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Cosplay, Fitness & Youtube  ~ Lvl. 21 Fitness enthusiasts & big NERD 🤓 ~ #torontofitness 💪🏾 ~ #torontocosplayer 🕵🏾 ~ #torontoyoutuber 🎥 LETS CHAT DM ME 😊

What a Shame You Can’t Hear Me.
I Speak Louder!

Sometimes I don’t feel motivated enough to go to the gym but then I put on my fav nerdy shirt and embrace the character’s strength!

Hence why people don’t approve me at the gym because I make very intense faces 😂

#gymselfie #gymmotivation #gymgear #riseofthetombraider #tombraider #torontofitness #armworkout


I cannot wait until #shadowofthetombraider so I decided to play the previous game to hold back my excitement. Now I’ve played this game a few times and I kinda memorized the script 😆

#riseofthetombraider #torontoyoutuber #torontogamer #gameplay #laracroft #camillaluddington

I don’t think I can ever do a video without laughing 😆. I find myself too funny 😂

#youtube #torontoyoutuber #laughingsohard #makingvideosishard #comedyvideos

“Is it Summertime Magic”

I honestly done remember making that face but when I saw the picture afterwards I was like dammmn who dat? Plus I was tired AF 😝 💪🏾 💦

I’ve been going to the gym sometime now and I’ve realized how important it is to me. I’m known to be obsessed with many nerdy things but I think the gym is one of my obsessions that is an absolute necessity. Without it I get angry and frustrated. It’s very cathartic and relaxing although every part of me hurts 😂

I’ve been cutting for a while now and I’m at 205lbs. Cutting involves a lot of cardio and I’m more of a sprinter but running on the treadmill a lot is such a stress reliever. I listening to movie scores like #divergent and #tombraider as to push and motivate me. Hence the Tomb Raider shirt. 😄

#gym #fitnessmotivation #gymselfie

“Stack my money fast and go”

We’ve been best-friends for 14 YEARS!
My longest and best friendship. The only person who can call me at any hour and I answer. ⠀ ⠀
⠀ ⠀
Happy B day 💎 @dymon7
#birthdaycelebration #mensfashion #birthdaynight

Went to see #antmanandthewasp last night with my #avenger Crew ⠀
We brought our matching shirts cause we cool like that 😎😂😂😂

Ant-Man & The Wasp is an amazing movie. 20/10 I loved it. (But I genuinely say that about everything) ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
Those end credit scenes though...marvel really knows how to make a wound hurt even more than it already does 😩😩😩

#marvel #infinitywar #torontoevents

Here is a snippet of my interview for Cp24 News with @sparrowsongcosplay This was one of my favourite nights ever!⠀

The Cp24 interviewer saw Steff and I taking pictures with our friends @meekobits @starwars_that_poe_dameron @iamwintermute and other fans as we were in cosplay waiting for our movie to start. ⠀

She came over to us and asked if she could interview us for Cp24 as she loved our enthusiasm for #thelastjedi
She loved the atmosphere that we were creating fo the movie and the wanted to know a bit mot about #cosplay ⠀ ⠀
Do you wanna see more of the interview?
Should I post it on YouTube?
#torontocosplay #starwarscosplay #torontoevents

Since my personal trainer @darian_killip_fitness is taking my carbs away I’ll just take his shield. I mean it does belong to me since it is Vibranium 🤷🏾‍♂️
@torontocaptainamerica .
📷: @meekobits
#blackpanthercosplay #chadwickboseman #wakandaforever #infinitywar #captainamericacosplay

Bring a blaster if you want to make sure you’re first in line for the ice cream truck 😆
📷: @meekobits 👔: @iamwintermute
#landocalrissiancosplay #torontocosplayer #animenorth #childishgambino #soloastarwarsstory

Here’s some advice: don’t bet with your ship. 😫
Can’t wait for #soloastarwarsstory to come out on digital so I can watch it over and over and over again 😆
📷: @meekobits 👔: @iamwintermute
#torontocosplayer #landocalrissiancosplay #animenorth #childishgambino

Try guessing our favourite movies. I’ll give you a hint it’s not
Guardians of the World
Captain Canada The Summer Solider or
Pink Panther .
Ok dumb caption 😆
📷: @meekobits
#wintersoldiercosplay #starlordcosplay #blackpanthercosplay #deadpoolcosplay #torontocosplayer

Hint: it’s the guy dressed as #landocalrissian
I’m seeing it in 4DAVX...supposedly if it snows in the movie it will snow in the theatre. Let’s see how true that it. .
👔: @iamwintermute 📷: @meekobits
#torontocosplayer #starwarscosplay #soloastarwarsstory #landocalrissiancosplay

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