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Rise As One and inspire change around the world!! Saturday 26th of August @ 2pm join for an inspiring yoga flow practice which will awaken hearts as donations raise money towards @_riseasone_. The practice will be uniquely supported by the rhythms of Baran Yildiz @hangilicious percussionist and hangdrum musician. Come along, connect and RISE as ONE! #alifeinyoga #inyogalife #riseasone

InYoga's Foundational Teacher Training programs provide a foundation of practice and philosophy, giving students the tools to make lasting changes in their lives.

We draw from the timeless teachings of Ayurveda, Tantra, Hatha and Raja Yoga, and blend this traditional information with Western science and a modern understanding of the human body and energy system.

InYoga's Foundational Training is the first step towards deepening your study of yoga, whether you plan to teach yoga or want to develop your own personal practice.
Join us in 2018 to Awaken Your Potential!
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Awaken inspiration on your Yoga Teacher journey with InYoga's Advanced Teacher Training Modules. Learn from @nicolewalshyoga & @rodinyoga, leaders in delivering teacher training that will develop your skills as you become a more inspired and authentic teacher.⠀

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Are you a yoga teacher wanting to explore mudra, pranayama, mantra, and meditation? Learn about these instinctive awarenesses that cultivate a quality of attention, curiosity and wonder that can transform a yoga practice and your life. ⠀

Join @rodinyoga October 11-15 for 'The Subtle Arts' - 50hr Teacher Training Module. Explore the subtlety of these powerful teachings to skillfully guide students to use these as a vehicle to self-inquiry and reconnection.⠀

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It's time for yogis to inspire change around the world!! Saturday 26th of August @ 2pm.
will be hosting an inspiring yoga flow practice which will awaken hearts as donations raise money towards @_riseasone_.
The practice will be uniquely supported by the rhythms of Baran Yildiz @hangilicious percussionist and hangdrum musician.
The first Rise As One project aims to provide vulnerable girls and women with education, job skills, and to establish a 'Girl's Home' - helping them escape child marriage and a life of poverty; so that they can instead become change-makers in their communities.
Come along, connect and RISE as ONE!

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'Yoga isn't about touching your toes.. it's what you learn on the way down.' ⠀

Did you know that yoga is one of the only movement modalities that uses the whole range of motion in the joints? Better lubrication for the joints means more freedom for the body, and less stress on the mind. If you love running, weights, cross-fit, and strength training your body will THANK YOU for getting to a yoga class to deeply stretch your body out and rejuvenate your mind! ⠀

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Meditation is for everyone! It can be especially useful in times of intense preparation and change for expectant mums-to-be. Meditation is a beautiful way to bring a sense of calm to your body and connection to your growing baby within.⠀⠀
On a physical level, meditation can reduce stress, improve sleep and assist with pregnancy-related symptoms. Emotionally, it allows a space for expectant mums to give themselves time to simply “be” in their bodies and connect with their growing babies.⠀⠀
There is something special, safe and nurturing about this time that you give yourself.⠀⠀
Join us for Meditation, Monday - Friday @ 5:15pm⠀⠀
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Deepen your Practice with @amyg_yoga this Saturday afternoon for our backbending workshop! Join us as we look at the anatomy of a well-functioning spine and supporting structures, and give you some essential tools to stabilize your vertebrae while bending backwards. Love and nurture your spine through this practical experience. Sign up online for Backbending Foundations Saturday 19th August -> Follow the link in bio. #alifeinyoga #inyogalife #yoga #backbends #urdhvamukhasvanasana

Wednesday inspo from the lovely @flowwithjo "You can create space wherever you are. Creating space on the inside no matter what's happening on the outside helps us to better navigate & actually enjoy the busy lives we lead!" Come flow with Jo tomorrow morning 6:15am, 7:30am and 9:00am. #alifeinyoga #inyogalife #yogafun #createspace

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we will not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. ~ Buddha.⠀

See you on the mat, yogis. ⠀

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ATTENTION Yoga Teachers!! 'The Art of Awakened Teaching' is set to kick-off our Spring trainings! ⠀

In this practical course, delve into the art of essential language to inspire and uplift your students. Learn to teach skillfully by weaving your own personal experience of yoga, with the wisdom that flows from the practices and language of self-inquiry. ⠀

Join @nicolewalshyoga and @rodinyoga from Wednesday 13 September - Sunday 17 September. ⠀

Early bird special extended to Wednesday 22nd August ** save $145 **⠀

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Whether you do your first downward dog at 14 or 44, it’s not your history but your presence on your mat that counts. ~ K. Pattabhi Jois⠀

No matter your age, your experience, whether it's your first class or you're a seasoned yogi... showing up is the first step in turning the idea of yoga into a lifelong practice.⠀

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