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Irving Lambert 🇭🇹🦖🌹  God 1st PA ✈️MI ✈️ LA Facebook: Irving Lambert Business: 10/8/2018- y’all due date (Rise Of Irving 2- 0/10)‼️ #WOLFGRAPHIC 🐺

Idk how to act on a carpet event, keep me away from the public 😂😂😂😂😂😂 (Thank you @thetonyv inviting us)

You can be anything of you put your mind into it ✊🏾‼️🔥

When the crew links up (Caption this 😂😂)
@calebcity_ @alphaxalfa @kingvader @iminikon @lenarr___

Who’s your favorite Smash Bros Character my favorite is Roy
(Ganon X Link X Samus Zero X Zelda X Captain Falcon X little Mac)

I want all the smoke , @meekmill to get me on a track😂 ... •
(Comment down below who you think I’m addressing to👀)
(check out all 3 @wolfgraphic.ent cypher link in bio)

Motivation @nike ✊🏾✊🏾🔥🔥#nike (edit: @itsandrewz )

When the drugs kick in •
(cc: @contentcreation1 )•
(10 videos coming soon October 8th,2018. Rise of irving 2)

Lost 45lbs in a year, wanna know the secret to this diet plan ?👀 it’s called Poverty, I eat sleep with side of deep breaths ❤️👏🏽! DM me and we can start your poverty diet meal plan !
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What episode was this onFairly OddParents ?
(Rise of Irving 2! 10 videos October 2018‼️‼️‼️)
(W/ @timothypumarejo @diced_pineapplesss @poetic_j @trealvizualz @yungjalapeno_ )
(VFX: @timothypumarejo )
(🎥: @yosh.04 )

The Grind is not easy, you know how many times you get a “No” before you get a “yes”? Dope things are coming! Thank y’all for rocking with me (Btw 10 videos of Rise of irving2 is on its way October 2018)

Officially joined @wolfgraphic.ent 👏🏽🐺🔥‼️