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Ngajak si “lagi sakit” @aghniafuad biar ada materi posting

Somehow it becomes a family “thing” 🏀🙌🏻 Completely rookie “Yg penting ashioy”

#lebaran2018 #lebaran #family #cousins #basketball #bandung #blur

Mohon Maaf lahir dan batin from Us Insta Bros 😊🙏🏻

Taqaballahu Minna WaMinkum
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri
1 Syawal 1439 H

The Fuads

Watch @stereocaseband performed “Kau Selalu Ada” & “SNUP” live acoustic on #kaskustikan on @kaskusnetworks ‘s Youtube Channel. Link on my bio 👌

Swipe left for some previews (and tilt left your phone for better view) :
1. Kau Selalu Ada

Yesterday’s Gig w @bammastro at #middaymadness @kuningan_city .
Thanks for those who came and watched us 🙏🏻

Swipe left for drum cam on Bam Mastro’s :
1. Calling All Gods
2. Inamorata
3. Idols

Doing Photoshoot for Adco Property Group Profiling 😊

Looking all tired, waiting and directing all day, haven’t really stop from last week 😅 yet grateful for everything 🙏🏻
📸: @arifrhmnsaleh thankiess dude 👌

Thanks for having us @kaskusnetworks ❤️ We had a great time 👌😎

@stereocaseband #kauselaluada

+Happy Weekend 😎🙌🏻+ •
Sometimes you owe it to yourself. Don’t forget to breathe ~

5 years ago, I recorded metal songs w my buddy @itsallinsilence and his band Favouritesin ☠️It really was a different experience yet so much fun! 👽 However, for some reasons we can’t really finished the recording process (yet), such a shame 😲

Well, at least I wanna share a bit of photos of the recording process 🙌🏻👽

Exactly 10 years ago today, me and these 3 fine gentlemen met each other at a small studio in Puri Indah 🤚🏻We talked, we jammed, we instantly created a song, and most importantly we had fun 👋🏻That day is when my band @stereocaseband was formed 🙌🏻 •
Happy Birthday Stereocase, I wish nothing but the best journey in many years ahead with honest and good music quality both recorded and live 🙏🏻 Long live ✊🏻


(Again) for the past 10 years, @stereocaseband has released 7 Official Music Videos and 2 Official Lyric Videos. We’re so happy with the results, we’re enjoying all the making process, and most importantly we’re so happy to be able to collaborate w so many talents from different fields 🙌🏻 This post is a shout out to them 🙏🏻 THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE GUYS ❤️

These are videos that we released from 2010 to the most current one in 2018:
1. Just Called Life (2010) Directed by: @cocobi
2. Bebas (2011) Directed by: @cocobi & @shaktisiddarta
3. Alihkan (2013) Directed by: @shadtotoprasetio w special appearance by : @saldecorte
4. Kau Segalanya (2013) Directed by: @shadtotoprasetio w special appearance by : @whulandary & @thomasramdhan
5. All Night Long (2015) Directed by: @shadtotoprasetio w special appearance by : @wdkds
6. SNUP (2016) Created by: @baskorojuwono
7. Tabu (2017) Directed by: @shadtotoprasetio
8. Kau Selalu Ada (2018) Directed by: @takunarrosid w special appearance by : @ufasofura & @shakaputraa
Watch all the music videos on Stereocase Youtube Channel: Stereocaseband 👍

D-1 to #Stereocase10thAnniv

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