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ishbel graham  16 year old aussie chick🇦🇺 i really like bodybuilding+powerlifting living that carefree balanced life

AMRAP at 90kg-got 8 reps beltless! pretty happy with that 😊 but those last two reps though 🔥thanks @h.e.c.c.s.s for the encouragement!

workout with @jessschauwecker 💪🏽 wide grip lat pull downs and close grip lat pulldowns!

87.5kg 5x5 // i’m really trying to bring my elbows under to give me more thoracic extension...i tend to shift and tip forward as i ascend! small improvements🙂

this morning my dad told me i’m beautiful and that he loves me as i made my breakfast and danced to music in the kitchen. when i was 12 he told me i’m beautiful and he loves me as i cried in an ambulance on the way to another 6 week stay in hospital. i slept in this morning because i stayed up late reading and watching movies. when i was 12 i slept in because i was up all night feeling my heart flutter and my fingers numbing. a few days ago someone came up to me at the gym and told me i’m so strong and incredible and asked if i really was 16 years old. when i was 12 i was approached by a stranger in the street asking me if i was okay and if i needed a lift to the hospital. my brothers cry with laughter when i reenact funny stories, not like when they cried when they saw me after my Finland trip in 2014.
the 12 year old me doesn’t even feel like me, it’s someone so seperate and different. i can’t relate to the memories, it doesn’t feel like it happened. i was distant, quiet and scared despite performing well at school and sport. no one could tell at first, and when they noticed it was a little too late. 💜take care of your friends and the people around you. know when they need help even when they don’t ask for it. if they are trying so hard to seem okay, then they are not okay. step in and talk to an adult or carer before the behaviours become irreversible. anorexia nervosa has the highest death rate of all mental illnesses-don’t miss the signs ⌛️

120kg- so close! i’ll be locking this out next time 😏what’s your next deadlift goal?

happy endings are for those who wait 🌧💕

new 1RM of 102.5kg 😊 body weight 54kg! super spontaneous, decided i would do it while i was waking to the squat racks. very close rep though!!y

warm up lat pull downs ft. 😛😛👅👅 @teija.ackermann being an awesome camera girl

would you guys like to be able to contact me for some basic training advice? ask questions? get some direction in training or life? help with high school, friendships, etc? maybe some meal ideas? my emails are always open for any advice on training and more! i’ve recently been way too busy to catch up on them, but from now on i’ll be regularly checking once a week! ishbelfit@gmail.com {respect that i’m not a qualified professional yet}

it’s always tempting to keep working on your strong points-they are fun, easier, more satisfying as you can lift more and are boosting your confidence. however your the weakest links in the chain, once they break, the strongest ones all fall apart too. a year ago i avoided all hamstring and glute training due to hamstring tendinopathy, and it’s only now as my quads grow i can see where i lack! this photo shows some recent progress in my hammies, but i’m keen to make the POP 🤙🏽what’s your weakness?

posterior session done-my lats, lower back, hamstrings and glutes are nice and toasty now - swipe to see my last exercise, a burnout for hammies- good mornings straight into sumo stance stiff legs 🔥

some grindy 90kg 2x3 and 80kg for 10 #cardio (53kg BW) -pretty pleased since i’m still quite sick and sore from deadlifts, but nothing comes between me and my love for squats

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