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the bling bride and her golden girls.
thanks for the snap, @jocelynteh!

oh, happy day.
what a lovely honour and privilege to have shared this day with you, @wantheng. had no idea putting on your veil for you would've been so emotional and was almost in tears saying that you looked beautiful even when your back was facing me.
you, my friend are one of a kind. don't think i have met a bride on the day of the wedding who would be drinking soup in the bathroom while getting her hair done and still trying to write her vows hours before the ceremony! but this truly makes you, you!
so happy you guys have found each other, here's to a new chapter in your lives! and @terence_ong, i look forward to the lifetime of great meals you have promised me. 😉
📸 by @thebrightbutton.

just when you think you've seen all doors,
you fall in love with this one.

high kicks for pretty spaces.

pretty much unintentionally self prescribed a daily dose of vino or cerveza... when in spain...!

my favourite shopping nook on calle pérez galdós / ortiz de zúñiga! if only delimbo and le voila were open, that would've been icing on the cake! perhaps when i visit the next time, seville!!



if i had a home in sevilla, it'd be here...

lore skipping along at metropol parasol.



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