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Iouri Podladtchikov  Snowboarder/Skateboarder/Photographer/Art Student represented by @circesnow

channelling bbbbbbrrrrrruuuuuucccccceeeeee at the @studioooooo

my mam made a slideshow for our birthday 😭❤️ i love you mam

skateskateskate🐀 -
protection ⛑ by @ridetsg -
🎥: @janscherrer

a few impressions from the studiooo 📸 first weeks have been exhausting ! thank you @lemajordomeshoes / @nadine_ponce / @patriciagraciapekas / @jeremy.dafflon / @onetimemanagement / @visagemodelszurich / for collaborating & thanx to everybody who came to try my 🍝 bolognese... ☺️ meanwhile i landed in nyc 🎷 here for the week ✌🏻

🎞 of dasha, moscow 30.6.18

thank you @cnnmoney & @christopheguyegalerie ! exhibition is up until oktober ✌🏻

exposing some 🎞 with @an.rupa & @whirligig_yu on @morgachevbatyr‘s 📽 set in moscow, thank you for the photos batyr!

Hemingway approved ✔️ @leica_camera

honored! #swissurbansleeping is amazing, i wanna go again 😋 🎥: @jumastories

PIT LANE @formulae_fia
with @audischweiz ⚡️the race starts at 18:04 🤘🏻#chargedwithexcitement
#etron #fanboost ->(vote for them they actually get more ⚡️⚡️⚡️ for it!)

engl.👇🏻Wer kennt die Hygieneregeln zum grillieren? ich nicht! Dank der schönen Kampagne vom BLV können wir sie auf 👉🏻 nachschauen 🙏🏻 #sichergeniessen #grillieren
Who knows the hygenic rules to grilling? i don't! thanx to the lovely campaign by BLV we can look them up on!
it is important to get the message out there ✌🏻#happygrilling