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ish.  BEAM ME UP🛸

Better choose the right one or pick.. Pick the kiddies up !🤬

I ain’t Denzel but I know ima star

Ish was shy so he told me to let y’all know that today is his birthday!!! He also would like to remind y’all that he was the first man on the moon, and don’t EVER get it twisted. He’s sending positive vibrations, and LOVE to EVERYONE. He’s feeling very happy today, and wants everyone to be safe tonight as we time travel into a new year🚀👽💜

Took @kevperez in my time machine to the year 3078, little did he know all materials out here are made with inter-dimensional dark matter. That’s why my jacket is bussin through yo phone. Chill out everybody It’s just molecular activity🧠👽

Sorry guys been off social media lately. Been working immensely with Elon Musk and the SpaceX team. Elon found a wormhole near Saturn, and I was the pilot chosen to make the intergalactic jump into another universe. It’s a one way trip, and I will miss everyone dearly. Some people say I’m the boldest man to have ever existed, but I’m just trying to save our civilization. I’m leaving today, and I love all of you dearly. I will be back, but not in your lifetime. Statistics show that I will be gone 4280 Earth years. Mark my words... I WILL SAVE OUR PLANET.🖤

You kill roaches by spraying Raid mane, you kill haters by gettin paid maneee🤬

Just teleported back to Earth! Morty and I were in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex, it was year 4072. Had to slide back for Halloween tho, we ran out of flurbos at the strip🤯 @bobbybils

Happy birthday @kaderskater !!! I filmed this on Christmas Day 2016, I’m glad u were ok

New @dc_skateboarding video now live on @thrashermag link in bio.

Thx 4 filming @andrewreynolds

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