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Isaac P.  I metal detect so America's lost, rich history can see the light of day again. I love taking pictures of my finds! Nothing on this page is for sale!

Had a fun day with Luke (@pacivilwarluke) last month. I've been really busy getting ready for college and haven't been doing a lot of metal detecting lately. We went to a colonial house that has been pounded for years. We each squeaked out a few keepers. I found a fired Williams Cleaner bullet from the Civil War, a colonial saddle strap guide, some colonial furniture brass, a poncho grommet, two buttons, an 1864 Indian head cent, a massive skeleton key, and an 1811 half cent! The 1811 half cent is the rarest coin I've ever found, with just only 63,140 minted! #metaldetecting

I found this late-18th century pair of cufflinks made of brass and thought they were blank at first glance in the field. When I got home and cleaned them off, the faces of two individuals showed themselves. Experts helped me identify these two as King George III and his wife Charlotte. Could the person wearing these have been a loyalist? Or could these have been worn before the American Revolution even started? Personal items like this are my favorite things to find! #metaldetecting

I had a blast digging with Britain (@depthsofhistory) and Lucas (@pacivilwarluke) this week! I found a plethora of amazing artifacts and had a blast with two of my good friends! We hunted many sites I had researched over the past few months. Some of which dated as far back as the late 1600s. I found my first Confederate "Script I" Infantry button, a Connecticut cuff button, a New York cuff button, a General Service eagle coat button, an Officer's eagle coat button, an 1819 U.S. large cent, a mid-1800s sportsman or livery button, a couple of 300+ year old buckles, a set of cufflinks, and some other odds and ends which date from the late 17th century all the way up to the early 20th century. #metaldetecting

Dug a beautiful Confederate Script I Infantry button today! It's my first! #metaldetecting

Had a nice hunt yesterday. Hunted a new site I got permission for - a 1902 house in town for a few hours. It's been a long time since I've been able to go and it felt really nice to dig a few holes. Got an unexpected surprise with a dropped Civil War bullet. I got an 1898 Indian Head cent, a silver ring, two silver Mercury dimes (1939 and 1944), two silver Roosevelt dimes (1946 and 1950), a silver Washington quarter (1952), two Buffalo nickels (1920 and 1935) a huge pile of wheat cents, a WWII Army Air Corps pin with wings and propellers, a Future Farmers Association Vocational Agriculture pin, and a copper name plate of some type which I can't quite make out. Overall, a great way to start the summer!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!
Fantastic hunt from last week! Hunted a ca.1725 site for about 3-4 hours. It's been sold off to developers recently and it's scheduled to be demolished soon. They've already started the process so I was lucky I got in there before it was destroyed by the dozers. Found two sterling silver spoons (one of which has Peter Cottontail on the end), 3 other non-precious spoons from the same set, a sterling silver bracelet, a silver war nickel, a silver roosevelt dime, 7 wheat cents, an 1863 fatty indian head cent, an 1832 matron head large cent, 2 .69 caliber Minníe Balls (one fired and one carved), what was once an eagle cuff button, 3 early 1800s flat buttons, a colonial leather ornament, a colonial lofting thimble, what's left of a harmonica reed, toy gun, toy spur, tag with the Lord's Prayer written on it, mid or late-1800s buckle with the words "Emerson Pat. Dec. 1---" on it, a drawer pull escutcheon screw, a large piece of furniture brass, and more!

A beautiful 1833 large cent Sunday with Lucas! (@pacivilwarluke)
As you can see, there was a nail in the hole with it, I didn't realize it was there until after I snapped the picture!

I found this a few weeks ago but haven't posted it yet. I found it at a colonial port town site that's been gone for over two centuries. It's a quarter cut Carolus III 2 reales pistareen. They'd cut these coins in order to make change, as smaller denomination coins were not often present in circulation. This variety was made between 1707-1714.

Had an amazing week with Riley (@civil_war_unearthed), his Dad, Alaina (@mermaidalaina), and Sid (@westtndigger) in Tennessee! We hunted almost every day! I got a few items that were on my bucket list, including: an Eagle "C" Cavalry button with quite a bit of gilt, an eagle "I" Infantry kepi hat button, my first two belt keepers (top middle), some exclusively Western Theater bullets including my first St. Louis Arsenal bullet and Starr Carbine bullets. I visited three new states as well (TN, AR, MS) as well! Overall, I had the time of my life! #metaldetecting

Close up of my 3 personal favorite finds from yesterday. A sterling silver monkey, the back of the 1835 half dime (see where it says "5 c."?), and a beautiful knee buckle. #metaldetecting

Yesterday's better finds with Riley (@civil_war_unearthed), his dad, and Alaina (@mermaidalaina). Did some permission hopping. Best find of the day for me was tied between the colonial knee buckle with gold gilt covering both sides and an a 1835 capped bust half dime. I also got 3 bale seals, a carved ringtail sharps, a fired colt pistol bullet, 3 bale seals, 2 .36 caliber pistol balls, a teat-fire casing, some camp lead, an umbrella slide, a Spanish-American War period eagle button, a turn of the century sterling silver monkey, a pewter piece with a hole in it, a drawer pull screw, half of a cufflink, a Benedict and Burnham flower button, 2 other flat buttons, a corset latch, harmonica reed, a silver plated hinge, 2 rivets, an 1840s token that says "H.H.METTE. 25 DRAVAGE", 1917S, 1920, and 1935 mercury dimes, a 1920 buffalo nickel, 1909 and 1910 V nickel, an 1886 indian head cent, and 14 wheat cents! #metaldetecting

It's been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I've posted. Had an awesome day with @civil_war_unearthed today in West Tennessee! I got lots of pieces of things. Got 10 bullets, some camp lead including a large piece of camp lead with a bullet melted onto it, a piece of a canteen spout, a pewter spoon handle, some rivets, arrowhead flakes, the nub off a civil war knapsack hook, a rifle sling hook, a very nice Union Eagle General Service button, and an awesome wax seal carved from a bullet. The wax seal has a design and wordage encircling it: "E.I.DU" are the only legible letters I can read, the rest are unfortunately covered up by extra lead being crimped over them. Check out what @civil_war_unearthed found, he killed me today! #metaldetecting.

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