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  Life is hard but keep hope🔱

So yeah, this not saved my life. This boy, his sister and her friend. I was so close to commit suicide a long time ago. I was on Twitter. In my head it would probably be the last time ever. But instead. It saved my life. It was to thing that saved my life. A tweet saying something like "It's the hard times that makes you stronger. Don't give up." and a follow. "@MadisonPettis22 is now following you on Twitter" I started to cry. And I couldn't commit suicide. And some weeks later "@AlliSimpson is now following you on Twitter" and just a few days ago "@SophieHarrison4 is now following you in Twitter". But the thought of suicide just came back and back. It was hard to think of something else. But two things helped me. To things I still do every day. Those to things is the reason in still alive. @codysimpson and his music and @allisimpson and her videos on YouTubs. They make me laugh when I'm crying, smiling when I'm broken. The music make me believe in my self and the lyric make me feel loved again. And I wish they knew. Cuz if they knew I would probably find some strength again.

Math homework ._. I was bored in the math lesson today so I wrote a part of the lyric to "You'll think of me" by Keith Urban❤ "Take your records, take your freedom, take you memories. I don't need them."


In the car today -.- yeah, it tears me up too...I love you..I'm sorry for everything! I wish I could go back in time!

Just please answer me! I gotta go to the doctor now any way..I hope for a message from you when I get back cuz it's tearing me apart! Girl, I need you. I was supposed to talk to you about this, but now I can't talk to anyone cuz I'm scared that you aren't that person I thought I was..pleas say something! I beg you!

#Logitech music speaker✌

I thought of something crazy last night. And I still don't regret the thought. I was thinking that if my sister it my cousin ever got cancer and lost their hair I would cut my hair so they won't feel so alone. Cuz I want them to feel loved and beautiful with and without hair cuz they are. I realized how much my cousin means to me too. He is just such a great person <3 just like my sister <3

Hehe, #gotmegood by @codysimpson ^^]

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☺😊💦❕👍💓💗💜❤🎶🎵 yeah...Well what I'm trying to say is that I'm happy for you ❤❤❤

Cute!! Childhood memory❤

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