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let the entire history of our adoration

be the way our limbs become tangled in one another

when the moon melts over us in a sliver

or half

or full bellied

i do not really care

as long as i can drink you up

i would like to slip under your skin

to soak myself in your sweet delight

this morning

this afternoon

this evening

i wish for the air you breathe into my lungs
to taste like
what cedarwood and patchouli smells like

at two in the morning when the world is asleep

and our world is the only one burning so brightly it can be seen
two point seven billion miles from earth

i wish for the only pain in this world to be the way winter’s chill can strip you of life

until spring cradles you in her arms
and the cherry blossoms sing

i wish to be so deep in you

that oceans tremble

i wish to dance with you

in liminal spaces

i wish for you to feel my softness

and the weight of my truth
i wish to lay here with you

on these icy wooden floor boards
when my mattress is an arms distance
from where our bodies
have collapsed into one another

for my sole intent is not to make love to you here tonight

not to drip in one another into the night

but to hold your gaze

to marvel at the way you illuminate from underneath me
and trace your jawline with the tips of my fingers

my eyes will not leave yours

until i crumble

i wish to map out where the sun wakes from your collarbones
and storms brew along the horizon your spine

the valleys and the deserts you are composed of

the canyons formed upon your chest

to breathe in your borders

you are a path i wish to run along at dusk
and crawl along at dawn

i wish to find you in the sound of rain on a tin roof

in sea foam kissing the shore

rain on warm pavement

and the honey warmth of sunrise

this will be our becoming

kiss me there

in the middle of my senten

pulled from the archives "drink you up".

there is strength in surrender.

you could sink oceans

yet you wash upon my shore line in gentle waves

the kind that leave traces of sea foam
carved in sand grains

they always return

swaying in motion

some nights
i taste you in the back corners of my tongue
pouring through my skin

your waves beating against my existence

i know there are things i will never understand

like space time and special relativity
how every single human on this planet is living a separate experience
how life melts
stillness swallows
the beat of my heart has a voice
in my ears
when i stand on top of the mountains

how i am comforted by the notion that i could be the last human on earth
floating as something fluid
an entity in myself
and how only you
taste like
what the first breath of air
after not breathing for centuries
feels like
most nights

i remember how to swim

tonight my limbs have been washed away

i am drowning in you.

maybe i will become the desert wind

maybe the dry heat

the air
and the honey hued sky
of this world
will break me open

and in the wind

i will float once more
if you were to ever see me again

in this realm of existence
or the next cosmic intervention
i will pull the final pieces of myself out
to become the mountains
if nothing
i will become something
for you to rest your bones into.

this is the truth of things

there will be moments in your life that will be exhausting

you will understand the power of ocean tides
eroding cliff sides

the same way loneliness
has the power
to erode humans

it is okay to hold on tight

and to let go

be present

look around you

this world can feel mighty

pack up the dust
of all that you are

drench your fingers
in starlight

let the light flow

let it trickle inside the crevasses
of your being

let it howl

let it roar

let it be thunderous

for you are an auroral dance


there will be tides that will unclench their fists
and drown your entirety

there will be wolves
and monsoons
inside of your lungs

your ribs will become branches
that snap in the most subtle of motions

veins cradling splinters
and agony

and sometimes

there will be mountains you cannot move

feel the head on collision of tectonic plates

and rise

thirteen point eight billion years ago our universe sprung into singularity

stars have died

oceans swelled into deserts

creatures ceased to exist

but tonight you are here

in carbon

in oxygen

in hydrogen

in flesh

in blood

in bones

in finger nails

in creases
that resemble canyons upon your palms
that held anothers who once swore they would stay

a miracle unto yourself


and return
in ten trillion sunrises.
pulled from the archives "collapse in rebirth".

press your tongue
upon my heart
of liquid
moon tides.

i would like to lay here with you

tangled in the bones

of us

the world is grey
and we are warm

buried in our blood

where we can

breathe away the sun

melt into the constellations
and the hum of the moon

strip me of my flesh

and crawl beneath the depths

of my purest being

let us devour
you and i

there is no more
you and i

to devour


to rest into

because there are nights

my dear

where i grow whole

in solitude
where i hold myself

before i hold another
there are nights
where the muscles in my arms
exhaust themselves
from holding the universe

and all of her planets

my limbs yawn
from treading across a thousand lands

where my heart

swells up

from all the miss

fragility overpowers


i grow tired of being brave

lay your weight on me

cover me

the way the stars
cover the midnight sky
where i can feel you
ten feet deep

inside my chest

and inside the light

that crawls beneath my skin

where we paint the air we are drenched in

with the sound of our moans

and i would like to breathe my love

into the beating

of your heart

and every tip
of your fingers

and your eyelashes
we should all have love breathed into us

in all the times

so tonight
i would like for you

to hold my fire

hold my body
in you

as if i were to crumble.

with what is

take in the landscape

of your own soul

of your vessel
the way a lover would

with tips of fingers

tracing the vibrancy
upon love dripped flesh
a field of sensation

to drown inside
finding your hands

and guiding them over




your cracking morning bones

a symphony
written in heart

with ten fingers

and uncountable beats

plant kisses upon your eye lids

whisper dreams within dreams
onto them

and the worlds

you have yet to discover
within all that you are

putting your mouth

upon every corner of skin

marked by ripples
of moonlight

falling from the skies mouth

to rain down

in healing

and breathe in

the scent of your blood

run free

until you discover
a rib cage

that allows for heart migration
and cell entanglement
until you tread into foreign bones
that could sink oceans

and steal gravities
but are soft enough

to run

soul first.

pour me
of your light.

with heart open
in embers upon the wind
from the ashes

you are not here to play small

you hold the suns fire

the depths of the ocean

you move like the tide
with ferocious beauty
swallowing the earth

and holding it

in the palms of your hands


crawl home

to your within
you are a force
to be reckoned with

a goddess
a warrior

of love
a creature that belongs
to the somewhere

to the everywhere

to the great divine
to the humble existence
of difference
drifting away
from the surface

from wading in the shallows

to the cosmic energy

we feel
swirling all around
immersed in doings of your own

aware of the fullness

not the absence

you are here
to sway in the storm

to restore your soul

in warmth

in silence

and feel the healing

beating in your chest

against your rib cage

you are here

to hold space in your heart

for flames

you are here
to grow eagle wings

and soar


you are not here

to play small my darling.