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Irene lioumi  Journalist/field producer at international media. Greece. Currently following with @findinghome @time 3 refugee babies & their families.

Yousef, 28 a syrian refugee,texted me this pic from germany where he and his family are currently awaiting for asylum after more than a year in greece. Baby rahaf was born in thessaloniki 9 months ago and has lived in refugee camps, remote refugee hotels and apartments all over greece. The family waits to be moved to their final destination in germany. Miss them a lot! Follow their story @findinghome.

My little angel will soon relocate to germany after 9 months of waiting in greece. Baby rahaf born in greece and spent the first months of her life at a refugee camp in thessaloniki.i ll miss you sweetheart!!! It was the most challenging project in my career to follow (with time magazine) 3 refugee babies and their families all over greece.Follow rahaf s story to learn more about her futute @findinghome.

Its allways a pleasure to visit Nour- a syrian refugee from Deir-ez-zor. We ve been following her since september 2016, but after living more than a year in camps, in hotels -now in an appartment-she and her family are still here in thessaloniki-greece waiting for their relocation to europe. follow nour s story @findinghome. photo by yousef (nour s husband).

The first time we met ilham, she was invited us for lunch. Back then, on september 2016, ilham was pregnant with her fifth son and she was living in oreokastro refugee camp. Finally ilham her husband minhel and her 5 kids were moved to an apartment in, she cooked for us mahashee and taught us but mostly @francescatrianni that the stuffed zucchini are easier to prepare than we think.follow ilham s story @findinghome

My son s first love! He has a good taste in women hasn't he? Nour a syrian refugee from deir-ez-or, lives in an appartment at thessaloniki with her 8 months daughter rahaf and her husband yousef.Follow nour s story @findinghome @time

Yousef holds his baby daughter rahaf, born on november here in greece. Now she s a happy and healthy 8 months adorable refugee baby. Here with my son panagiotis at their studio apartment in thessaloniki. Yousef cant stop thinking about rahaf s future as he is waiting (more than a year) in greece hopping for a new life somewhere in europe soon. Follow rahaf s story @findinghome

Side dishes for falafel!nour, yousef s wife was responsible for the amazing food styling! Yousef and nour, both syrian refugees from deir-ez-or are still waiting hopping to leave greece for a new home at europe soon. Follow their story @findinghome

Yousef a syrian refugee from deir-ez-or is cooking for us falafel.He s an amazing husband, father and chef! Follow his family story @findinghome

My Syrian friends just arrived in estonia after more than a year of waiting for asylum in greece. @lynseyaddario, @arynbaker and @francescatrianni flew with them too following their journey. miss them so much but missing is just a part of moving on, isn't it? @francescatrianni thank you so much for sending me this.follow taima and her family @findinghome

Faraj born in thessaloniki at 3,6kg to ilham and minhel-both syrian refugees from deir-ez-zor.after more than 4 years of waiting as refugees in turkey and in greece they were informed that lithuania had rejected their asylum application. Cover photo by @lynseyaddario

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