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Living Our Vision Everyday  Passionate & Enigmatic. Personal account @mr.cozyboi

I’m alive. I’m aware. I’m living.
03/06/1994. Quick Maths.

Mom:”Did you eat?”
**Yes I ate. “What you eat?”
*nothing crazy I ate at the house. “WHAT YOU EAT FRANK?!”
**If you want to know so bad go in the kitchen and find what’s missing. “Wow Frank why are you so mysterious?”
**Dies 😂💀** ....idk. .

Haven’t shot in 2 months been dancing to fill the void. New work coming soon. Birthday on the 6th. Gonna be 24. feels good being Large & In charge. You gotta switch it up on these boys and girls. Keep it playa and keep striving I believe in you.

I remember watching Game 2 of the 2016 World Series with my Pops. We watched the Cubs beat the shit out of the Indians. I remember I got so live I bought a plane ticket to Chicago and didn’t have a place to crash. I remember thinking “ the cubs are gonna win this shit in 5 and I’ll be in the city when they do.” I remember getting on the plane and everybody was cubbed out. I remember the pilot updating us on the score as we were flying. I remember surprising my family and kicking it with my cousins. I remember taking the train from Pulaski to wriggly field. I remember Walking EVERYWHERE. I remember the wind was so strong it was moving my Tripod and fucking up my shot. I wasn’t leaving until I got my shot. I probably played homecoming by Kanye like 20 times straight. I caught a vibe. I was home and history was happening. I have this picture framed and every time I look it at I think “ that’s the coolest shit I’ve ever done.” #flythew

Fort Worth, Flexus

You want to make me feel comfortable? Then do something that you think would make me feel uncomfortable. I bet you’ll be yourself then.

You see, if you ever wanted to ever be anything
There'd always be somebody that shoot down any dream
There'll always be haters, that's the way it is
Hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids

2017 was my most productive year. Join the vibe or watch. 2018 I’m coming for you.
Ps in 2018 stop calling me bad bunny and stop asking me what music I listen to 🤣. I try telling people I listen to a lot but that’s an understatement. 56 GENERES Fam. Step yo game up! ❤️👨🏻‍💻📷🔉🔁

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