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@bellathorne “PUSSY MINE” @ffrecords

@therealnoreaga Album Coming Soon. 5E

@bellathorne and @dani_thorne Filthy Fangs Chains!! Filthy Fangs is the Motherfuckin Gang!! @ffrecords

THANK YOU GOD!! I always have been different. Anyone who is close to me will attest to that. And as I get older. I know it’s all GODS PLAN!! Everything that is happening in my life. Everything is GOD! And when you truly believe in that. Everyday becomes GREAT. There is no BAD days. Cause even those are happening for a REASON. Hahah. I’m not going Crazy!! My ability to see and understand shit is on a whole other level. GOD has really put some energy into HIS soldier. My Best Work has yet to come. THANK YOU GOD!! #godssoldier #godsplan

Congrats to my Nigga Freddy V!! My nigga about to get married. We celebrate tonight!!!

Haha. So many relationship questions I got. And just woke up too. Yess I am completely single. With nobody at all. Yesss. I would get married again. But only if it’s the right woman. And by right I guess I’m looking for a lot. Lol. Bad Sexy Motherfucker. That keeps me looking at her and wanting her. When she is done up. Or when she is sleeping and just waking up. And has to be a cool person. And understanding of what I am doing and getting this money. And if she is that. She gets the world and will spoil the fuck outta her whether she wants it or not. And she must be a RIDER. In good times. But more importantly in bad times. Although. I had enough bad times in my life. I think the rest of it is gonna be all great times. And last. A freaky bitch who loves to FUCK!! Hahah. YESSS I want more kids. A lil girl. But whatever GOD gives me. Is always GREAT. Hope that answered all of your questions. Haha. I couldn’t believe y’all are that interested in that shit. Lol. I had fun answering some of the questions. Will do it again when I have more free time.

From Left to Right. J Prince. Chris Gotti. Supreme. Irv Gotti. Everyone and go out and support J Prince’s New Boom RESPECT. What everyone may not know if J Prince has been our Brother for a very long time. I love seeing him out here getting the respect and love he deserves while promoting his book. I always loved this pic. Was good times. In Vegas. We all was running around together. Having a ball. Living life. My Brothers. #jprince #respect #inbookstoresnow #freesupreme #goodfellas

Filthy Fangs is the Motherfucking GANG! Remember I told you this!! #filthyfangrecords #bellathorne #modsun #danithorne #tana #jimmy #chxpo #visionaryideas AND THESE FILTHY FANGS LOGO MEDALLIONS WAS FLAWLESSLY DONE BY MY GUY @alextodd IF YOU WANT THAT REAL SHIT. AND DONE WITH AMAZING TASTE. HOLLA AT MY MAN.

When I was Top Dawg Productions!! 1993 Shit!! NY SHIT. QUEENS SHIT!! THAT HUNGER!! #qgtm

Ahh Man. 2019. Do Me and @ruleyorkcity have something for all our loyal Murder Inc Fans. Do y’all realize we never did a MURDER INC TOUR. Like everyone performed in Arenas all day. With Radio Shows. But never did Murder Inc Tour on there own. I got something for my young audience too. Never forget y’all. Me and Rule leaving my guy Omar. And also shout out to my man Michael Rapino. Both at @livenation JUNE 1, 2019. All My Murderers!! Save the Date. The anarchy will begin. Oh. We putting it together. Excited!! #murderinc #20yearanniversary #worldwidetour #murderinctvseries #murderincdocumentary #coming2019

Everyone can say whatever they want about Lebron on the court. His comparisons to the GOAT Michael Jordan. How many rings? How many championship loses? There is lots of things that’s up for discussion. BUT WHAT IS NOT UP FOR DISCUSSION. Is the things he does off the court. His giving back to his community. His standing up for the right things in the world. And the most shining thing. His beautiful FAMILY. Him being a great FATHER and HUSBAND to his Wife and Kids. And let’s not forget PUTTING ON AND EMPOWERING HIS PEOPLE AND CLOSE FRIENDS TO WHERE NOW THEY ARE IN POWER AND DOING AMAZING THINGS. WHOA!! These things cannot and should not go un noticed. Media needs to scream these things also about Lebron. Cause in these things that I’m talking about. HE IS THE GOAT! Let’s think about it. Name another athlete on Lebrons level. That is more of a positive role model than Lebron. I’ll Wait...... SO WHETHER YOU LOVE OR HATE HIM ON THE COURT. DO NOT LET THAT BLIND YOU ON WHAT A GREAT HUMAN BEING LEBRON JAMES IS. @kingjames I Salute You Man!!! And may God continue to Bless You. As you are for sure one of GODS SOLDIERS!! I see that. Cause I too am GODS SOLDIER!! Lol. Love!!

@modsun Smile Machine Tour!! Filthy Fangs is the Gang!!

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