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You may have noticed I didn’t post last week on mental health awareness day. This is why...

Even though I support and encourage all conversation around mental health to raise awareness and improve education, having this one day a year and using the hashtag and doing a post is not enough.

Mental illness is part of people’s live 365days a year 24hours of the day. So I’m not saying stop posting on the set days each year but I’m hoping you can continue the conversation and being vocal throughout the year. And I’m not talking about posts online I’m talking about raising awareness within your family, friendship groups, schools and communities.

This picture may seem irrelevant but this is generally how it works (especially here on insta) to gain most attention for my captions and also this pic is the definition of a high light.

I’m happy because I’m in Miami, I am enjoying a day off, the sun is shining, I think my swimsuit is cute, abs are kinda poppin, got a bit of a tan, the background is lush oh and I’m surrounded by my best gfs and life is incredible

So when you’re scrolling you’re gonna see this - and I don’t blame myself or anyone else for wanting to share the best bits. I scroll through my phone pics and I don’t find any photos of me when I’m feeling lonely, exhausted or when something hasn’t gone my way I’m disappointed or crying or feeling rejected - I don’t capture those moments. But that is real too!

So if you’re not feeling OK and thinking everyone else (especially online) is always happy and has no problems just remember they just probably aren’t sharing that.

So protect yourself, seek help if you aren’t feeling OK from a friend or family member you trust or a professional. Because if your arm was hurting you’d be going straight to the doctor and our minds are the most complicated part of us so sometimes we may need help.

I hope you all know it’s OK to talk about how you’re feeling and maybe if you don’t have someone IRL who you feel comfortable with there are helplines and communities online here to support you - you are not alone.


So I actually left my phone in an Uber Saturday before I flew to Chicago so I’ve been phone free for 3days and I loved it
Especially because I’ve been touring with @aerie and had 2 @neda Walks and even got to freshen up on my body project training with the best teacher ever @jess11hickman
Basically Even though I’ve been disconnected from my phone, emails and social media I’ve been connecting IRL with the most magical people
I’ve been doing the #AerieReal pop ups for a few years now and it means so much to me to be able to meet, talk and hug so many of you!
Thank you Nebraska, Iowa, NYC and Chicago for so much love and laughter these last 2 weeks.
When I hear your stories and you share with me it really moves and motivates me, and I’m forever grateful for the love and support. I wouldn’t have the life I do without you all, and you all inspire me so damn much
So the rumour is there might even be a holiday pop up tour👀 and I’ll be on the road again for spring so make sure you comment below and let me and @aerie Know if you and your college want us to come spread some aerie real love with you
Ps I’m so sorry I haven’t tagged everyone in my pics but know ILY and thank you for amazing memories including the first ever #NEDA scale smash - still buzzing off it!

💕It couldn’t be more fitting than on international day of the girl I’m Welcoming @CleoWade to the #AerieREAL Role Model family!

I wanted to post one of my favourite pieces of her work because it really connected with me and I hope it fills your heart with empathy and gratitude that today you are alive and you can make it through whatever you’re going through.

Cleo is an incredible artist & poet with so much #AerieREAL love to share.
I had the honour of meeting her on @Aerie’s holiday photoshoot in Scotland (coming super soon😍) & I can’t wait for you to hear, see & read more from her🙌
#dayofthegirl 💕

So yesterday I reaffirmed my love for 🍔
Today I wanna tell u my new love... my motorized drapery from @smithandnoble
Ever since I saw Kate winslet🙈 in the movie the holiday jet lagged and pressed a button and all the blinds came down (aka perfect nap environment) I said well I’ll be damned I need THOSE in my life
✨ So huge S/O to #SmithandNoble for giving me a discount and helping me deck out my crib
And I’m suppooeerrrrr excited because you know I love working with brands that give bk to YOU, you can Enter to win a $500 gift card for FREE
Simply Click on bio link.
✨✨✨ Happy napping and not leaving the sofa to close your drapes😂🙌
Oh and PS nahhhh I’m not always dressed this glam in my house 👀 just like to dress up for my seal @nataliegage_ 😂😝

I get excited by lots of things in life including 🍔 and today I’m buzzing that my podcast with my gf @jennakutcher (fellow @aerie fam) is live!
I’ve popped the link in my bio so you can have a listen and hopefully me opening up and sharing all about my journey to this point career, confidence and trying to live my best life (may involve half naked 🍔 eating sessions) May inspire you.
Because life is yours and you have the power to make it what you dream of
I’m wondering what are your dreams?

💕👋thank you everyone who came to @aerie and the @neda walk I LOVE YAAAAAA😝
#aeriereal #neda #itsOKtofeelyourselfie #mirrorselfie🍯

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month
💕About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12.4%) will develop Breast cancer
💕Also 1 in 1,000 men are at risk of developing Breast cancer
💕A woman's risk of getting ovarian cancer during her lifetime is about 1 in 78
This year @Aerie is donating 100% of sales of these limited-edition sports bra & leggings to @BeBrightPink
A non-profit dedicated to prevention & early detection of breast & ovarian cancers which can save lives! Sooooo pleaseeee do regular checks🙏
So if you’re in need of a new (super cute) workout set why not support a life saving cause at the same time!
And for those of you who are currently battling cancer and to those of you who have lost loved ones you’re in my prayers and sending you so so much love
#AerieSupports #AerieReal #breastcancerawareness #ovariancancerawareness #brightpink #october3rd #onwednesdayswewearpink

🇫🇷Paris fashion week is over and I’ve been sharing all my glam looks with you.
But in between shows I still wanted to look “put together” but...COMFY so this was my go to jumpsuit from @personabymr and even the shirt is stretchy🙌
I’m not a big fan of ironing so having pieces That are easy care but look cute and classy are a bloody life saver❤️
Proud to be the face of #PersonabyMR AD I got to wear all the outfits on set so I feel in love with the fit and fabrics. Then I kept my faves and I’ve been wearing the ones I love irl so I can’t wait to share more looks that I love with you all😘❤️
#brandambassador #paidpost #noBSjustrealness #streetflex #ootd 🤪

Well good mornin Pittsburgh...
So I forgot to pack socks and was thinking about a surprise low key meet up tonight @aerie in Southside I’m thinking 7pm???
Comment below if you’re coming to shop wit me 😍😍😍
And yeah u guessed it #AerieReal bralette + joggers

🍼My milkshake brings all the...

🇫🇷Last night in Paris✨
Of course I went to the hottest party ever in blooming pleather pants nearly passed out😂

Shoutout to @kurtgeiger for gifting me these boots they got me through fashion month so blooming comfy and love my new lickle circle bag too😍 thank you 😘

I’ve tagged my outfit and committed to always being honest with you when I’m gifted items and of course paid posts.
Also if I’ve been flown somewhere and expenses covered I’ll use the hashtag #guestof just want to make sure you feel like everything on my gram is always transparent.
And as I’ve told you from the beginning I only wear and work with brands that I already use or I try first and love
So what do you think or this look? Any of you tried a pleather pant? Lol
#ootd #streetstyle #kurtgeiger #nicce #houseofcb #paris #pfw

😘To everyone I met in Paris and my team and everyone at L’Oreal thank you for your kindness and love you’ve made it such a special fashion week I’ll treasure the memories forever.✨
I’m excited to visit France more and more.
Video by @MODELS1 on the day of the #Balmain show wearing all @balmain
#pfw #paris #ootd #streetstyle

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