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To be quite honest, I don’t remember the last engagement session I shot where it was actually sunny the whole time. I’ve had a number of sunny shoots with Sky recently, but as far as my own gigs go, this is a first in a fricken long time! I’ve been cursed by overcast days, and rain.. Safe to say that it was very refreshing 😅
Also, the Crescent Beach area is now my favorite naturey location to shoot. I’ve discovered so many poppin spots out there, it’s v stellar 🤘🏼

This photo probably won’t load for you @beeatlejuuice

I think my favorite thing about photographing stars and even just stargazing is thinking about how small and insignificant we are.
When I took this photo I was standing on a cliff that had 200sqft of walkable area, on the side of a mountain about 5000ft above sea level, in a county that is nearly 10 MILLION square km (yes im using metric and imperial), on a planet that is 51 MILLION square km, and staring in infinity. Our 51 million sq km, is absolutely tiny and irrelevant compared to the rest of the universe, and here I am at 6ft tall 😅

Please don’t hate me for this

This is how every 5am on a Monday should look.

The reason I bought a 4x4 a couple years ago was so that I could drive way out into nature, and then hike even further. That is exactly what @outboundmedia and I did this weekend. Drove about 10km into the bush outside of Whistler, paddle across a mountain lake, then hiked for 2.5 hours through snow and mud to try and get to an alpine lake. We struck out on the second lake due to sketchy conditions, but we lucked out when it came to finding out backup location. Swipe to see the view from where we pitched camp 🤘🏼

@torylanez taking flight at @breakout_festival
Swipe to see him standing on his fans, and a whole lot of phone screens haha

Last night @torylanez took to the stage at the @pne_playland amphitheater. His show was absolutely lit! He worked his way out into the crowd and stood up on his fans. Not a move you see very often haha
Swipe to see another shot from his set. And check out my next post to see him out in the crowd 😎

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