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Alien  👽I'm ur neighbor. Welcom to the free conutry that everyone is equal ! 🇺🇸Violence is not acceptable! Love & Peace ! YoLo !

👽 paper balls always the favorite game for them 😻but not any paper 😛this one come from a restaurant 🍭

👽😻Sleep wake up eat play sleep and repeat🙀😆

👽🙀may the 4 to be with u 😻

👽😻he love playing with the catcher ,🍭 favorite game of all, and when he catches he carries it away

👽sweet boy needs a lot of love ❤️ he used to be hideing himself somewhere that trust nobody 🙀but now he wants my signature touch everyday😻😉

👽🙀they got mad fight over me ?i thought the sheets were the game we play together 😅

👽they like playing high and seek under the blanket 😆it's leopard print got him like a. Hunter or becoz it's see through bro😻how do I get flat sheets change anyway 😅

👽feel the power of full moon , your energy rise that you cannot sleep for no reason🙀 it's nice to drive out in a night like this 😸and there street cat every where, i'm glad they make it over the winter😎 catch me outside how about that🚗new Honda Civic 2017

👽😆need to get this fat baby some actions before it gets too heavy for a size of kittens 😻 he enjoys playing with his favorite toys😘so let's do some fun move 🎥

👽 how easy it's cat can get sick? take the cat for a walk and fleas attack him🙀 that his eyepit has a wound , vet visit it's more expensive than my dermatologist mooman😅

👽😻Black Homie it's happy to make friends from the Windows 🙀 (not the computer windows😆)but how sad after she fly away

👽kids were waiting to check out the new toys! They go crazy try to catch the laser🤣🤣

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