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Isabelle Epoque  Spellbinding Burlesque performer of scorching glamour #findom venmo@IsabelleEpoque


Today's perfume is Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez, released in 1962. I am wearing both a 1960s parfum and a 1990s EDC.
To me, it feels like it was inspired by some good good lovin' had by Shalimar, L'Heure Bleue, Joy, and Jolie Madame. The sweet orange blossom powder of the initial scent gives way to heliotrope washed leather, jasmine and rose, civet, sandalwood, cedar, and benzion. I think it is quite lovely, and does not live up to its reputation for an overwhelmingly animalic and dirty scent.
It is also said the Michael Jackson wore the scent for over 30 years, and that he would carry one of the tiny bottles in his pocket everywhere he went.

Lingerie is my burgundy lace I.D. Sarrieri bra, and nearly matching high waisted knickers from Soma, with patterned tights I got at a grocery store in Zurich. I wish I still had the packaging to know their maker... fabulous.

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Today's perfume is Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue. I deliberately reached for my modern bottle of EDP and practically bathed in it. It has neither the depth nor the longevity of my 1960s vintage bottle of extrait, let alone the sillage, and the heliotrope isn't as forward and bright with the orange blossom.
But! What it does lack in heliotrope, it makes up in root syrup... think sasparilla and birch beer. So, the sweetness remains, bit takes on a different quality altogether.

Lingerie today is also in shades of the blue hour: a mesh and lace bra from Soma in powdery blue, high waist lace knickers in pale seafoam from Free People, tights in tiny dots of seafoam, royal blue, and violet from Wolford.

#InvisibleArmor #perfumefetish #sotd #scentoftheday #perfume #hauteperfumerie #FrenchPerfume #guerlain #lheurebleue #HighFemme #PowerFemme #Execudrag #Feminist #Soma #Wolford

Today's perfume is Guerlain's 1919 masterpiece, Mitsouko. Named after the heroine in Farrčre's novel, La Battaile.
My modern bottle of EDP lacks much of the lush character of the pure parfum, but nevertheless, paints a very pretty picture. It opens with a long inhale, dry notes of labadnum and astringent underripe peach. Underneath you can feel the oakmoss warming up, and the peach slowly ripening, roses blooming, and peppercorns cracking. It is a unique scent profile among perfumes in general, and certainly of its origins.
It is another dry scent that I wear infrequently, and I need to change that. It is truly beautiful and delicate.

Lingerie is high waisted knickers by Dottie's Delights, Tulip bra in leopard satin by Dita, and a vintage grey nylon slip.
#InvisibleArmo #perfumefetish #sotd #scentoftheday #perfume #hauteperfumerie #FrenchPerfume #Guerlain #deco #HighFemme #PowerFemme #Execudrag #Feminist #Soma #Dita #DottiesDelights

Today's perfume is Guerlain's Shalimar! This Golden Age beauty is full of sweetness... and poison.

Today's lingerie is a Catherine D'Lish lush black lace boudoir robe paired with a mesh corset encrusted with early 20th century rhinestones and Swarovski crystals. To learn about the rest, come see me tonight at Precious Things: A Philanthrotease tribute to Tori Amos at the Black Cat DC and support RAINN

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And.... it's me!
Join us saturday night!
#Repost @palaceproductionsdc
And, last but not least, the founder of Philanthrotease: Isabelle Epoque (@isabelleepoquedance), DC's Diplomat of Burlesque and resident High Priestess of the Feminist Illuminati.
Whether tearing up the town or tearing out still-beating hearts, Isabelle Epoque has thrilled audiences up and down the Mid Atlantic with her feminist wiles and seduced them with invocations of the senses. If you can't tell whether it's your heart or head that's aflame, you might be under the spell of Isabelle Epoque!
Like her namesake, she evokes the heyday of the Moulin Rouge: azure eyes peering out over matching blue fans, a strand of pearls and a perfume atomizer Anais Nin would have considered doing jailtime for.

On Saturday Black Cat DC, ask yourself if that precious bottle contains perfume... or poison.

Precious Things: A Philanthrotease tribute to Tori Amos is TOMORROW NIGHT @blackcatdc!

Today's perfume is Guerlain's 1962 Chant d'Aromes. My new bottle of EDT starts off as light and powdery language of flowers, and through the day becomes spicier, until at the end it is reminiscent of lightly sweet vanilla baked goods with orange blossom water in the glaze. I adore its transformation, and I will attempt the get my hands on a 1960s bottle of extrait, as seen in the ad art below.
Today's lingerie is a black lace mix of Scandale knickers and a Lise Charmel Bra.
Happy Friday.

#InvisibleArmor #perfumefetish #sotd #scentoftheday #perfume #guerlain #hauteperfumerie #FrenchPerfume #LiseCharmel #HighFemme #PowerFemme #Feminist

APB! Precious Things is a @brightestyoungthings Weekend best bet for Saturday the 17th! Get your tix online (including VIP reserved seating!) and prepare for a night of empowering Burlesque and music!
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Waiting for the Deus ex Machina

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Today's perfume is a modern bottle of Miss Dior. It is one I brought home from Sephora in 2014, and immediately fell in love with. Note, this is not the reformulation just released to the market, which is a renaming of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet.
My bottle is known as the Miss Dior Cherie, which replaced the classic version in 2012. I do have a vintage bottle of the classic that I will wear this week.
This 2012 version is a rose, jasmine, and pactouli flowerbomb. This is not your lovechild mother's pactouli, but a refined and woody specimen that turns powdery quickly.

So, what is up with all of theae versions; are they actually different? Yes, they are very different. For some reason, Dior has decided that their flagship scent would reflect their image, and change somewhat frequently. They test the formulas as flankers before moving them into the titular role.

Lingerie is a black lace set, Maestra, by Dita, a black silk and lace slip from Stella McCartney, and swiss dotted stockings with backseam.
My suit is a vintage Dior boutique set in grey tweed and cream lace with a sumptuous cream silk lining.
#InvisibleArmor #perfumefetish #perfume #hauteperfumerie #FrenchPerfume #dior #dita #stockings #silk #HighFemme #PowerFemme #Execudrag #Feminist

Online tix still available for Saturday's Precious Things Burlesque @blackcatdc

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