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Hey did you know I won a free trip to California last summer? Not sure if I’ve posted enough photos so just wanted to make it clear… lol jokes aside though, when my mum asked what i was doing in the summer last March I was like ‘oh I’m gonna win a trip to california’ and she was all ‘why is my daughter like this’, and i also recorded myself in february saying listen up hoes this bitch is winning a trip to california this summer. I showed @nekoyamaguchi and she was freaked out. I’m part psychic, but also MANIFEST my friends

27 countries in under 20 years... puts it into perspective that anything other than gratitude is pretty unacceptable, really.

big dreamer 💫

thank u miss u

had an interesting realisation yesterday.. I was listening to the School of Greatness podcast and came across the classic quotation about how you want to make sure you have changed since yesterday, or a month ago or a year ago. how you should to be in competition with your past self and no one else. the thing is, recently I saw myself as having lagged behind my past self, not being as good as I was before, so I started applying this theory in the wrong way... desperately trying to get back to who I was last year. But when you think about it, that’s actually the OPPOSITE of the message. The whole point is that you don’t want to be the same as you were a year ago!! Just because I’m DIFFERENT to how I was, doesn’t mean I am worse. It means my life is evolving and changing, which is exactly how I want it to be. And In fact, quite unsurprisingly, if I stop focusing on what I have lost in the past year, I start to realise the many wonderful things I have gained. My heart is so much more open. My intention in everything I do is to serve. My decisions are based on what impact this will have on others and the world around me. I wake up every morning and think ‘How can I love more? How can I serve more?’ Having that clarity with regards to my personal growth helped me to finally fill in the Goals pages of my journal, coming from a place of authentic love and compassion (for myself and others) rather than resentment and dissatisfaction. Besides, I’d much rather have goals like Love + Accept Myself Unconditionally, Read More, Establish a Mediation Practice, than Be Who I Was 365 days ago. (p.s. I HATED all these photos we took in front of the flower wall. I thought I looked so fat and later that day I ended up crying in a changing room showing Aimee and Mouki a dress I was trying on (but I bought it anyway because that’s how much I trust them when they say something looks good hahaha). Damn how I wish I looked as good as I do in this photo now lol, but there are more important things in the world, and I’m slowly learning to create a love for myself that is not conditional. my value lies in who I am and how I love, not how I look.)

back in California aka Cambridge

taking a short break from le gram. been a little while since I felt like I had any clue what I was doing (have I ever?) but more importantly, it’s been too long since I dedicated myself to the search. because the search is LIFE to be honest. and I’ve been out here making a draaaaamaaaaa out of it, as though it’s the biggest crisis of humanity that me, a young and spriteful 19 year old, is not entirely sure of what she wants to do with her life. I’m done with it. Time to quit it. No more drama queen. And speaking of human crises, I also need to stop feeling inadequate for not being able to solve them all, and to get a grip of myself instead of being frazzled by the fact that no, I will never heal the entire human race in my lifetime. And that does not mean I am to slowly torture myself desperately trying to figure out what is the BEST thing I can do for this world if I cannot do everything. What is the best thing I can do for mySELF? If I show up for myself first, then I can show up for everyone else. So bye for a while instagram! We’re on a break, and I’m going on a few dates with myself in the meantime. gonna read all the books I ordered on Amazon, watch documentaries on the Ocean and apartheid (just two things that interest me), see more of the people I LOVE (my fave word) and hug them and tell them I’m grateful for their existence. And I shall hug this inhibited, shrunken version of myself, too, thank her for her service in bringing me here today, and wish her well on her way out of my life, bye-bye! As you can see, I’ve got a lot to do, so instagram, we’re ON A BREAK!!! (which may or may not involve continuing my unhealthy consumption of Friends. who decided to put it on Netflix?? does watching it count as self-care or is that just an excuse??)

Wanted to break out of le theme but I still love le theme so follow @alyluyah for some rando pics I love xxx

Wanted to break out of le theme but I still love le theme so follow @alyluyah for some rando pics I love xxx

Ahhh... beautiful summer nights 🌙.
Sparkling creativity swirling through the air🌬... The spirits of children dancing in the sun☀️...
Trees, clouds, blue skies, breathing in worries, stresses, fear🌪...
...breathing out pure oxygen💫.

no this is not an old photo from California this is CAMBRIDGE!!!

if you’re not following @swirlmagazine what ARE you doing?? so many beautiful human beings sharing their stories, photographs, life experiences on there 🙏🏽 here is one of mine! a beautiful summer day in Green Park w my boo @naiboustany. also can we all acknowledge how great this bikini is. this is my colour I look so great in. Wow. I’m a queen. 2018!!! ANOTHER YEAR OF HYPING MYSELF UP!!! let’s go!!!
(p.s. I couldn’t hype myself without you hyping me first @m.ouki @nekoyamaguchi @amieislajackson @procras_tina_te @sophiie_o @ssaarraahj thank u)
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