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Ishaan Vasudeva 

An Angel’s Landing indeed 😇 #AngelsLanding #Zionnationalpark

Crazy how much can happen in just a year, congratulations and happy anniversary! Season 2 now in production


Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies 🍪

Glad I got to workout with my old lift partner @dillfit77 @dbakes77 this week and check out the UFC gym in Greenville #tsunamibarsports #tsunamibar

Starting to throw a few heavy lifts in this week. It’s crazy how much heavier the lift gets when the weights are moved to the outside of the #tsunamibar #tsunamibarsports #tsunamibarbell #strongboard #strongboardbalance #ATM #countitup #sayitwithyourchest

Wanna see me come over the top 100 times in 20 seconds? Wanna see me do it again?😏 Footwork, balance, and stability are essential for all sports, especially golf. It all starts from the ground up #tsunamibarsports #tsunamibarbell #strongboard #liveunderpar @tsunamibarsports @strongboardbalance

Not gonna lie, after falling the other week, I was terrified of going up in weight and height, but the funny thing about limits, especially fear, is that they’re often just an illusion. Don’t be afraid to try, even if you fail. Moving forward is always an accomplishment #nolimits #mastersweek #tsunamibarsports #tsunamibar #tsunamibarbell @tsunamibarsports

Worked on balance through core strength this week. The instability of the #tsunamibar along with the #strongboard really kicked it up a notch. Also been trying to focus on rotating my hip back and not letting my weight slide too far forward @tsunamibarsports

Never a dull moment with this one by my side #McDanielsGolfClassic #LexingtonMedicalCenterFoundation

After 3 weeks of trying to gain weight....I’ve lost 3 pounds. Just goes to show how much the #tsunamibar increases your cardiac output by turning each lift into a plyometric move! @tsunamibarsports #golffitness #tsunamibarsports

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