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I S A B E L ☼ L A H E L A  • @thepottedplant_ • ✾ artist at heart | ed warrior ♔ national weightlifter & powerlifting recordholder ✧@doyoueven✧@ehplabs✧@rpstrength -> isabel10

This is a bit of a different #rptransformation @rp_transformations for me. If you guys have been reading my lengthy captions you’ll have realized I am fully in eating disorder recovery at the moment. No more dieting, no more trying to be lean, no more fuelling for my workouts...just eating proper amounts of food, not too much or too little, and not being obsessive with food or the gym. Something that has been immensely helping me has been @rpstrength templates. I used to use these templates to diet and cut weight for competition but now I am using them for maintenance of my health weight and to keep me accountable for eating 5 properly proportioned, healthy meals a day. The passed year or so when my bulimia has gotten really bad again, I would eat massive meals (binges) and then feel awful and guilty and purge/fast/wait until I felt starving to eat again, resulting in another massive binge. I always consume about 3000calories a day because of my high activity level and fast metabolism but I was also severely over exercising, worse than ever before. Binging at meals and then walking for hours to compensate. Sticking to an @rpstrength template again has been helping me so much in respect to eating wholesome, healthy, balanced meals at specific times. I have to eat everything even if I’m still full from my meal 3hrs ago and it has been helping me control my binges and unnecessary guilt cravings so well. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, no matter who you are or what your food/exercise background is, @rpstrength is the absolute best nutrition program that I can recommend. From cutting weight to gaining weight to maintaining weight, it teaches proper and healthy habits that are invaluable and long lasting compared to any crash diet out there. Did I mention it’s only a one time purchase of $99? Unlike all these other macro coaching programs that are $200+ per month. Just try it, trust me. Discount: isabel10 on all @rpstrength templates and cookbooks. #rpstrength #rpdiet #rpstrengthresults #edrecovery #bulimiarecovery #recocerywarrior

Imagine if we recharged ourselves as much as we recharged our phones...💭🤭 #recharge #selfcare #virusintl

@thriftedthis was a success! Had so much fun and met so many cool people. All the plants @thepottedplant_ are gone but will still sell plenty at @boloinc ! Also bought this entire outfit from @simplysuzette and @jmvintage ♥️🙌

“To define is to limit” - Oscar Wilde 💭✈️ •••• #wanderlust #travel #explore #greece #santorini #europe #luxurytravel #globalluxury

Listen closely to hear @josephinevacca dying 😝 lets be real, I was dying too. 5 rounds: 20 bent over row and 100 double unders = death ♥️ wearing the new @doyouevenwomen excel set in red! Discount: isabel10 ♥️ #teamdye #doyoueven #workoutclothes #leggings #workoutset #gymapparel #crossfit #crossfitgirls #stronggirls #flexfriday #workoutinspo #doubleunders

I love that world mental health day exists but I also hate how people butcher it on social media. Yes, motivational quotes are nice and yes, sharing personal stories is very helpful but there is so much more to be done in order to end the stigma. We are scratching the surface, which is amazing, but I encourage you to engage in conversations in the real world, about mental well-being as it is something that the majority of people struggle with for either their entire lives or at least at some point in their lives.
There are not enough resources available and a serious lack of education and importance placed on mental health. I have recently become somewhat open about sharing my battles with mental illness but am still extremely closed off about it.
There is still such an enormous stigma surrounding mental illness and so much misinformation and lack of knowledge. Mental illness isn’t something to demonize nor is it something to romanticize. Too often I hear people say in passing “I’m so ocd” or “I’m being so anorexic” when they maybe mean no harm by those comments, but don’t understand how horrible that feels to someone, like myself, who legitimately has said illness’ and is already suffering in silence. Those sayings make it that much harder for people who struggle to open up, accept, and get help for their mental illness/struggles.
Having the ability to be open and accepted with your mental health struggles is an incredibly value resource for recovery. So please, since I have access to so many eyes and ears on this platform, I ask all 144k of you not to pity me, not to sympathize or try to empathize with me, but to educate yourselves on a variety of different mental health topics and to talk about it with your friends and family just like any other conversation topic. Mental health is like sex, everyone deals with it to some extent, but nobody openly talks about it. Let’s change that.
#worldmentalhealthday #stopthestigma #mentalhealth #edwarrior #edrecovery #ocd #mentalhealthbattle #mentalhealthawareness #depressionawareness #anixetyawareness

You’re my favourite flavour of weird @kylie.v.h 💋 [ Kylie and I both used @rpstrength to make weight for competitions, we used to weightlift on the same team. @rpstrength is amazing for cutting weight, gaining muscle, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and teaching portion size and balanced meals. I always recommend it to any client whether it’s their first time “dieting” or they are professional athletes. Use code: isabel10 for all @rpstrength products ] #rpstrength #rptransformation #rpstrengthdiet #rpstrongladies #weightlifting

Happy canadian thanksgiving! 🤗🇨🇦 #thanksgiving #canadianthanksgiving

I’ve been seeing comments on my posts recently about “where did your ripped abs go?” First of all, the appearance of ripped abs is largely dependent on lighting. Secondly, this photo and many others that I post aren’t always current (this one is from a full year ago). Third, our bodies fluctuate daily depending on sodium, water, sleep, stress, etc. Lastly, I have never voiced the truth about my eating disorder on social media before (or to barely anyone for that matter) but I suffer from bulimia, and for the first time in my life am getting help. SO if y’all could PLEASE not shame me for the changes that are inevitably going to happen to my body as a result of overcoming bulimia and finally (hopefully) being able to live a life that isn’t wholly dominated by food and exercise that would be MUCH APPRECIATED THANK YOU BYEEEEE. Oh and NO having bulimia doesn’t necessarily mean vomiting and NO it doesn’t mean you become severely underweight, most bulimia sufferers are actually of a healthy weight and look healthy on the outside. You NEVER know what people are dealing with especially via Instagram so leave your mean comments to yourself. I have had bulimia I was about 10 years old or for as long as I can remember, I’m just excellent at hiding it, like most mental health sufferers. So again, keep your nasty comments to yourself. And to anyone struggling, please reach out, I’m here for you and it is possible to get better.💞 #edrecovery #edwarrior #benice #selflove

“The goal is to die with memories, not dreams.” - @travelingjudi ❣️ #travel #wanderlust #luxurytravel #travelblog #traveller #beautifuldestinations

First time Toronto has seen sunshine in almost two weeks🌞I took advantage of the nice weather and did some yoga flow outside. There’s no better feeling than grounding yourself with yoga and meditation outdoors with the sun on your face. I love finding peace within nature. ☮️✌🏼☯️ Wearing the new @ehplabs scrunch bum leggings..definitely my new favourite yoga tights!! Use code isabel10 for 10% off at @ehplabs #zen #yoga #yogi #flexible #mobility #yogaeveryday #meditation #relaxation #grounded

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