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Irene grasso  Mendes army Shawn 💋 🌃illuminate🌃 6/5/2017🍁

'Thinking of living the moment ..
Not realizing the time flowing' #picoftheday #sunshine #instagood

Next year...I promise 💫 #meet #shawnmendes #nextour #mendesarmy

Little London💞 #picoftheday #london

Well...today he was 19. I start by saying that you made me poor for your fucking tour, then you're a bit disgruntled, you have the mind of a 2 year old kid, on twitter I do not even calculate if you drop the Madonna in front , thought I follow. Okay now that I've "ventured" starts my good novel for you * fixes for 3 hours the paper to think positive things about Shawn, but positive things about Shawn does not find it* , I'm kidding, the good things there is, but I'm too much to write them all, I just say that since I started to follow you I thought I was just a passing thing, in the sense that I could enjoy 3 or 4 songs and that's enough, but this is not the case, this thing lasts. When I first saw the video of coming to Milan for the first time , I saw all those people and girls crying as soon as they saw you on that Mondadori balcony. In my mind I said ' what they find in a 17 year old boy, who has become famous social , to get to the peint of crying to hear just your simple greeting or crying to hear your song ' well , that 17 years old guy finds us a person who has pursued his dream , which he believed so much and his family supported it ( but also endured because you're a scumbag box). I first listened to MTV with the song 'Something big' but I did not like it much. After a while your new song came out and from there you stomped everything, I started to hear all your songs and at that moment I knew what those girls felt when they felt you. In my mind I said 'the next time I come to Italy with the tour I have to go' and so on. On May 6, 2017, it was the most beautiful day of my life. As soon as I saw you coming in, I was looking at the screen and did not believe that I was there, listening to you, I started crying, but crying with joy. When I changed the stage, to come to the other, I was going to be gone, and when you came near to me I was about to touch your hand, but a hand split us (curse that hand). I hope someday we will meet and as usual I will make a shit figure and I will not talk and you will make that smile from ebete to sdrammatize that moment.How did you say in an interview 'Just grow up', but you'll always be my baby, my favorite disagree❤

The great thing about this work is that you can immortalize passions, immortalize smiles, tears, joys, immortalize happiness, immortalize passion, immortalize a love that passes through what you pass through the will you want or through Your energy, everything that passes in a second is immortalized. I will never stop thanking you for what you do and that you make me more and more enthusiastic about this job. Thank you @josiahvandien#picoftheday

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