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Anthony Sharp  Anthony Sharp/25/Tomorrow King/Vancouver island,A By-Product of a lifetime of sci-fi movies,novels,and comics I'm an artist or something.

Went walking around Seattle last night looking for food,surprisingly enough there's not a ton open after ten thirty on a Sunday night.

Photo of Alistair watching the snow fall the other day.

Another snowy day in Victoria, it Feels like spring is never going to come.

I finally picked up my new to me Contax TVS point and shoot, had it sitting on hold at @cameratraders for about a month. It's going to be my new daily camera that I'll use to take pictures of my family, my kid and take out on outings to concerts or parties etc. Pretty excited about it! 📸

Evening walk with the little moose.

Sleepless nights have me thinking about the summer and the nice weather,dreaming about finding rad spots to ride with friends. Since my injury a few years ago,it's really muted my ability to ride BMX I used to be quite good and it consumed my life,now I'm rusty and my bones are achy but I'm still really passionate about the sport, and im just happy putting around with buddies and reminiscing about when our body's weren't so broken hahaha.

"It is said that the night brings counsel, but it is not said that the counsel is necessarily good."

Giving a big fuck you to 2016, it's been a tough year,lots of people were pushed to their limits and patience has definitely been tested. So happy fucking whatever. Instax photo stolen from @chasemandude

A very sad day for Star Wars and science fiction fans alike, Carrie Fisher was a bad ass feminist and a massive inspiration for millions of young girls around the world and one of the most influential women in science fiction. The world is a little less bright today. Rest in peace. And thank you.

Always good when you get reunited with old friends! Great seeing @chickachickachicoine and @laurelcharity the other day!

He's starting to get the hang of it! if you hand him the camera and say click he'll hold it up to his face and look through the view finder.

A few weeks ago I traded away my trusty but unused 40d in exchange for this Canon F1, a camera I've wanted since I was about thirteen or fourteen years old, I've been fairly invested in the canon FD lenses as the AE-1 was my first 'real& #39; film camera,and since then I upgraded to the AE-1p and A-1 and always hoped I'd own one of these. As of now this is my primary SLR camera and I'm looking forward to all the years of service and adventures we are going to go on. F1 down and scratched off the camera bucket list Leica M6 and Hasselblad xpan I'm coming for you.

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