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Monica With The Glasses  Pretty lady with real nigga tendencies...

I thought Tanner would be my problem child... NO this little disrespectful one right here she is going to take the cake

Kevin took Tanner to go see The Browns game with his brothers and nephew I'm forever greatful of that. Due to Kevin my son has a male figure on a regular basis to do male things with. I used to cry when my dad first passed and this was one if the biggest reasons. I need to embrace him trying instead of wishing upon a star on others. #ThanksKevBev #FirstBrownsGame #Loves

She wasn't feeling the birthday song lol #UglyAssCake #BaskinRobbins will never get another dollar #TotalDisappointment #NeverAgain #LookAtIt

This basically explains our relationship. If it's anything I've learned from her it's #BloodDoesntMakeYouFamily #LittleSister #ImGoingToMissThisGirl #JerseyHereSheComes

If only you were here to see her. She'll be 3 in a week and to much of a handful. I'd do anything to be out out of your house because you want a nap and she too loud lol #FunniestMemories #DoSheEverShutUp #YallGottaGo #SheTalkSoDamnLoud 😂😂 He would be so upset

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