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Ishbel Graham  •15 year old BODYBUILDER💪🏽 •IIFYM🍉🍕🍻 •aspiring figure competitor😍 •email me for advice! 💌 •ishbelgraham👻and @ishgrahamm(personal) •🏳️‍🌈❤️

curling 12's now🤤

NEW 1RM-90kg/198lb {55kg/121lb BW} 💪🏽☺️ am i in the 200lb club yet 🤣

i look like a 12 year old male cross country runner and you look like a super model but hey i'm fine 🤔🙃AHAH good session

facials 🙃😍 core training has been goin well and i'm seeing results!

HA i look so done 😨😴but nah i've got some shoulder pain i won't be benching on training delts directly for 2 weeks. if i feel no improvement then i'm takin it to the physio👍🏽but for now i'm going to smash these quads and glutes, as well as manage my almost-recovered hamstring 😂🙃

overhead press+upper back movements 🤗 i've been wanting to get a stronger OH press, so i'm now doing some more heavy and forceful presses and utilising the eccentric to build strength on a weight usually to heavy to do strictly. the drop set is fun too☺️{VIDEO IS SPED UP}


last day of school holidays! resting up a lot in hopes to reach a 90kg squat this week💗

ahhh these moved so fast🤤killer pull day sesh,, will post workout on my story💋

having no pump crushes your hopes and dreams 🙃

push day pumps🤤

i need to train abs 🙊

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