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Irene lioumi  Journalist/field producer at international media. Greece. Currently following with @findinghome @time 3 refugee babies & their families.

Ilham,a Syrian refugee mother of 5 boys will soon get asylum in Greece. After being granted full asylum they will receive free accommodation and cash for a limited time (6 months). Ilham knows that it's almost impossible to find a job and raise her family in Greece. Here with her 13 month old son, Faraj. Baby Faraj born in Thessaloniki while his family was living under a tent in a refugee camp. follow his story @findinghome

Repost from humanstories.gr:
#New Story of HumanStoriesgr https://goo.gl/TawxKv Η #Irene #Lioumi είναι μια ακόμη απτή απόδειξη, ότι ο #δημοσιογράφος είναι δημοσιογράφος και ότι το να περιορίζεται κάποιος σε ένα και μόνο #ρεπορτάζ, αποτελεί παγίδα. Ολοκληρώνοντας την κουβέντα μας, συμπληρώνει: «Οι φίξερς είναι παρεξηγημένοι, όμως αυτό που έχω μάθει, είναι ότι «No #fixer, no #story». H #Θεσσαλονικιά #δημοσιογράφος, που βρέθηκε μέσα στους πέντε φιναλίστ, των δημοσιογραφικών βραβείων «Kurt Schork» #Kurt #Schork #Memorial #Awards στην κατηγορία των «news fixer» για λογαριασμό του #TIME. Οι υποψηφιότητες ήταν τριάντα, από έντεκα χώρες του κόσμου και η Ειρήνη βρέθηκε στους πέντε φιναλίστ του διαγωνισμού, το οποίο κέρδισε τελικά ο #Makeen_Mustafa από το Ιράκ...#fullstory: https://goo.gl/TawxKv #kurt #time #Awards #fixer .photo by Lynsey Addario

Since September 2016 we' ve been following 3 Syrian refugee women as they prepared to give birth in Greece. Ilham, Taimaa and Nour learned of their pregnancies on the road and they never expected to deliver in a refugee camp.follow their stories @findinghome

The price of happiness is high but so are the rewards! Nour and Yousef, Syrian refugees from Deir-ez-zor wanted Rahaf's birthday to be celebrated in their new home in Germany...and then this happened! Happy birthday habibtee! - rahaf born in Greece 1 year ago.

Today its a perfect day!!! My Syrian refuggee friends Nour, Yousef and my habibtee Rahaf were finally moved into a house of their own and they begin their new life in Germany. So happy for them!! Mabrouk!!! Video by @francescatrianni. @findinghome

We met Ilham, a Syrian refugee mother of 5,when she was 8 months pregnant. Thank to the greek healthcare system, all pregnant refugee women in Greece are able to receive public healthcare and medicines as well as antenatal and obstetric care. Primary antenatal care is also provided by non-governmental organizations like Doctors of the World. DW has an open clinic in Thessaloniki which pregnant women may visit to see an obstetrician. However, women must visit public hospitals for medical tests and ultrasounds due to lack of technology in these clinics. 
In this picture we are waiting for Ilham’s ultrasound in Hippocratic General Hospital of Thessaloniki –few days before giving birth to her 5th son, baby Faraj. @findinghome @time.com/finding-home-stories/ #doctorsoftheworld

Repost from @findinghome. We can't resist: we have to share one more video from baby Faraj's 1st birthday. His mom Ilham, a Syrian refugee from Deir-ez-Zor, spent hours preparing for this special day with her five children.After months of living in an isolating building in the outskirts of Thessaloniki,Greece, Ilham is much happier now.The family moved to a new apartment downtown,closer to shops, and most importantly, her girlfriends.Here, Ilham goes for walks every day. Video by TIME's field producer @irenelioumi

Repost from @arashhampay : A five year old Syrian girl died in Moria Camp yesterday (Lesvos island, Greece). The child's parents said that she did not have cancer, contrary to the false claims of the authorities. According to this family, their child died yesterday because of the rain and cold weather.Until the autopsy is done we will not know the cause of death of the five year old Syrian girl, but conditions now in Moria dangerous for lives of thousands of refugees. #lynseyaddario #arynbaker #francescatrianni

2 migrants from pakistan end in greek hospital attacked by a far right group of 5 people. -aspropyrgos- greece.#lynseyaddario #arynbaker #francescatrianni

The first two stories in Time Magazine series about Syrian refugee babies brought me -as a fixer- among the Kurt Schork  awards finalists.http://www.trust.org/i/?id=f4f2d1ff-180c-4757-8600-6dd432e60fc8
Thanx so much to @findinghome @time @arynebaker @lynseyaddario @francescatrianni

Baby Faraj, a Syrian refugee baby, born in Greece, is taking his first steps. His family has no other choice but to apply for asylum in Greece as Lithuania rejected their relocation. Baby Faraj is one of 3 Syrian refugee babies we' ve been documenting since september 2016. Follow his story @findinghome

The 15th of september, Ilham, a Syrian refugee mother of 5 boys, had no other choice but to apply for asylum in Greece, as Lithuania rejected their family application. Greece offers them a flat, a monthly cash card and free access to public schools and hospitals...for now... By getting their asylum they have to scratch out a living. Ilham s husband, Minhel must get a job here, in Thessaloniki but there's a small chance of getting one...
Here @lynseyaddario with Ilham and her 2 sons. Baby Faraj, born on october 2nd, is one of 3 Syrian refugee babies we've been documenting over the last year.
Today he turns 1. Happy birthday little ONE!!!

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