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Isaac Loh  Eating a lot at this very moment

Finally back home, finally officially on summer break and finally having the time to reflect on my journey. Looking back in this one year, I'm thinking to myself "honestly how did I get so lucky ".All I can say is God really knows how to show me His love through other people . Thank God for all these precious people in my life . They have been such a blessing to me. Here's to the amazing people in my life. <3 #blessed

第一次當舞監,犯了許多失誤,對不起大家也感謝大家對於我的包容和體諒。 演出雖然有許多不足,但是這次製作合作的很愉快。我知道我們以後一定會更好,大家一起努力吧! 大家真的真的是辛苦了!!!!! #bonding劇團 #五種沉默 #5kindsofsilence

"Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art . 愛你心中的藝術,而不是藝術中的你 。" - Konstantin Stanislavski 史坦尼斯拉夫斯基-

那我心中的藝術是什麼?Well I have 3 more years to figure that out. #時間都去哪兒了

導二呈現沒辦法讓觀眾觀賞的好影片之一。 @arjay1020_mob

Short getaway done. So much of love from everyone back at home. Really realised how blessed I am. Reenergised to work now. Back to the grind. #finalshereIcome

When did my eyes get so small ?! Adidas sponsor me pls !!! #ootd #tribalkindaday

今天一大早還沒做完夢就起床了,曬了大半天的太陽,啊然後就奪走了400m×4冠軍。真的是太開心了啦!!!!!! 這一切還是要歸功於我最carry的團隊們。然後關於啦啦隊第一名這件事,我覺得我們戲劇系人這麼少還能這麼吵,我真是的是選對系了。#sportsday #ntuadrama #wethebombs

Happy birthday Carmen Choong !!!! Here's to the girl who thought I was handsome before I lost weight :) hahahah ( I will always remember this ;) ). I just realise we don't have nice pictures together :( Why !? It's amazing how you've become one of my best friends and partner. Thanks for all the support you've given me. See you soon <3 and hope you had a good day. God bless.

Here's to the strongest woman I know. Thanks for bringing up this little boy into the man he is now( self proclaim). Thank you for putting up with all the hardships and struggles of the family. Thank you for providing me love when nobody did. Thank you for thinking I'm the world's most handsome when I felt I was the world's worst. But most importantly thank you for being my mother. Happy Mothers day :) I'll be in your arms soon. #blessed

大選贏了,面也順利賣完了, 現在只剩明天的考試, HELP ME LORD !!!!!!!! #inibenarnyakalilah

From the day we got you I dreaded for this day to come, but when the news came to me today it wasn't as painful as I thought it'll be. I knew you were suffering for weeks now so I'm happy that you were finally release from it. I don't regret giving you my love because I knew what I gave to you these ten years were return to me ten times if not hundred times fold. Thank You Bao Kah for all the love you've given to me throughout these years . Thank you for waiting for me to come back before giving in to the cancer, thank you for giving me one last parting before going.Thank you Jesus for showing your love through this creation of yours, thank you too for giving us good ten years of this bundle of joy. My only regret is not being able to be there with you in your final moments. I love you Bao Kah, always and forever and I promise to spread the love you've shown me to others. Rest in peace. I'll see you when I see you.

時間過得如此的快,我回家也已經一個星期了。這幾天過年時,都會想起2/7當天與貝亞德家族一起享用的晚餐。沒錯評審是說我們還有進步的空間,但對我來說那天的晚餐是完美的。謝謝Emma 給了我這次的機會,也謝謝最carry 的partner @wenjou_0202 陪了我走這段路。真的覺得我很幸福, 愛你們。希望在百年內每個人能享用個像我們這樣美好的一餐。 好期待再次跟貝家吃個團圓飯。 #漫長的聖誕晚餐 #貝亞德家族 #alongchristmasdinner #bayardfamily #blessed

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