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if the ocean is in silence 
and her inhales are not deep enough
to gift us waves
no sea spray 
to hit our cheeks
no salt medicine
if the liquid sun rays
cannot crawl through
those storm clouds
we have the flames
that burn from these candles
to sway rhythmically with
we have these floorboards 
to make love inside
we have these walls
to paint with the sound 
of our moans
we have one another 
to rest within
we have the thickness
of our love
to swim in
i have your tongue
to map the constellations
that hide beneath you
you have my tongue
to devour
the embers of my heart
when we have that
we have all the
liquid sun rays
that we need.

i am completely capable
of holding the earth
and the heat
of her suns

up on my shoulders

but there are times

where i grow
my soul yawns
my bones tremble

beneath the weight
where i wish to rest
to turn soft

my heart
and the skies
are on fire

away from this earth
dancing with
we will wrap one another up
and float

through lifetimes

as we swallow



and our
soft river

where we breathe
for love.

come in
from the night
quietly witness yourself
your everything
we are flicker
and flame
silent explosions
of dust
between the earth
and the sky
let go of this breath
drift away
from the surface
to the planets sigh
the nebulas dance
thirteen billion light years
from where we are now
there is moonlight in your eyes
constellations birthed upon your flesh
feel yourself tangled
by the light
dawn rises
and when she sees you
she sways
in devotion
painting you
in hues
of wild blood
whispering through
your skin
hold her
with the warmth that lives
upon your lips.

where we breathe in the air

that we

have never known

where we discover
nameless lands


beneath our flesh

where we rest

our everything

and sometimes

come out to dance

under this moon drenched

with golden light

dripping from our fingers.

we must continuously surrender ourselves to death, to rise.
we are broken down, in order to be birthed into seasons of becoming time and time again. a repeated cycle of endless paths. it is an inherent part of the human experience, but after your death you have to explore the impossible. this living is phenomenal.
the thought of merely existing is a thrilling mystery.
this living has to rip you apart every once in a while, otherwise you haven't truly experienced living. and in it’s rebirth you will witness the huge, vast and limitless. you begin to feel the touch of warmth, as well as the infinite space.
float there for a while.
we are transient, fleeting beings with the only constant in our lives being change. we must stand with our storms, or swim in calm waters for the rest of time. the best moments, have come once the storm has subsided. beyond death, is awakening.
humans are deserts, jungles, blazing infernos of heat, bright lights holding moon tides and the vastness of the ocean inside the palms of our hands. all rivers trickle into the ocean, as does the water from a glacier, a lake, a pond, rain drops from the sky. all we are, is streams of connection.
we are energy, and energy when focused into something is powerful. but it is always meant to pass through you.
you are a composition of planets pulled from the sky and the things we have yet to discover about distant galaxies.
place your head deeply within, and feel your everything.
perform surgery on your soul, write in dead languages and love with the corners of your heart that you have only just learnt how to touch.
and if you need, burn all night long.

you are not here to play small

you hold the suns fire

the depths of the ocean

you move like the tide
with ferocious beauty
swallowing the earth

and holding it

in the palms of your hands


crawl home

to your within
you are a force
to be reckoned with

a goddess
a warrior

of love
a creature that belongs
to the somewhere

to the everywhere

to the great divine
to the humble existence
of difference
drifting away
from the surface

from wading in the shallows

to the cosmic energy

we feel
swirling all around
immersed in doings of your own

aware of the fullness

not the absence

you are here
to sway in the storm

to restore your soul

in warmth

in silence

and feel the healing

beating in your chest

against your rib cage

you are here

to hold space in your heart

for flames

you are here
to grow eagle wings

and soar


you are not here

to play small my darling.
pulled from the archives "a force to be reckoned with."

here for the living.

be alive
with me

we were always

to taste
the sea of stars


through our veins

to let our bones
turn to dust
float in the rip tide

and have the waves carry
our bodies
out inside the depths
of the oceans belly

to be
in the feeling
of this
earths heart beat.

there are times
where i am silent 
and i curl up
on the floor boards
and stay hidden
inside of myself
where there is warmth
my solitude is the sweetest symphony 
that has ever been sung 
to the earth
where i wash away
this planetary existence 
dropping into
a higher me
voyaging into inner space
and silence
where i become
dust particles 
in sun rays
i will lend you my skin
until i have no more flesh 
to strip from these bones
until the taking me in
takes me away 
and there are times 
where i stand on the edge
with the wind sweeping
through the full spaces
between my fingers
racing through my hair
like wildfire 
and i fucking roar
and i only shut my eyes
to blink
i rain
light beams
in becoming
and i float on
in fierce divinity 
if you could bathe in my heart tonight
it would burn you
with the strength 
of four hundred billion suns.

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