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Bella Boo 😘🙈  UND 💚💚💚 AΦ living for my savior Jesus Christ. Snapchat: isabellaladen

Happy birthday @tylerlandkammer @baileyjo__xo ❤️

rockin and rollin #bidday2018

Trying to bring some Sioux style to NYC? Or forgot to pack clothes ? You pick🤷🏼‍♀️

Very important message: Hello everybody it is the most special day of the year because my mama was born on this day. I am so blessed to have you as my mom..but blessed doesn’t even do it justice. To the most loving, caring, beautiful (inside and out), astonishing women on this planet. Why the heck did I get so lucky to have you as my mom I have no idea but illllll take it. The one who never fails her family, the backbone, the one who holds all of her children up when they are falling, who loves so unconditionally, you are sooo loved and so amazing. Its crazy that I can experience the love you have for me and the rest of the fam because it allows me to see, feel, and experience the closest thing to god like love. You amaze me and make me feel so loved and adored. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH Mom. Thank you for everything.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special..feeling loved and blessed☺️❤️

Friends are angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly ❤️ *appreciation post for a few of the most precious souls I’ve ever known.

this past year.. I asked for strength... god gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked for wisdom.. god gave me problems to solve. I asked for courage.. god gave me danger to overcome. I asked for love.. god gave me troubled people to help. I asked for favors.. god gave me opportunities. I received nothing I wanted but everything I needed. Nothing made sense but then it all made sense. TRUST IN GOD even when you don’t understand. He has a plan ..it may not make sense in the moment, it may seem impossible, painful, to hard, but don’t give up ..his plans always exceeds our own plans, trust it, live it, enjoy it. His timing will never fail. Let your pain, brokenness, regret, not break you but rather let it shape you to be the one you were created to be, use those moments to help others. This year Im ready to be challenged and I challenge everyone to allow Jesus in ..let him challenge you. Let go of your own desires and seek out gods desires for you. Be different, love like crazy, and shine that light wherever you go ❤️

Christmas was well spent with my loved ones ❤️

Hi everyone ☺️ all the gifts were delivered!!!! Over 50 people were able to get their only Christmas gift this year and hundreds of presents were distributed. many hugs & stories were shared. The things God did throughout this process are unimaginable and I can’t wait to share all the stories with everyone. So incredibly thankful for all the love and support. We can’t wait to extend this and make it a yearly event. My heart is filled with so much joy.❤️ god is so good ☺️

Hi everybody here is an update with the “Christmas for the Homeless” today my sister and I did our first shopping trip, we ended up with winter boots, thermal socks, blankets, hand warmers,sweatpants, and winter gloves, we still have lots of shopping to do. We are so excited to give new gifts to people who otherwise would not get gifts this year. Thank you everybody for giving us the opportunity to spread love and joy to people who might not experience the Christmas spirit this season. We are so thankful for being equipped with the funds to be able to go give new gifts in the name of Jesus to celebrate his birthday

Philippians 4:13 ❤️ Frameline: @twenty4kllc

Happy birthday to my beautiful bestfriend. Wishin I could be there with you on this special day. Your heart for others amazes me everyday. I can’t wait to see what the lord has in store for you this next year ..I know it will be nothing short of amazing. So thankful for all the memories we have shared together. I love you sweet girl❤️ @kaitlynprazuch

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