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🐰  Io ♀ Silver Queen with floppy ears • 4 years • Kíli ♂ Reddish brown with uppy ears • 3.5 years •

Kale and banana salad for Io’s 4th birthday 🌿🍌

It’s my birthday! 🎈

Oh hello I didn't see you there!

Hi there! 👋🏻 Hope you’re having a great day 🌻💕

It's the weekend!! 🎉


Monday again? No thanks!

On Wednesdays I wear a bow tie 😉

We love kale 🌱💕

Excuse me, but where is the food?

I got lots of pink balloons for Valentine’s Day! Do you think Io will like it? 💕

Eat your salad, kids. (Don't throw it on the floor.)

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