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Isaiah Esquire  Dancer,choreographer, Andro lip sync performer/entertainer,show producer. check me out on vimeo for Dj Beyonda Doubts song "man in the 9inch heels"

Out on the town and ran into this beautiful independent QUEEN on her birthday 🎉 This lady does amazing work with the kids,schools and community in Portland OR. Happy Birthday lady 😘@Joyce #pdx #bosslady #joycebosslady #isaiahesquire #pdxnightlife #portlandnative

Feeling all the feels... I've been sifting through so many triggers and land mines as of late. All the things!
I am however, grateful to be able to feel as deeply as I do. In spite of all the reasons I have to be more jaded,I'm not. I am proud too still feel,love and aspire. I don't give in easy! Still finding/acknowledging reasons to smile 🙂

Writing,dancing and just being with my thoughts is a huge part of my centering myself.
Pouring back into me what I put out into the world.
Ok ending my random rant now lol.
I hope that you are somewhere feeling steady,and focused. Capable. Sexy. Free! Strong! Safe! Ready! WORTHY!
love & Light,
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Post 21 hours in full face,after almost a full day of having make up on my face I was very excited to strip it all off! 24 hours of being awake, 21 hours in face, 1 event in the sun ☀️,2 shows = Side eye lol. Feeling blessed! Fortunate! Exhausted! Sore! For now I sleep:) Ps. I've been taking photos of my body frequently lately. My body is different than it was and that takes time to adjust to. It's always hardest to find as beauty in ourselves as we find in others. I think it's important to embrace and celebrate your body as often as you can! Takes a lot to undue the programming that says your not good enough or unworthy. This has been part of my process and it's been life changing for me personally!
Love & Light to you all ❤

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Woman crush Wednesday! Here is the beautiful,sweet,intelligent,gracious,humble rockstar @candibreakfast killing this little combo I taught in preparation for the upcoming audition season for the arena teams in Portland. This was her first time learning this piece and I loved watching it sink into her body more and more each run through. #dancers #jazzdance #hairography #legs #tilttuesday #isaiahesquire

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself! It's so important to Just stop and realize that you are still HERE... You are WORTHY! Good days and bad days are to be expected,they are a promise . I've been battling some internal demons in the form of bad self talk and insecurities,and body image issues. I'll be fine 🙂just being transparent and forthright in my process. So I snapped this picture because I was feeling handsome,comfortable and content in my skin! 31 years on this journey of self acceptance and self love❤Sending you some extra encouragement while you navigate yours 😘 Special shoutout to my amazing husband @power.of.ra for always reminding me of how special and beautiful 😘#isaiahesquire #boyeurism #brownskin #izohnny #selflove #lounging #queer #husbands #loveislove

Today has been a busy but productive day! This has been a busy few weeks! I am feeling challenged,accomplished,supported, valued, and many more things. My Husband @power.of.ra and I have been pouring so much thought and love into our production BOYeurism taking place Thursday in Portland OR. Every time we feel like we have nothing left to give, we dig deeper and push harder. I am so grateful to have such an amazing partner by my side and lifting me up when needed. Thanks to all my students at Portland State for the great showcase you put on last week,as well as your performance this Saturday. Thank you to all my students that took both my classes tonight @Vega Dance Lab. I love producing shoes and holding space for others. I've dedicated my life to it. This is what having a full plate looks like on me. Exhausted,enthused,and need of cartoons lol. I hope to see MANY of you at Star Theater Thursday evening. #isaiahesquire #izohnny #brownskin #lounging #grateful #boyeurism #boyeurismpdx

Haven't posted in a while. Here is yet another post show selfie 🤳
I may not be from the planet .

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This ever changing body keeps me on my toes and focused on the road of self love. Getting used to this juicy thang 😎 6'foot 5, 270lbs! Large and in charge 🤘🏾 #isaiahesquire #izohnny #bodypositive #bodypositivity #stockymen #butchqueen #

Post show selfie from last weekend at the Seattle Boylesque Festival. Honored to have been accepted again this year to join the incredible talent that took the stage. Here's a cropped bathroom selfie nude 😊 lol. Was feeling bold. Anywho, this was me last Saturday. Had fun with this make up :)
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