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@oldtownyogaclovis is hosting a blood drive! Mark your calendars SEPTEMBER 8th 9am-1pm!! DM me to register to donate or sign up next time you're at the studio. Every donor will be entered in a raffle to win 1 month of unlimited yoga! #rollupyoursleeves #donateblood #clovisyogisunite

When your friends love your dogs too...#thebest #gingerstattsanddogs

My 3 #pothos cutting from @foliageclovis graduated from the sweet little incubator on the left to the planter on right and has grown 2 more leaves! Yay!! #greenthumb

Can you relate?! Catch me @oldtownyogaclovis tomorrow morning 8am level 1 and Sunday 9:30am level 1 and 11 am level 2! Be there or be square! #clovisyogisunite #vinyasaflow #FresnoYoga #yogaeverydamnday

Let's tackle Monday together!!! 🕉️ If you missed me at #yogasculpt and #level2 @oldtownyogaclovis this're in luck - you can catch me this evening! 5:45pm #level2 or 7:30pm #beginner Community Class - that means $5 drop in y'all! Or join me on the mat for @hearts_and_farts #level1 flow at 4:15pm #vinyasaflow #monday #clovisyogisunite

"Within us is a secret longing to remember the light, to step out of time in this dancing world. It's where we began and where we return" -jack kornfield #clovisyogisunite #vinyasa #yoga

#powerful - So fucking powerful.
Thank you @hannah_gadsby for speaking your truth and changing the conversation. #changetheconversation #netflix #nanette #pride🌈 #woman

@desi__rose thanks for the help - this one is for you 🕉️ #pinchamayurasana #yoga #clovisyogisunite #vinyasa #forearmstand #BAMF #hbic

I love this post from @badassvegan
- thank you for sharing!! Regrann from @badassvegan - MIDNITE MOTIV8ION:

Stop being so hard on yourself... the world will (try to) judge enough as it is. Learn to accept that you are not the only one with weaknesses and that your weakness doesn’t make you weak it just means you have other strengths. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your weaknesses but you should never allow them to limit you. -
You see when you focus on your strengths and use them to the best of your abilities then you in turn improve your weaknesses as well... but when all you do is focus on your weaknesses you don’t improve your strengths and they in turn become weak as well. -
The thing is advertisers, marketers, social media, (some) family and friends will make you focus so hard on your weaknesses that you sometimes can forget that you even have strengths. Don’t let this happen! -
And become in love with yourself again... just because you love yourself doesn’t mean you don’t love others, it just Means that you understand that it’s impossible to spread love if you hate yourself. And when you love yourself, you don’t beat yourself up, you boost yourself up and those around you.
Shout out to my bro @garyvee for this one - #regrann

Grateful for this practice. Grateful for the people it brought into my life. Grateful that it brought me out of a place of darkness. I learned to love, to let go, to trust and to heal. It has changed the conversation about who I am. Yoga isn't about the pose, - it is skill in action. We explore ourselves deeply in the postures, examining the choices we have in attitude, behavior and reaction on our mat so we can apply those lessons to our challenges in life. So much gratitude to the students who share their practice with me and trust me as their guide. It is truly an honor to teach, as I learn lessons from my students every day. I witness them conquer fears, accept vulnerabilities and imperfections, find love and most importantly hold space for one another. Thank you for holding space for me. Namaste. #yoga #clovisyogisunite #oldtownyogaclovis

There are tons of chances to be a hero @oldtownyogaclovis today! Check out our ✨new classes✨ on the Monday schedule - Level 1 @ 4:15pm with @hearts_and_farts or Beginner with me @ 7:30pm!

Cheers to the all fathers in our family ♥️ thank you for all that you do, every day. We are forever grateful for you♥️

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