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i s k r a  JAG NY x Models1 UK AerieReal RoleModel NEDA Ambassador Love all 3.8 million of you ▶️ YouTube.com/iskra


@leahlondonhairmua tonight is major. Look 1 for Day 1 in @visitabudhabi 🦄 we just getting started, get ready @f1 😝

Happy thanksgiving to all my US family, friends and followers. Without you my heart would not be so full of laughter, light and love.
ILYSM❤️❤️❤️hey lil tb pic from last week w my girlies @leahlondonhairmua @tiffmcfierce 🏀 @nyknicks @thegarden

If I don’t say it enough - thank you, all of you! Without your love and support I wouldn’t be where I am today. Your DMs, comments and stories inspire me and motivate me to do more and keep my heart filled with gratitude. Sending love, light and good health 😘😘😘
Pic by @andrewbuda MUA @domaneek_makeup styling @erincrittling wearing all @aerie #aeriereal

Ehhhh NO *my wife n kids*
Just your lil daily reminder that respect does not = amount of clothes you wear.
Respect = being human. Nuff said.
📸 by @baileyrebeccaroberts

My besties call me magical pony so basically these are my cousins over in Iceland😂🦄🐴
So grateful to have experiences like this on #AerieReal shoots, I’m wearing all @aerie in the pics❤️ S/o to @cdaymakeup for the Makeup and pics and to @thelovelyworks @andshe for the most incredible memories love ya😘

Snug sundaysss ☺️☺️☺️
Wearing @aerie
📸 @andrewbuda
HMU @domaneek_makeup
Styling @erincrittling

Missing that fresh Iceland air... what’s everyone upto this weekend?
📸 by @alimitton from the new @aerie holiday campaign #aerireal (its faux fur🦁)
Makeup @cdaymakeup
Production @thelovelyworks
Styling @erincrittling
AD @summietime

Needed glasses to look for the Fs I don’t give about...👀👀👀 who else feels me?... shall we move onto talking about something that actually matters🤔😝🙌 bc our bodies may look a lil different, but they are all created equal by God with blood, flesh, fat, n bones🙏
Pic from @aerie shoot by @janellebendycki
Makeup @cdaymakeup prod @thelovelyworks styling @erincrittling ad @summietime
I buzz off unretouched image.. u can zoom in and see my lil breakouts mixed with freckles 🍄🐞y

I wore this T and the comments were interesting🤔many progressive movements are bound to be imperfect. So am I - all humans are perfectly imperfect.
I’m unsure whether to post this, but if i can use my privilege to serve as reminder and support a movement which I hope can create change. By educating ourselves and others hopefully we can encourage equality worldwide, encourage large corps and individuals with efficient capabilities to build infrastructure, improve access to education and healthcare as well as protecting people from violence, sexual abuse and trafficking. Because the following inequities still exist for women - and so i shall continue to wear this T-shirt. ✖️Gender Inequality Is Very Prevalent In Many Third-World And Developing Countries
There is disproportionate access to education, unequal pay for women in the workplace, as well as responsibilities of child-rearing, forced pregnancies, and improper medical and hygienic care.
✖️Women are far more likely to be the victims of human trafficking.
More than 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year. And 80% of them are women and girls, mostly taken from their homes to be forced into prostitution abroad. ✖️Female soldiers face rape and harassment.
Between one fifth and one half of female veterans were sexually harassed while on active duty, and women are more likely to leave with PTSD from rape than from actual fighting, according to a 2013 Pentagon report. ✖️Women overall are at a greater risk of rape and domestic violence.
women between the ages of 15 and 44 are at a greater risk of experiencing rape or domestic violence than...cancer, car accidents, war or malaria, according to the World Bank. And as much as 70% of women worldwide experience violence during their life, the U.N. said. ✖️Although the pay gap is narrowing pay inequality is real, Women worldwide make 77% the amount paid to men, according to a report from the United Nation's International Labor Organization
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women make approximately 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. The wage gap is even larger for women of color: African-American women earn

Faux fur but real everythang else.🦄
S/o to @hennynhoes for soundtrack🙏
Ps these @aerie leggings are my life

❤️ Come meet me and shop my closet at @HousingWorks Fashion for Action 2017!TOMORROW 🙌😬✨ #F4A2017
Ticket Link: http://bit.ly/F4A17
Shopping Party

VIP Entry - 6:30

General Admission & Sale - 7:30-9:30PM – Tickets are only $40 or $35 when you buy two!
Housing Works’ Flagship Shop in Chelsea 143 W 17th St, New York, NY
Wearing all @aerie

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