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✖️BaNdS✖️  Lovely, have a lovely day⛅️ Stay strong beautiful(s)☟ >^3^>


Lemon gee gives me lifeeeee 😋

Hiiiiii so we're gonna be starting a new theme but with like loads of bands and stuff so we're probably gonna be posting: 5sos, green day, my chemical romance, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil (possibly), Dan and Phil, all time low, the killers, nirvana, I think that's all 😂😂

I'm scare of robotic voices so I just went to check but I can't I'm to scare but I wanna find out the message 😭😭

Does anyone else love MCR?

I know I shouldn't be getting myself worked up over this, but I can't help it. At rowyso in Cardiff on Sunday, I was having like the best time ever, everything was perfect. But after the show I ran it to a bunch of popular girls at my school and I felt to awkward to not say anything so I asked the nicest one of them how things went but I could see the other 3 giving me dirty looks. I know it was the way I dressed and looked, They were looking at me like I'd idk like I just killed a puppy or something. I usually never wear makeup but I wore a Tiny tiny bit because I've got sunburn on my face and cmon it a concert. Just Because I don't wear 3 tons of make up and tight shits which my boobs almost burst through doesn't mean I'm abnormal. + they stuck on Instagram that they ' only knew 1 song ' . They played 19 fudging songs. I know I'm being pathetic but I hate when people judge other people 💔💔

Sunday, 7th of June 😍❤️😭 best day of my life 😭😍💔

Ahmagad help meeeeh😆😆😆😆

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