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Looking for a rich and decadent dessert for your next dinner party? This Chocolate Cherry Tart will leave your guests gushing with praises! The gorgeous gluten-free crust is filled with pillowy whipped cream and is topped with tangy vanilla roasted cherries - seriously yum! Try it for yourself using the recipe in the comments below 🍒

If you missed Taco Tuesday, do not fear, mid-week Mexican is here - how good do these Mexican Nachos with the Lot look! Want the recipe? Check out the link in the comments below 🍅

We know there are a lot of sceptics our there, but we encourage you to bring out your inner wellness warrior and rise and shine from the inside out by giving our Chai Golden Milk a go! Recipe in the comments below ☀️️️️

Taco dreams are made of these! Sign up to our 8-Week Program and you'll find yourself tucking into these Tasty Turmeric Tacos! Packed full of flavour and nutritional benefits, your body will thank you for it! Head to the link in our bio to find out more 👆

You’ve probably heard the phrase “eat the rainbow” before, and it’s not just because pretty colours look better in Instagram shots! Brightly coloured fruit and veg contain phytonutrients and these vibrant compounds are essential to good health. When you sign up to our 8-Week Program you'll find yourself eating from nutritionist designed meal plans which keep all these nutrient-dense details in mind! Find out more via the link in our bio!

Green goodness - name your fave! 🌿🍏🌽🌱🍐

Do you make the most of your roast? Well, here's a good tip - chuck a chook in the oven on Sunday evening and you'll have a great source of protein to use throughout the week! Pop it into everything from salads to soups - it's a time (and money saver)...what more could you want? On our 8-Week Program we teach you how to make the most of your meal prep on both the omnivore and vegetarian meal plans! Sign up today using the link in our bio 🌿

Avo good Monday 😂

Earlier today, we spoke about our eBooks but we understand that some of your prefer to have it in print! So, we bring you our Fast Family Meal cookbook - packed full of family-friendly recipes that can be made in just one-pot! Think of it as your perfect kitchen resource. Pick up a copy today via @panmacmillan 🍋

We admit, cooking for your family isn't easy, especially when you're catering for different taste buds! In that case, our Heathy Family Meals eBook may be just the solution you're looking for. It's packed with 40 sugar-free, kid (and husband) friendly recipes that come to less than $5 per serve - helping you stress less and save more! Pick up your copy via

The other day, we heard from an 8-Week Program graduate who completed the program in 2015! She shared with us that the recipes featured in her meal plans (way back then) are STILL regular recipes that she refers to – proving that the benefits of completing our program continue long after the 8 weeks are up! To find out more, check out the link in our bio 🌿

Word. 🙌

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