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I Quit Sugar  LAST CHANCE TO TRY OUR ONE WEEK LOW-SUGAR LIVING PLAN: KICKSTARTER 👉 Our last Program EVER starts Sunday 29th April!

Looking for the perfect dinner party crowd-pleaser? We recommend you whip up our Leftovers Chocolate Orange Tiramisu with Candied Almonds. It's full of rich mousse, cream, coffee and a chocolate loaf that makes for the most satisfyingly wonderful tiramisu ever! You can grab the recipe in our Ultimate Chocolate Cookbook over on our online store today!

@wellnesspod takes over the IQS Instagram: Stress is inescapable in our modern lives, worsening our current ailments, and often leads to a myriad of more serious conditions, such as poor digestion, recurrent illness and difficulties sleeping. The good news is, stress is manageable, and whether it’s taking a trip to a tropical island (like Gem’s recent holiday), or simply taking a moment for yourself, never underestimate the value of prioritising time out to de-stress. As naturopaths, it’s our job to tailor programs to prioritise health, and that’s what we will miss most about IQS, the way they encouraged members to take charge of their health. Thank you IQS community, here’s to the next big challenge.

@wellnesspod takes over the IQS Instagram: On her recent trip, Em was lucky enough to try some traditional Sri Lankan curries. Turmeric, with its amazing anti-inflammatory benefits, was a common spice used. As turmeric is notoriously tough to absorb, we teach our clients to combine it with fats (like coconut milk or oil) and black pepper to boost its bioavailability. Luckily our Sri Lankan friends knew this best and have developed traditional curries to reflect what science now confirms. Food as the pharmacy at its best!

@wellnesspod takes over the IQS Instagram: Waking up at 3 am? If you are struggling to stay asleep all night long, complex carbs, like sweet potato paired with a protein such as turkey for dinner can help you sleep by providing calming nutrients for the nervous system (eg. tryptophan) and help to prevent a blood sugar crash while mid-sleep (often a reason we wake-up in the middle of the night). Whoever said no carbs at night?

@wellnesspod takes over the IQS Instagram: We love to show our clients that healthy food doesn’t need to be boring! Enter Em’s Fructose-free Pistachio Delight. Almost all of our clients present with some form of gut issue, food intolerance or are looking to lose weight (sound familiar?) hence education around food choices is a must! Grab the recipe in the comments below (you'll need to type the link out in a new browser)

@wellnesspod takes over the IQS Instagram: Being active is important for our physical health, managing weight, increasing muscle strength and also our mental resilience. While there is a lot of debate on what is best for you (long distance running, crossfit, yoga), we think the best option is the one you ENJOY. We both love starting our day with yoga, and on the weekends getting out and enjoying the beautiful outdoors- Em recently attempted surfing! What motivates you to move?

@wellnesspod takes over the IQS Instagram: Hey, its Em and Gem from Wellness Pod. How cute is this pic, this was taken back in the day when we were studying our degree in naturopathy. Now qualified naturopaths, we have continued to work and learn from one another. We’ve been thrilled to be a part of the IQS community for some time now and are happy to celebrate it with you all! Stay tuned as we takeover and showcase some of the recommendations we make in the clinic to support clients on their health journey.

@drwellness_ takes over the IQS Instagram. Like my kiddies, I need a sweet treat now and again. I also find my wee darlings accept our IQS lifestyle much better if I throw in a sprinkling of (not so) sweet treats! For this beauty, I used the IQS Carrot cake cupcake with cinnamon frosting recipe but swapped the coconut flour with almond flour. The protein content in the nuts and almond flour stabilised our blood sugar levels by slowing down the release of the natural sugars in this super yummy cake. If it hadn’t been so tasty it would have been hard to cut into this beautiful cake. How have you made YOUR favourite cake low sugar?

@drwellness_ takes over the IQS Instagram. How beautiful is this! Nature is such a wonderful thing providing us with natural infection and cancer fighting ‘medicines’. Eating a rainbow of colours is immune-boosting as the more colourful our food the more antioxidants we ingest. Antioxidants, like vitamin C and resveratrol, help our immune system beat the baddies (cancer and bugs). Vegetables also help alkalise our body which is super important. I’m seeing an epidemic of ‘chronic mild metabolic acidosis’ and yet is not talked about in conventional medicine. Eating a JERF diet like Sarah Wilson and the IQS team have taught us helps to fight the acidity. Let me know if you would like a copy of my chronic mild metabolic acidosis quiz.

@drwellness_ takes over the IQS Instagram. Thank goodness my kiddies are finally coming round to the idea that we are a low/no sugar home! It’s been a challenge at times but luckily the @IQuitSugar team have made it easier by creating such amazing recipes that look like their normal counterparts. I used the IQS eggshell brownie recipe but increased the protein by swapping the coconut flour to almond flour. My youngest 3 girls pleaded with me to turn them into ‘smores’ so I compromised and made the IQS ‘ Sugar-free Anzac biscuits’ to go on the bottom. They were definitely ‘smoreish’ and the girls didn’t miss the lack of marshmallows on top! How have you IQS fans managed to make a low sugar version of your kiddy’s favourite ‘sweet’ treats?

@drwellness_ takes over the IQS Instagram. This photo shows all the ingredients I use in my hearty bone broth vege soup. This is perfect timing with the weather getting cooler. The large amount of vegetables means it’s immune-boosting and light in calories. It freezes fantastic and is perfect to heat up after a long day at work. The bone broth is perfect for helping to heal our guts. If your wee cherubs spit the dummy at veges (like mine do) you can mash coarsely or puree this soup once cooked. What’s your go-to low sugar meal in the colder seasons?

@drwellness_ takes over the IQS Instagram. Hmmm, how to make treat nights healthier, but keep the family showing the love? I adapted the awesome IQS fish batter recipe to use soda water instead of beer and egg yolk to boost the protein. For a twist, I added baking powder to make the batter extra light! The fish was then cooked in coconut oil which gives it a super yummy flavour. To make the meal lighter (and make me feel less guilty!) I paired it with a super colourful rainbow salad and topped it with a mixture of nuts and seeds. The protein and good fats in this meal help to stabilise our blood sugar levels. Thanks, @IQuitSugar for saving my kiddies health and my sanity!

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