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Isabella Lundgren  Freedom fighter, vegan, jazz singer, radio columnist, writer and undefinably annoying.


The beautiful notion that in a country far far away people read TS Elliot and Kirkegard in the coolest and most stunning bookstore existing, while listening to one of my albums. Tokyo❤️#japan #blackandwhite #jazzvocalist

"Music is the occult metaphysical exercise of a soul not knowing that it philosophizes" ~Arthur Schopenhauer #jazz #music#philosophy #jazzvocalist #live #blackandwhite #japan #tour

Japan I have missed you. And we are SO happy to be back in the most graceful and beautiful country in the world ♥️Come see our shows if you are around! @callebagge @danielfredriksson75 @puppisbjorn @ella_dahlen #japan #jazz #musician #tour

Six years have passed since I had my last drop of alcohol. Six years have passed since I woke up not knowing where I was, who I was with or how I ended up there. Six years have passed since I could not remember or recall anything for long periods of time. Six years have passed since I drank all my money away and lost some of the people I loved the most because they could not stand to be around me. Most importantly thou, six years have passed since I made the most intelligent decision I ever could have made. The decision of looking closely at myself, not only the world I lived in. I stopped blaming others, I stopped blaming the past, I stopped blaming the unfortunate events that created a big gap in my heart and I decided to take responsibility for my reactions to those events. Completion doesn't exist but acceptance does. And I accept the darkness that resides in my own heart, and I accept it in others. I don't think the act of self scrutiny can be stretched enough, because nothing brings more peace or resilience to a mind and heart then that. That's why I feel the need to say it over and over again. Look at you before you look at others. Because you are capable of more then you think. Thank you @fotograf_hasselinden For capturing me as I am today. And @aureaflorio For enhancing what is there but sometimes cannot be seen. ♥️#philosophy #sobriety #alcoholic #individualism #blackandwhite #suit#missbruk #nykterist

Putting our treasures in alphabetic order♥️ @danielfredriksson75 #vinyl #vinyladdict #muuuuusic

Happy birthday @krakendolittle . ♥️My lifesaver, soulmate and best friend. I share with you a quote from an anonymous source that sums it all up pretty well: "if you love someone set them free, if you hate someone set them free. Basically set everyone free and get a dog. People are stupid"#dogstagram #ilovemydog #adoptdontshop🐾 #dogs #blackandwhite

Today I recorded the first episode of my philosophy podcast "Eudaimonia". My guest was the admirable Pelle Strindlund. Pelle has a degree in theology, has written over ten books on the subject of animal rights, ethical living, civil disobedience, non-violence, activism and religious expression. He is an incredible source of inspiration for the animals rights movement in Sweden and is a master at civil and fact-based conversations (he doesn't force you to think his thoughts and likes to listen to others with contradictory beliefs). We spoke of morality, how we measure the value of a life, what a world with only vegans would look like and how to change the way you think. The episode will be published soon, look out ♥️#animalrights #veganism #philosophy #morality #activism #pellestrindlund

I'm Celebrating Mother's Day with my goddaughter and her mother. This pictures reminds me of what I would like to be for her- and my own child, if I ever have one. Someone who dramatically shows her the wonders of life and silently reminds her of the dangers. So she can live in this world as it is- as well as with the vision of what she likes it to become. #mothersday #philosophy #godmother

"To view the opposition as dangerous is to misunderstand the basic concepts of democracy. To oppress the opposition is to assault the very foundation of democracy."
Aung San Suu Kyi

My essay on the complexity and necessity of freedom of speech.
#freespeach #freedomofspeech #philosophy #thinkforyourself

Our perceptions collide with others all the time. We need to scrutinize our own thoughts and beliefs and open up to the possibility that we might in fact... be in the wrong. That's how productive and decent conversations are held. Society tells us to blame systems and structures. But we are the systems and structures. We need to blame ourselves for not thinking honestly enough, and we need to look beyond what we are to see what we can become. #freespeach #philosophy #nietzche #nietzschequotes #lookbeyond #revolution

"invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
don't swim in the same slough.
invent yourself and then reinvent yourself and
stay out of the clutches of mediocrity.

invent yourself and then reinvent yourself,
change your tone and shape so often that they can never categorize you.

reinvigorate yourself and
accept what is
but only on the terms that you have invented
and reinvented.

be self-taught.

and reinvent your life because you must;
it is your life and
its history
and the present
belong only to
-Charles Bukowski

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