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Isabella Lundgren  Freedom fighter, vegan, jazz singer, radio columnist, writer and undefinably annoying.

I never liked big crowds. I feel trapped or smothered. But I liked this crowd. I felt free and happy. Thank you for coming and for listening intently, that's all That matters. ♥️#jazz #leapoffaith

When I was 15 I attended a jazz camp for young adults. I spent that entire week hiding and pretending. Pretending I knew things I didn't and hiding who I really was because I was terrified - that if someone saw that, my true self- they would refuse me. So I sat in silence, asked no questions and avoided challenges. When I come back to the same camp as a teacher 15 years later, I meet young women who are nothing like me when I was young. They hold their heads high, ask every question that pops up in their head, throw themselves out into the abyss of the unknown, dare to make mistakes/ knowing that this is in fact, the best way to learn. They let their talents shine and they make their voices heard. The joy and hope I have gotten from being around them this week will carry me for years. And more importantly- it provides me with the vision of the world they will inherent as gloriously beautiful and brave. ♥️#jazz #hope #bravery #leapoffaith

I have soon spent thirty years asking myself questions I know can never be answered. I have hit my head on all kinds of walls and spent to many nights sleepless and sad over the fact that those questions are indeed mysteries, and are not supposed to be answered. They are supposed to be lived.
But suddenly and unexpectedly, thru the cracks of this world that's covered in question marks and fog- meaning and joy peeks thru. Meaning that can be found in the seemingly simplest of tasks or situations. Like this picture.
So I will stop quarreling life's mystery and simply remain here. At least when the unanswered questions become to unbearable to live with. #adoptdontshop #dogsofinsta #philosophy

My essay on the importance of critical thinking and independence. (And the dangers of collectivism. ) ♥️ #individualism #criticalthinking #philosophy #existentialism

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
Will Rogers
#dogstagram #adoptdontshop #dogsofinsta #love @krakendolittle

"If I wish to preserve myself in faith, I must constantly be intent upon holding fast the objective uncertainty so as to remain out upon the deep, over seventy thousand fathoms of water, still preserving my faith."Shooting the video for our song "Fear and trembling" a tribute to Mr. Kirkegaard and all the searching souls trying to find their home in this dark world. Honored to have my sister @_._lucille_._ illustrating this story with her grace and talent. ♥️#kirkegaard #leapoffaith #philosophy #jazz

Stuttgart Jazz Open and Bix Jazz Club thank you for having us last night. It was one of the most magical events of my musical career. And playing music with these three men../ words cannot describe the gratitude and joy I feel. It's friendship in its most profound form @danielfredriksson75 @callebagge @puppisbjorn ♥️Photos by WPS👌🏻#jazz #stuttgartjazzopen #blackandwhite #jazzvocalist

The beautiful notion that in a country far far away people read TS Elliot and Kirkegard in the coolest and most stunning bookstore existing, while listening to one of my albums. Tokyo❤️#japan #blackandwhite #jazzvocalist

"Music is the occult metaphysical exercise of a soul not knowing that it philosophizes" ~Arthur Schopenhauer #jazz #music#philosophy #jazzvocalist #live #blackandwhite #japan #tour

Japan I have missed you. And we are SO happy to be back in the most graceful and beautiful country in the world ♥️Come see our shows if you are around! @callebagge @danielfredriksson75 @puppisbjorn @ella_dahlen #japan #jazz #musician #tour

Six years have passed since I had my last drop of alcohol. Six years have passed since I woke up not knowing where I was, who I was with or how I ended up there. Six years have passed since I could not remember or recall anything for long periods of time. Six years have passed since I drank all my money away and lost some of the people I loved the most because they could not stand to be around me. Most importantly thou, six years have passed since I made the most intelligent decision I ever could have made. The decision of looking closely at myself, not only the world I lived in. I stopped blaming others, I stopped blaming the past, I stopped blaming the unfortunate events that created a big gap in my heart and I decided to take responsibility for my reactions to those events. Completion doesn't exist but acceptance does. And I accept the darkness that resides in my own heart, and I accept it in others. I don't think the act of self scrutiny can be stretched enough, because nothing brings more peace or resilience to a mind and heart then that. That's why I feel the need to say it over and over again. Look at you before you look at others. Because you are capable of more then you think. Thank you @fotograf_hasselinden For capturing me as I am today. And @aureaflorio For enhancing what is there but sometimes cannot be seen. ♥️#philosophy #sobriety #alcoholic #individualism #blackandwhite #suit#missbruk #nykterist

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