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Meggan  Saint Louis. Powerlifting, hairwhipping & eating an excessive amount of food across the United States.


ME upper 215 and 225x1 with the red shoulder saver (1-ish board). Awesome having @ant_toe and @julialadewski out today... got some great tips and learned a few things. Great success. @burger.bunz @tankstrainingfacility @underthebar @livelargefitness #powerlifting #bench #maxeffort #conjugate

DE lower worked up to 225 for triples before speed deads. Most I’ve messed around with since summer, and I’ve only squatted maybe 4 times, in total. Nice to get this going and still feeling like I know what I’m doing (kind of). Surgery still isn’t out of the question and I’ve got a long way to go, butt fuck it. @livelargefitness #conjugate #dynamiceffort #powerlifting #squat

Ol’ crazy eyes. Did these after some cambered bar benching. 195x2 and 210x2. K happy holidaze. #benchpress #bench #powerlifting #livelarge #conjugate

“Guys, do a funny one!”
Everyone else ::flexes::
Me ::puts @burger.bunz in a sleeper hold:: Why am I like this?
#wcw my team 😍

ME Upper 165 plus quaded micros. Miss at 170. I am all that is posterior chain cramps. @livelargefitness #conjugate #benchpress #maxeffort #powerlifting



First day back in the shirt and it’s about as frustrating, painful and awesome as I remember 😅 Just getting the feel of the shirt and that weight back in my hands. @burger.bunz put on her first multiply shirt tonight too 😍

ME Upper 210 and 215 to a 1 board. Not mad at it. Not mad at that new @livelargefitness shirt either. #livelarge #conjugate #maxeffort #bench #benchpress #powerlifting #brisket

Baby steps for a modified DE lower. 8x2 at 185 high box. First box squats since that which shall not be named. Noticed that I’m a little timid about explosivity- didn’t feel like it during, so that’s a mental note for next time 🧐 #livelarge #conjugate #dynamiceffort #squats #powerlifting #whoneedsanacl

I just love you so much. Thank you for being the amazing, beautiful friend and human that you are ✨🖤

ME Upper was interesting. Tied my best at 235 with reverse monster minis, but this one was a lot smoother and faster than before. Got 245 about halfway up 🙄 Then dead press 6RM- 185, then went 195 for 5 before I started to see stars? 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ @livelargefitness @tankstrainingfacility #conjugate #conjugatenation #benchpress #bench #powerlifting #hypotensionproblems

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