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Hahaha hahaha
this actually reminds me of Robert frosts poem nothing gold can stay it goes like this.
Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold
Her early leaves a flower
But only so an hour
Then leaf subside to leaf
So eden sank to grief
So dawn turns into day
Nothing gold can stay. I love this poem because of the way it can relate to someone's life currently taking place. In the book "the outsiders" by s.e. Hinton *spoilers ahead* the main character pony boy Curtis is a greaser with no parents, only his brothers darry and soda pop to support him. But after a fight with a couple of socs pony boy and his best friend Johnny kill someone and need to run away. When staying in an abandoned church pony boy recites this poem. It really connects the two characters and helps develop there characters a great deal. You really can tell how it effected them at the point in the story where Johnny is hurt in a fire and dies in the hospital. His last words are "stay gold pony boy" this spiritually connects the two characters at this point in the story and really connects with the readers heart. This is a classic example of good use of literature in today's society.

Nice win boys!!

Congrats on winning the super bowl Seahawks!


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