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ishbel graham  15 year old aussie chick i really like bodybuilding+powerlifting +food living that carefree balanced life hmu on email,,ask anything! 🌈⚡️💘🍕🍻🏄🏽‍♀️♏️💍

super fast 50kg 4x8 front squatsssss, workin on sitting back in the heels

flex friday 😂

the hair has to go up for these sets of 8⚡️⚡️

what are are my plans?

im looking for a CHANGE💪🏽 with the help of my amazing friend @daniellebaileyco i am starting a small cut for summer as well as changing up my training style dramatically. structure is what i've been needing! i hope the cut will bring out areas that need attention as well as see how my body responds, so when i eventually prep for a comp i know what works and what doesn't!

I'll also be trying to immerse myself in he industry more by attending powerlifting/bodybuilding events, getting a job and overall engaging more in the sport!
i'm ready to take my passion to the next level 😌 "THE GRASS ISNT GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE, ITS GREENER WHERE YOU WATER IT"- @glengerreyn 👌🏽

@pineana.avalon amazing bento salad bowl ⚡️💥

95kg squat new 1RM! was a grindy rep and my core kinda failed me so it was sloppy, but i hit depth👏🏽my long term goal is eventually a double body weight squat (after i manage 95kg with perfect form!) 🤝 (current bw 56kg/123lb)

never too many quad pics, they are my favourite muscle group after all//i've been trying to bring out my inner quads lately with single leg extensions and wide leg press😍

death by leg press/lunge superset

my chest will be VERY sore tomorrow😌

95kg 5x5😰 (56kg bw)

tomorrow starts the last week of term 3 year 10😴very keen for the 2 week break💫

back doms yay♥️

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