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Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo  VISIONARY IDEAS FOUNDER and MURDER INC RECORDS FOUNDER Snapchat is Irvgotti2626


MURDER INC TV SERIES SHIT. Can I Live!! This Jay Z song is a lot of people’s favorite Jay Z song. With the series. You can see how this song came about. What was we thinking. How I came up with the track. Why I thought it was a perfect fit for Jay and Rocafella at that time. It’s gonna be a special TV Series. Trust me. #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas.

A peek at some exclusive interview that I did for Tidal with my guy @_same_o_gee I talk about the 1st Season Of Tales. My mindset. Every episode. This lil clip is about my hunger. It will be on @tidal in like a week. It’s pretty real insight on a lot of things. Anyone who is trying to learn should watch. #tales #wrapupinterview #exclusiveontidal

Happy Anniversay to my Mom and Dad. 60 Years Of Marriage. Raised 8 Kids. And a ton of Grandchildren. My Inspiration. The reason why I go so hard. Facts. I wish I was in NY to celebrate with them. But this is part of the price I have to pay to do the things I am able to do for them. Love isn’t a strong enough word for what I have with my Nee Nee and Poppi!! #happyanniversary

Me and Lyor. Always plotting on the world. Nothing has changed.

Spent some time with my nigga @nipseyhussle this weekend. Went to his show. And chilled with him at his party. Guy is definitely a STAR!! A Street Nigga Star too. We gonna work soon. Don’t be surprised when you see my nigga in a TALES episode. Ahaha. Love!!

I’m posting this video. Cause I want everyone to see it. If they haven’t already. Why?? ITS THE HARDEST MOST GANGSTER VIDEO I EVER SEEN! My nigga @champagnepapi gave away 1 Million Dollars. Blessing others and putting smiles on faces that needed help. When I 1st watched it. I was so blown away. I immediately thought of THUG LOVIN video. Cause me and @ruleyorkcity spent 1.1 Million on that video. But shit man. I wish we would have given that Million Dollars Away to the people who really needed it. So everyone. Please watch the Hardest and Most Gangster Video to the dopest song. GODS PLAN!! Me being one of GODS SOLDIERS. I easily recognize others that is aligned with GOD!! My nigga Drizzy. You deserve all the success that has come your way and is gonna continue to come your way. GODS PLAN!!

Me and my guy @elliottwilson last night at @nipseyhussle show. Always love seeing my Queens Brother. #qgtm

When @champagnepapi makes the perfect song to what’s going on in your life. BAD THING. THERE’S A LOT OF BAD THINGS THAT THEY WISHING AND WISHING AND WISHING AND WISHING THEY WISHING ON ME!!!! But Fuck Em!! Cause it’s GODS PLAN!! And you cannot stop GODS PLAN. Not even a lil bit you bitch ass niggas!!! I’m telling you. Niggas is scared of me rising like this. GOOD!! Be more afraid!! I’m coming!! GODS PLAN!! It’s on repeat @champagnepapi my nigga. #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas @visionaryideas

Working on some incredibly Funny Shit. That my brother @brodyjenner put me on too. With Adam and Ocean. Stay Tuned. #visionaryideas

Me and my sons and nephew. They wanted me to cop. They gonna drive it more than me. Lol. Honestly tho. Love seeing them happy. That’s Gangsta. Them smiling. What should I call this bitch?? Give me some dope names. #lorenzomen Go cop from @elithebenzguy

We sold the 7 Series BMW. My son @mxv_sonny car. We need a new 4 Door in LA. What y’all think about the Maybach. It’s weird cause I had a Maybach before. Never drove it. Couldn’t tell you what the front seat looked like. I had 62 with the Partition Wall. Which was the big boy made for a driver to drive you. These Maybach is made to drive. Kinda weird. Would get it for me and my sons LA car. #maybach #lorenzomen

Me studying a shot Hype Williams was doing on Ludacris Video. I learned so much from Hype. As far as Directing. Hype is by far the most brilliant director with Hip Hop Cultured things. And it’s crazy. I have known Hype since we was like 15. Grew up in Jamaica Queens. Him from Linden. Me from Hollis/Shadyville. We used to sit in front of his house and dream about doing what we did. Him becoming an iconic Video Director. Me doing legendary shit with music. It’s crazy. #salute #hypewilliams

#Repost @jprincerespect with @get_repost
Most people don’t like to hear the truth raw and uncut just like they don't like to take medicine that doesn't taste good, it's not good to you but it’s good for you.
Everyone doesn't have the gift to speak to the heart of hardcore street guys and it be respected. But this man has this gift. So ask yourself, why is it that the powers that be want to act like Larry Hoover who has this ability is dead and doesn't matter. Larry Hoover is alive! He has been in maximum isolation since 1997 at the ADX MAX in Florence, Colorado “The Alcatraz of the Rockies” where Warden Stancil is the current warden. But J. Oliver & Charles Daniels were his predecessors. -
They have been breaking their own laws by having a Caucasian person who doesn’t understand our culture or lingo in the position of power to listen to every phone call and every visitation falsely reporting and flagging words as gangster codes just to further punish and isolate Larry Hoover from simply communicating with his family. -
To the youth and the day 1’s that’s not afraid to take a stand, share / repost this video with as many people as possible so they can all hear Larry Hoover’s message.

