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Meggan  Saint Louis. Powerlifting, hairwhipping & eating an excessive amount of food across the United States.

Buffalo bar floor press 170+a bunch of chainz. Probably a million pounds at the top.

6x2 to a foam box @215+60 something chain. Feels good, mang.

Here’s another tale of the friggin’ deranged. Added ten pounds to the camber 5x5. Last set. Almost fell after, but I think I played it off pretty well😎

Worked up to a quick little 225 with the @elitefts red shoulder saver today. Coulda pulled it in a little more (that’s what she said?). Bench is coming back. Have a blessed day.

Live Large, always. New stuff dropped today, so head on over and check it out @livelargefitness @livelargefitness @livelargefitness 🖤
I think this is the heaviest I’ve gone for a dynamic lower squat, since injury. So, that’s exciting for me. This is the last set in a 6x2 at 205 + 60 something in chain. Followed with some less successful “speed” pulls. A couple sets at 205, 215 and 225 against minis before we shut down. Featuring a very unimpressed @simpson_54

First and last sets with to start the camber bar wave. 5x5 @ 225. Things are going to be okay. @livelargefitness @seth_albersworth

Lone wolf last night. If you want to learn patience and the importance of positioning, do some block pulls at your sticking point with a stiff bar. Woof. 355x1 after a miss. Before that, buffalo bar foam box squat, 8x2 at 190 + 60 something in chain. @livelargefitness @seth_albersworth

Stiff bar 335x3 from deathmats. 8x2 last set 175+chain foam box squats. Life has been mad hectic lately, but I’m livin’, man. L-i-v-i-n. @livelargefitness

Kill me.

Lose 20 pounds and there’s and adjustment period in training- who knew? 🙄 Board work: 205x3, 215x2, a slippery amrap at 185. My back didn’t show up to the party today. Patience is not one of my strengths, but I’m working on it. Okay, bye. @livelargefitness @seth_albersworth #moistpowerlifters

It’s hot like the dickens in here. Last sets: 8x2 buffalo bar foam box squats 160+a trillion in chain (60 something). Stiff bar block pulls from death height at 305.

It’s this psychopath’s birthday. @seth_albersworth and I met some years ago at GPC worlds, when we were both trying not to die; He’s legitimately been one of the best friends I’ve ever had since shortly thereafter, and he lives in another fuckin’ country, eh? He’s gotten smaller in size and hair, since we’ve met, but grown, as a person, tremendously. You’re an idiot and I love ya. Thanks for always having my back.

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