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Irene grasso  Mendes army Shawn 💋 🌃illuminate🌃 6/5/2017🍁

Menomale che hai fatto il video a questa canzone perché non l'avevo registrata😂 grazie Shawn😂😂❤ #Illuminateworldtour #shawnmendesfan #liveatmilan #mendesarmy @shawnmendes

And you were there, sitting at the piano, two steps away from me, singing, and others doing the same. Finally I can say I WAS THERE! I was there among the people who sang, who were excited, they were crying ... there were girls saying 'oh my God I'm really here, I'm really listening to him alive!' Well this is what I'm asking myself, I'm really listening to the same person I listen to from a simple phone or computer !? The same person who makes me excite every song, where she puts us so much passion and love. ' Sometimes people ask me, 'What do you like about Shawn?' To give an answer to this question I should write a novel, but I just say it's a great person, it's a guy with his head on his shoulders, which although he's not fit his head like other people, always finds time to do Photos with her fans even doing 11 hours of travel and I can not be proud to have an IDOL like this. Thanks for everything.❤ @shawnmendes #Illuminateworldtour #milan

~And in that moment, It felt like...It felt like I was already dead~ ❤ #hannahbaker #13reasonswhy #bestseries @katherinelangford @13reasonswhy

'I love you, Hannah.'
'Why didn't you say this to me when I was alive? 😢❤ #13reasonswhy #clayjensen #hannahbaker

A cut of fantastic hair done by a great hairdresser ❤ #shawnmendesfan #mendesarmy #cute #picofheday @serafinosays @shawnmendes

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