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Irene lioumi  Media fixer/journalist/field producer at international media. Greece. Currently following with @findinghome @time 3 refugee babies & their families.

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Our Finding Home interactive project won first place in the World Press Photo festival for innovation in digital storytelling. @francescatrianni, who led the @findinghome instagram page about the lives of three Syrian newborn refugees in Europe, gave a great presentation.

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Last night, Finding Home won First Prize at @worldpressphoto for Innovation in Digital Storytelling. Thank you to all of you who followed Taimaa's story, and for our new followers, you can see a link to the winning entry in our bio. As always, thankful to @pulitzercenter and @merckformothers for supporting our reporting from day 1. Photo by @lynseyaddario

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Last night, Finding Home won First Prize at World Press Photo in the Innovative Storytelling category.
From the start, this journey has been a team effort, so I'm thinking of all of those who couldn't be here with us: @kirapollack @justine_s_123 @lynseyaddario and @timklimowicz
It was an honor to work with you every day, you gave a girl from Modena the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Since September, TIME has been following three Syrian families as they sought asylum in Europe, as part of the yearlong Finding Home project, starting with the birth of their children in the bleak refugee camps of northern Greece. Pictured here, baby Heln, just a few weeks after she was born. Her mother, Taimaa, thinks Heln looks just like her father, Mohannad, with her beautiful black hair. Hours after Heln was born, Taimaa started worrying about what it would be like to live in a refugee camp with a baby. “I feel that while I am sleeping in the tent there isn’t enough oxygen inside. How is a newborn supposed to handle this?” You can see Taimaa and baby Heln’s journey at
Photo by @lynseyaddario
TIME video journalist Francesca Trianni and senior engineer David Kofahl will present 'Finding Home', nominated in the Innovative Storytelling category of the 2018 Digital Storytelling Contest at the World Press Photo Festival on Friday 13 April.
Follow the link in our bio to see the full Festival program. for more info.
In @time's powerful interactive, 'Finding Home', Taimaa tells of the frustrations of waiting for asylum, the quiet moments of new motherhood, and the lonely struggle to fit in in a new land, through a series of text messages with TIME video journalist Francesca Trianni. The intimate and immersive page features photographs by Lynsey Addario and reporting by TIME’s Aryn Baker.
The World Press Photo Foundation will reveal the award winners in each category of the 2018 Digital Storytelling Contest and 2018 Photo Contest at the Awards Show in Amsterdam on 12 April!

Πανω απο 100 Συριοι προσφυγες φτανουν στον σιδηροδρομικο σταθμο θεσ/νικης σημερα το βραδυ στις 10.30. Χρειαζονται επειγον τως βοηθεια και καταλύματα, πολλοι ειναι κ απο το Αφριν. Οσοι μπορουν να βοηθησουν, να φιλοξενήσουν ατομα η να προσφερουν βοηθεια ας σπευσουν ειναι αμεση αναγκη. 🚨🆘 EMERGENCY APPEAL 🆘🚨 My organization has been informed that over 100 Syrian refugees will be released from detention on the Greek-Turkish border and transported by train to Thessaloniki tonight. They will arrive at 10:30 pm and they have no shelter, food or information. The influx of refugees will include many highly vulnerable families. Unfortunately, no formal actors will be present. My organization will help register people with the UNHCR for housing, provide valuable information on available community services, and facilitate access to asylum procedures. I am also personally trying to find out where all these people can stay for the night. The situation looks grim, unfortunately. This is also happening at an inconvenient time, as it will be Easter Weekend in Greece, and government offices will be closed Fri-Mon, with reduced hours at supermarkets and other stores.

Γεια σας αγαπημενοι μου!!!! Φευγω!!! Ενταξει δεν βελτιωθηκε η ακοη αλλα η μαγνητικη ειναι καθαρη! Σας ευχαριστω μεσα απο την καρδια μου για τις ευχες τη στηριξη κ την αγαπη σας....καλο πασχα σε ολους φιλους που πρωτογνωρισα αυτη την εβδομαδα αλλα κ αγαπημενους παλιους που παντα με κραταν σε καλο μουντ! Love u all! Μην χαθουμε.και δυναμη!!! Σε ολους οσοι αντιμετωιζουν προβληματα υγειας αυτες τις ημερες! Thanx thanx thanx πανω απ ολα στον υπεροχο γιατρο μου Ιωσηφ Βιταλ!!!! Doc εισαι unique! Κ σε ολο το νοσηλευτικο της βιοκλινικης ειναι ολοι τους υπεροχοι!🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Blaah!!! Hospital dinner!

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL), commonly known as sudden deafness, occurs as an unexplained, rapid loss of hearing—usually in one ear—εεε σας κουφανα? Ειμαι στην εξωτικη βιοκλινικη, θα μεινω τουλαχιστον 5 μέρες ...αντε ελατε για καφε...The worst senario να κουφαθω εντελως απο το δεξι αυτι!!! Θα μου μιλατε στο αριστερο!!!

Five years after leaving Syria, Ilham and her family have finally received their residency cards. After their asylum application to Lithuania was denied, the family applied for asylum in Greece. They’ve been in Greece for 2 years and we’ve been following Ilham’s story since she was 9 months pregnant in Oreokastro refugee camp in Thessaloniki. Baby Faraj born on October 2, 2017 in Thessaloniki. Like many Syrian refugees, Ilham and her husband Minhel love Greece but they don’t know how they will be able to raise the family if they can’t find a job - the asylum status in Greece comes with free health care and education but without financial support. Pictured here, a family photo outside the Thessaloniki’s asylum office after getting their residency cards

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This is the team of @findinghome taking over the Merck feed. TIME’s Africa bureau chief Aryn Baker meets Nour’s baby for the first time. We began covering Nour’s journey from inside the refugee camps in Thessaloniki, Greece, where few reporters have had access. Nour, a refugee from Deir ez-zor and a first-time mother, spent most of her pregnancy with no water for washing, sporadic electricity and no heat, despite freezing temperatures. Follow Nour’s journey @findinghome

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Syrian refugee Sanaa is overcome with emotion seconds after delivering her baby at a hospital in Greece. According to the United Nations, 303K women die during pregnancy & childbirth per year. 2.7M babies die during their first 28 days. 2.6M babies are stillborn
Most can be prevented. Photo shot on assignment for @Time @findinghome. @merckformothers @unfpa #maternalhealth

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