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Eesie  Always cooking. Always growing out my bangs. Exec chef at Modern Love. Author of all your cookbooks. Smoosh patient. Vegan forever.

Mind of a chef irl. Sketching an idea for Cauliflower Schnitzel. Can you read my handwriting even? I definitely think it's helpful to sketch plating ideas. Watch this space for the outcome! #veganchefdoodles #wouldyoueatthis #schnitzellife

Scrambled Tofu Toast 2 ways. Both lazy. The Lazy Brooklyn Way, with @wayfare_foods butter and @followyourheart smoker gouda, plus scallion and black pepper. The Lazy Banh Mi Way with mayo, sriracha, rainbow carrots, fresh mint and cilantro. If you use good tofu you don't need much seasoning. I used @bridgetofu from Connecticut. Sautéed in cast iron with coconut oil, turmeric, salt and pepper. Both took 15 minutes! #veganfoodshare #scrambledtofuislife #lazyasstoast

TFW you order a few miles of pizza to work. @sizzlepie #veganpizza #pizzamiles #qgbait

Pickled Watermelon Rind. Use the whole vegetable! #whatveganspickle

Girls night in! My mom ate all my spaghetti & meatball leftovers and I never want leftovers but I wanted those. Anyway. Made some. And have you tried that @wayfare_foods butter? It's made with.... butter beans! And so good. Also la croix peeking in like a creep.

Tfw the secret ingredient is not's garlic.

Any love for naked Poptarts or is it just boring old me?

When on Long Island for a fabulous bat mitvah, get to 3 Brothers for Spaghetti & Meatballs!

Strawberry Rhubarb Poptarts! The poppiest tarts around. You can get them at @orchardgrocer all weekend or at @modernlovebrooklyn for Sunday brunch. Flaky, fruity and fresh. #veganfoodshare #veganbaking #poptarts #strawberryrhubarb

Poutine! My sis and niece with fresh manis, grabbing their fries. I'm not sure if my family visits because they love me or because they want to eat at the restaurant.

The family that Chinese takes outs together...Fam here for a bat mitvah this weekend! Ordered from M Noodle. Now gonna do Brooklyn stuff.

Dessert at @abcvnyc. Chocolate mousse with secret chocolate mint cookie on the bottom. Some people love chocmint, some people hate it. I am on the right side of history and love it!

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