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This season is coming out so fucking crazy. The Ideas is coming to life. I haven’t posted like last year. Because I want y’all to experience it without knowing a lot of what I did and who I used. But please believe. This season is gonna blow everyon/ minds away. #tales #hiphopculturedtv #visionaryideas

You Jump I Jump!! Fucking Gangster!! #titanic #lovestories

This type of shit is one of the things I asked GOD to bless me with. I’m a different nigga from who I was in the past. Nothing gets to me or bothers me. This is something everyone needs to understand. I’m a fucking MONSTER now. Focused on the KILL. Nothing and I mean nothing can get me off this focus. I’m coming motherfuckers for everything they took from me. I want everything. And more. When I am done. The name Irving Domingo Lorenzo will be IMMORTALIZED!! Nee Nee and Poppi’s Son!! Watch my work!! #tales #movies #music #visionaryideas

Hey. Everyone check out my girl @com3tmusic video for METAMORPHOSIS Dope Shit @dani_thorne FILTHY FANGS IS THE GANG!! #filthyfangsrecords

18 years ago. The Murder Inc Sound was created with this Album. And in my opinion. It’s my finest work. And my favorite Album I ever was apart of. You have to understand. I was apart of Rocafella and Jay Z. And Ruff Ryders and DMX. And those 2 was on top of the game. And here I am with my own Label Murder Inc With Ja. I couldn’t out cool Jay Z. And I couldn’t put Street DMX. Both styles Ja could easily do and be great at also. So me and Rule went in a new direction. And I have to credit my production partner @lilrizzy as well. For helping deliver with us. THE MURDER INC SOUND. Listen to this album from start to finish. It’s a masterpiece!!!! RULE 3:36. He Who Believe In Ja. Will Have Everlasting Love. He Who Does Not. Will Not See Life. But The Wrath of My Vengeance. Needless to say. We was on some bullshit. And wanted to be on top of the world. AND WE DID IT RULE. WE FUCKING DID IT!! #murda4life

I am gonna try this out. See how it works out for me. Lol. It’s a Dope Concept!! Good Energy brings forth more Good Energy.

Everyone wish my @bellathorne a Happy 21st Birthday!! Love you Bella.

In a world filled with Distractions. Coming from every angle. You need to have a different kind of focus to achieve what you are trying to do. So I Thank God for blessing me with that focus to do what I have to do. #thankyougod

My @bellathorne has another movie out now. Looks amazing. Everyone go check it out. #bellathorne #filthyfangsrecords #visionaryideas

My youngest is fresh outta high school. Producer on Tales. And actually is working. Grinding with me and @mxv_sonny. I’m telling you. There is nothing better in the world than helping your sons and seeing them enjoy what they doing. And making real money. I’m a happy Father. #tales #season2 #hiphopculturedtv #visionaryideas

#mood Wait Til The Get A Load Of Me!!

Everyone watch one of my favorite artist right now. Filthy Fangs Own @modsun I don’t even know how to describe him as an artist cause he embodies so many different forms of music. From Hip Hop to Pop and he is a fucking ROCK STAR. BURNING UP is easily one of my favorite records. Like I listen to it over and over. Watch the video. And tell me what y’all think. I know it’s amazing. But I do like to hear what others think. This guy is a SUPERSTAR. Watch. FILTHY FANGS IS THE MOTHERFUCKING GANG! You heard it hear 1st. Oh. And video Directed by my Girl @bellathorne #modsun #burningup #bellathorne #filthyfangsrecords AND CATCH MODSUN OUT ON TOUR NOW. FOLLOW HIM TO KNOW WHERE HE IS ON TOUR PERFORMING. TRUST ME. THATS ANOTHER EXPERIENCE.

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