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Isaiah Esquire  Dancer,choreographer, Andro lip sync performer/entertainer,show producer. check me out on vimeo for Dj Beyonda Doubts song "man in the 9inch heels"


Man I love my friends!!! This woman is such a goddess πŸ™ŒπŸΎ mid show photo@with @avecamouremily at the @caravanofglam show in Ashland Oregon this weekend. #isaiahesquire #izohnny #boyeurismpdx #pdx #superstardivaspdx #caravanofglam

Still processing this incredible weekend with all these talented amazing women,men,and others. For now I'll just repost this photo capture of me in the beginning of my solo performance at BB kings in Time Square for the @newyorkburlesquefestival Thank you Lucille for this photo. Thank you to My husband @johnny.nuriel for making this costume. Thank you to @jengapay & @angiepontani for taking a chance and accepting me to be a part of this magical festival. Thank you to all of the kind souls that were so encouraging. Thank you to my Queen @theperlenoire for seeing me, uplifting me,supporting me,loving me. I'll have more to say and more thank you's I'm sure. For now I'm still living in the present while simultaneously reliving the joy of watching my love @johnny.nuriel SLAY being his most authentic self and witnessing all the magic stirring in that room as so many people got to experience his grace for the first time. I love to see him loved! Costume by Johnny, make up by me :) #nybf2017 #isaiahesquire #izohnny #caravanofglam #boyeurism #boyeurismpdx #pdx #superstardivaspdx #burlesque #boylesque

Feeling things... well here a little post show paint. #isaiahesquire #izohnny #boyeurism #boyeurismpdx #caravanofglam #pdx #butchqueen #androgynous #face

SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lil Brother Dymen on his 21st!!! Dymen is the only sibling I lived with and knew growing up because I didn't know my dads children. ( So blessed to know Jay, Marquese, Keesha, & Andyy now I love y'all so much!!) I was soooo excited when my mom told me That she was having a baby!! She used to state that I was the only one she'd ever have.
Anyways, I used to follow her around non stop, I drove her crazy following her around lol. Dymen I used to talk to you all the time while you were in the whom. I even used to put headphones on her belly and play music for you. *You rapping may not be a coincidence πŸ˜‰*
When you were born I couldn't stop smiling and crying! I remember cutting your umbilical cord!!! I was 11.
Y'all I helped raise him for years. I changed diapers, fed him, disciplined him, loved him,and protected him. For a period of time when he was a baby he called me mom, it was so cute! This was my baby! His 1st grade pic is still in my wallet lol.
We spent a loooooong time apart! And bro i am so beyond glad to have you back in my life even if from a far in moments. My biggest motivator to triumph over the HUGE mount of hell,hardships, Loneliness, depression and Circumstance. The reason I'm survived.
I know that you are grown/growing but you will always be my baby brother! Love you bro bro happy Birthday! #brothersforlife #brothers #familygoals #blackfamily #isaiahesquire #pdx

Ugh world stop crumbling....,mind calm down, insomnia go away, sleep come find me 😴

Making faces #isaiahesquire

Pdx dance friends! I'm subbing Int/Adv Hip Hop @Vega Dance Lab @8:30pm it's a true turn up combo so let's get it in!!! #isaiahesquire #vegadancelab #pdxdance

Out on the town and ran into this beautiful independent QUEEN on her birthday πŸŽ‰ This lady does amazing work with the kids,schools and community in Portland OR. Happy Birthday lady 😘@Joyce #pdx #bosslady #joycebosslady #isaiahesquire #pdxnightlife #portlandnative

Feeling all the feels... I've been sifting through so many triggers and land mines as of late. All the things!
I am however, grateful to be able to feel as deeply as I do. In spite of all the reasons I have to be more jaded,I'm not. I am proud too still feel,love and aspire. I don't give in easy! Still finding/acknowledging reasons to smile πŸ™‚

Writing,dancing and just being with my thoughts is a huge part of my centering myself.
Pouring back into me what I put out into the world.
Ok ending my random rant now lol.
I hope that you are somewhere feeling steady,and focused. Capable. Sexy. Free! Strong! Safe! Ready! WORTHY!
love & Light,
#isaiahesquire #izohnny #boyeurism #brownskin #bedroomselfie #selflove

Post 21 hours in full face,after almost a full day of having make up on my face I was very excited to strip it all off! 24 hours of being awake, 21 hours in face, 1 event in the sun β˜€οΈ,2 shows = Side eye lol. Feeling blessed! Fortunate! Exhausted! Sore! For now I sleep:) Ps. I've been taking photos of my body frequently lately. My body is different than it was and that takes time to adjust to. It's always hardest to find as beauty in ourselves as we find in others. I think it's important to embrace and celebrate your body as often as you can! Takes a lot to undue the programming that says your not good enough or unworthy. This has been part of my process and it's been life changing for me personally!
Love & Light to you all ❀

#isaiahesquire #izohnny #boyeurism #boyeurismpdx #face #makeup #bodypositivity #androgyny #butchqueen #brownskin #boylesque

Woman crush Wednesday! Here is the beautiful,sweet,intelligent,gracious,humble rockstar @candibreakfast killing this little combo I taught in preparation for the upcoming audition season for the arena teams in Portland. This was her first time learning this piece and I loved watching it sink into her body more and more each run through. #dancers #jazzdance #hairography #legs #tilttuesday #isaiahesquire

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