MURDER INC TV SHIT!! Early Days with Hov. One of my favorite Records. Reminds me of my nigga Preme. We used to listen to this record all day. This is also the famous line. Gotti Consult Irv Gotti y’all “Heads Gotta Roll” Joint. We was all so hungry. And so talented. The Takeover was inevitable. Watch it all unfold with the TV series. #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas

@theroc96 posted this. Some rare footage of Jay rocking. Me DJ’ing. @duskopoppington on stage hyping shit up. Early Rocafella Days. Not gonna lie. We used to tear shit the fuck down. Lol. All part of my story. Murder Inc TV Series. Gonna be something to see. #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas

MURDER INC TV SERIES SHIT. There is so much history involving this song. So many things happened because of this song. Both great and bad. You will see it all. With the Series. You will be glued. #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas Executive Producers @irvgotti187 and @ruleyorkcity

MURDER INC TV SERIES SHIT. @djclue 1st Album. Y’all will see what role I played in that Album. In getting it with Rocafella. It went PLATINUM TOO!! And then doing this MURDER INC record with Jay and Ja. One of my favorites “Gangsta Shit” #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas

MURDER INC TV SERIES SHIT. So much footage my man @_same_o_gee recorded. That will be used in the Series. Along with actors and actresses playing all of us. I will put in real footage. At certain times. That will make the series even more real. There will be no series about the culture that will be as dope as this. I guarantee it. More real. More entertaining. More educational. I’m leaving nothing out. #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas Executive Producers @irvgotti187 and @ruleyorkcity

Been posting us losing. Here is a pic. Of what it looks when you win back all that you lost in the Super Bowl. And some. On the Warriors Baby!!! Hahah. I got even. And I quit. These 2 are up 125 Dollars. Feeling like they won a Million. Hahah. FACTS!! Hahah. #familythatbetstogetherstaystogether #lorenzomen

WOODSTOCK 99. Come on. Me and my niggas OWNED THE FUCKING WORLD!! See how we came from nothing to this. With the MURDER INC TV SERIES. #Murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas

When your youngest Son @mxv_jayy has picked up the families degenerate ways. Years of him watching his dad. And his uncle @chrisgotti187 and his Grandfather Poppi. Ship it in and then sweat the games. He went with @traeyoung and Oklahoma -5.5. Let’s hope he wins. He stressing like he got 100K on the game. Hahah. #lorenzomen #degenerates #familythatbetstogetherstaystogether

MURDER INC TV SERIES SHIT. Another Classic Murder Inc record. With my Nigga BJ providing a classic skit. We was talking about coming from nothing and embracing the grind. And my nigga said “I wouldn’t even wanna be white. I’m glad I’m Black. I like it hard my nigga (SUPER PAUSE) I’m built for the STRUGGLE my nigga.” That was our vibe and energy around that time. Nothing was gonna stop us. Whatever Game our way. We was gonna deal with that shit and keep on rising. Such a crazy time. This was after Murdergram. Where X shined the hardest to me. So on this next one. I think Hov went extra harder. And delivered that 24 Bar Verse. Not a normal 16. Him and @ruleyorkcity shined the most on this one. And this is also around the time I tried to convince them to do the Group Album. Which was gonna be a conceptual STREET album. With the TV Series. You will see exactly my thoughts. And what I was planning. And most of all. Why it didn’t happen. ICONIC IMMORTAL SHIT FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas executive produced by @irvgotti187 and @ruleyorkcity

Buttered Garlic Shrimp with Linguini and Peppers and Onions. Chef Gotti!!! Lol

MURDER INC TV SERIES SHIT. You will see what I was thinking when this record was made. I always felt different. Because of the fact these 3 Monsters was all my brothers. That I knew way before we got on. And I always felt that they would do exactly what they did. Like they was all ill to me. With the TV Series. I’m gonna show everything that I was thinking and how I wanted it to all come together. Where we controlled the industry. The streets. Everything. And you will see exactly why it didn’t happen. #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #allcomingsoon #visionaryideas

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