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Isabel Lucas  Actress 🔸 Environmentalist

I’m lending my voice to this important video that tells the story of everyday people suffering from the damage being done to our climate at the hands of politicians.
With a federal election just 4 weeks away, there has never been a more important time for everyone who cares about the future of our planet to come together to end coal, oil and gas pollution!
We need an epic transformation away from fossil fuels now. ⚡️Australia must replace all coal fired power stations with clean energy. Politicians have the power to do that.
Help us get it on TV ahead of the federal election>> link in bio 💫 #endcoal #changeiscoming #greenpeace @greenpeaceap

Recording the voiceover for a new @greenpeaceap TV ad today.
Change is coming. Together we can build a safer more sustainable future for all of us. 💫
Join the movement to make coal history >> link in bio #changeiscoming #auspol #ausvotes #ClimateElection

The future of home births in Australia is at risk, currently resting in the fickle hands of the nations government.
Women should have the freedom to give birth where ever they choose. Midwives and Doulas need to be given proper insurance so they can do their job, with the respect and recognition that they deserve.

How do we envision our children, our future, to enter into this world? What does this say about our basic right to freedom if we cannot give birth in our own homes?

These pictures were taken at the sacred tea tree lakes just a couple weeks before my dear friend Angie gave birth to her little girl in the safety and comfort of her own home.
Not all women can birth at home or want to and this is fine BUT we absolutely MUST have the right to choose. “When a government interferes with human rights and women’s reproductive services, we are heading for a very sad and scary world indeed.” Photo by @laurabeverleyy
#birth #righttochoose #birthrights

It’s my joy and honor to join in collaborative conversation at #PepTalks this week.
I’m ever inspired by groups like @peppermintmagazine who are taking inventive steps in creating a sustainable, nourishing future for our collective living and the Earth.
Come join the conversations this Thursday evening March 28 in Brisbane with @ericalbartle @foodconnectbrisbane & more at @lightspacebrisbane.
Together, let’s unpack how we can embrace solutions and creatively explore ways to transform the challenges climate change offers our time. 🌏
Check @peppermintmagazine for tickets.
#environment #climatechange #sustainability #groundswell #peptalks
Photo by @arterium

Happy birthday Lisa! Thank you for making me cry-laugh! You are the rose quarts queen, you are the best person to listen to bedtime stories with, thank you for humming the sweetest tunes, like a friendly little German bird & for making shamanic drums, crafts and magic felting dolls, and for squealing when someone brings you durian (or jackfruit)! Blessings on your eyes darling. Thank you for your friendship, it is the truest of true! 💗

Thank you Greta...
What a testament to the power we have as individuals. It takes a groundswell of individuals to turn this ship.
Over 1,6 million on #schoolstrike4climate yesterday, 2083 places in 125 countries on all continents.
So inspiring to witness the younger generations led by Greta Thunberg and many others, expressing their demands so clearly, eloquently and non-violently: coal mines must remain a thing of the past and renewable energy has to replace old fossil-fuelled sources by 2030! My heart is filled with gratitude.
Yesterday was "the biggest day of global climate action ever” says
#climatechangeisreal #groundswell #timeisnow #respectmotherearth 🌏⭐️

Ending the day on a happy note... Thrilled about the victory for @seashepherd and the oceans! I remember the first time I met Captain Paul Watson, I was moved to tears when he shared with me his personal story of his first interaction with a whale. The eye contact with the whale and the whales undeniable sentience was the instigator of his life’s conservation work.
After a 13 year arrest warrant against Captain Paul Watson (founder of @seashepherd seashepherd) Costa Rica has just dropped all charges, the Interpol Red Notice has been removed!
In Paul Watson's own words: "Now it is time to look ahead and resume the conservation efforts that our organization and thousands of people make every day around the world to defend the environment. During all of these years, my sincere desire has always been to protect, together with Costa Rican people, the beautiful natural sanctuary that is the Isla del Coco. I hope that, now, with this dismissal of these charges against me, we can make it a reality.“ Thank you, Captain Paul Watson and @seashepherd, for all you do for the oceans! 🐋

This is Kenna. When I moved to LA for acting about 10 years ago, Kenna was the only person I knew. He quickly became my Ethiopian American big brother. He introduced me to all the kindred spirits and invited me to all the shnazzy affairs in all the fancy places.
We climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (he organized the whole thing) for a documentary-cause raising funds for the global clean water crisis (with some very lovely folks including @jimmychin who just won the Oscar with his partner @chaivasarhelyi for @freesolofilm - if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must!)
To this day his friendship is solid as a rock, he’s one of the most generous & supportive friends I know. 🖤
#brotherfromanothermother #bboystance #gangster #10yearchallenge pic by @jameskrisel

Words by my beautiful, supportive friend @zoegameau. •
‘At this point in my life I can categorically say I’m surrounded by women whose cups are overflowing with goodwill and support for one another. It’s taken me this long to learn to discern what true friendship and support really looks like, and more importantly what it feels like. It feels like everyone has enough self-worth and fulfillment in their own worlds to be able to honestly and with good will uplift those around them without wanting to take anything from that exchange. It’s pure kindness & generosity of spirit. I have a bevy of dear close women from every era of my life: school, uni, and beyond. It is a gift to watch each other rise, evolve, and share our challenges and overcome them with one another’s support, recognition, wise advice and love. So here’s to blooming together, stronger and softer, creating a new world of equality for us all.’ - @zoegameau #internationalwomensday

Today I'm joining @take3forthesea for the #Take3Challenge to spread awareness of global plastic pollution and to clean up our oceans.
You can participate in the #Take3Challenge too! Any time you’re at the ocean or waterway (or anywhere outdoors) take 3 pieces of rubbish and share whatever you collect tagging #Take3fortheSea. You could also tag a few friends who you challenge to do the same. (@theseakin @zoegameau @plasticfreemermaid
Annually about 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans (sadly a garbage truck of plastic into an ocean each minute). The mission is to remove 1 MILLION pieces of rubbish from the environment during a two month-long campaign.
Thank you for joining us & showing your own appreciation for our oceans! 🐙
#Take3Challenge #Take3fortheSea #dontbealitterbug @take3forthesea @timsilverwood

Our ‘little short’ #InTheNight directed by @thibuch, starring @nashedgerton, soon to be released... 🎭

Since the Uluru summit in 2017 Indigenous activist Thomas Mayor has been travelling the country with the painting and signatures of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, to raise awareness about Makaratta - a coming together after great struggle. The summit resulted in a document calling for a referendum on constitutional recognition through a Voice, Treaty and Truth telling commission.
It was deeply moving to have him speak at @newkindfestival at the opening ceremony and set the tone for a week of workshops and discussions with many brilliant, wise speakers that enlivened everyone in attendance to be the change, the hope and the innovation for a vision for sustainable and ethical futures. Inviting us all to design a society that stands for the well-being of the planet and our relationship to ourselves, each other and the environment.
Indigenous people have extended us, the wider community, an invitation to begin to heal the damage of a long history of unacknowledgement - it is a gift to be offered this relationship and to be in solidarity, friendship and deep listening with First People, their stories, their art, science, culture, their history and their future.
Thank you @sahajonze for inviting @thomasamayor. 🙏🏽 Big shout out & thank you to @erfandaliri for your huge heart & all the incredible volunteers that made this zero waste, plastic free, solar powered event possible!! #ulurustatementfromtheheart #firstnationsvoice

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