in hopes to raise funds to #support Islamic Relief work in #Europe!

25 daring individuals of the Islamic Relief family will be embarking on a 4-day cycling #adventure across #Andalusia. 25 years ago, Islamic Relief USA started because of a group of #Muslims coming together to aid our #brothers and #sister in need during the #war in #Bosnia. 25 years later Islamic Relief is still providing #relief and development in Bosnia and across #Europe. Today, as we continue that promise we challenge ourselves as we take a #bike #journey through historic Andalusia and tell the story of #Islam in #Spain, as well as our commitment to the people of Bosnia. To follow the journey please follow us on social media and share this page with your network to provide warmth this winter for the people in Bosnia. The money raise will help support Islamic Reliefs work in Europe. To learn more visit IRUSA.org/Europe

In the words of the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Life’s most persistent question is: What are you doing for others?” At Islamic Relief USA, we dedicate every day to serving our brothers and sisters in need. A particularly special day of service for us is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day (aka: MLK Day). It’s a day that brings together IRUSA staff and volunteers with local community groups so that we can work together for a better world—starting with our own neighborhoods.

Join us for #IRUSAMLK2018 from Jan. 13-15: Check out the project list on irusa.org/mom say to see the specific day and time for events across CA, DC, MD, NJ, NY, TX and VA.

#Tutudesks for #Students in #SouthAfrica

IRUSA donors are providing Tutudesks, portable #writing surfaces, for 7,618 students at 24 #underprivileged high school in #EasternCape to help facilitate their right to #education.

Islamic Relief began working in #Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992 to provide vital #emergency assistance to the people during the Bosnian #War. Islamic Relief was actually one of the first #international, nongovernmental organizations to start delivering #humanitarian #aid to the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina. #Food, #water and clothes were distributed to #survivors. Islamic Relief later began rebuilding homes, #schools and places of #worship that were destroyed during the war.

It is with great humility and excitement that IRUSA announces the year long commemoration of our 25th #anniversary! In October of 1993 the #war pushed the people of #Bosnia beyond the brink of #disaster. There was a call for #help to anyone who could find it in their #heart to provide support at their darkest hour. With a handful of volunteers Islamic Relief USA was founded, and the #community ensured that it would success on its #mission.

Twenty five years have passed since Bosnia fell under grave conditions, but there were many more calls to be answered. Disaster knows no boundaries so IRUSA built its #legacy of #service and #hope by being committed #humanitarians wherever the call may lead. We were there in #Indonesia, #Haiti, #Somalia, #Syria, #Afghanistan, #Jordan, #Niger, #Houston, #Louisiana, #Flint, #Peru, #Ecuador and many more places around the #world.

IRUSA is proud and honored to be an organization representing a community of #interfaith workers, public servants, families and individuals sincerely concerned for the neighbors. As #global and community neighbors we have stayed the course of changing the world into a better place, for 25 years. Surely there are calls to service we are answering right now, with many more to come. We are prepared to continue making a collective effort to answer them, wherever they may come from.

Volunteers built the foundation of Islamic Relief USA, and your role is integral. Islamic Relief USA wouldn't be what it is without you. Your work relieves suffering for people in need here at home and thousands of miles away, all around the world.
To find out how you can get involved, visit irusa.org/volunteer

#Volunteers are the #heart of IRUSA! Sign up today to begin making a difference at irusa.org/volunteer

When #disaster strikes, Islamic Relief USA Disaster Response #Team responds quickly to get vital resources to #survivors as effectively and efficiently as possible.

This #winter came abruptly. For #Syrians facing the brutal elements of winter, time is not a luxury. IRUSA is working around the clock to turn donations into winter #support. If we act now we can provide items like #food, #medical aid, water, blankets, mattresses, plastic sheeting, plastic mats, shoes, jackets, hats, sweatshirts, gloves, waterproof coats, and socks. Throughout this entire winter they will live in below #freezing temperatures, sometimes without any source of heat. They shouldn’t have to face this winter alone.
To learn more visit irusa.org/winterization

Islamic Relief’s #Orphan #Support program helps provide orphaned children with basic necessities, including #food, #shelter, #healthcare, #education, psychosocial support, and #community development. IRUSA’s orphan support efforts supplement the sponsorships and offer additional programmatic opportunities for orphans in need.

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can #help someone." - Ronald Reagan. This #Jummah let's #reflect on how we can help ourselves, our #families, and our #communities. Let's not forget that a small act of #kindness, even one as simple as sharing a #smile, is an act of #charity!

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