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sickandsolitary  do you ever feel this way? sharing is encouraged and appreciated, &i follow back

Eat as much raw food as you can! If you are sick about 80% of your food should be consumed raw. If you are not then about 50%. In autoimmunes this is IMPORTANT cause everyones bodies attack cooked food but we cannot afford this! #Chronic #Illness People who choose to eat healthy claim to experience less symptoms and/or go into remission. I'm going to test this because if I can go my whole life with less symptoms because of food choices I WILL. #Lupus #MS #Fibro #Myalgia

My disease makes me very tired, makes my body hurt - so I cant always do things. They say its an excuse. I've been blinded, I've been unable to walk before. But this disease makes my muscles & joints HURT , & it really drains my energy. When I have energy during the day, I clean study or exercise. These are my priorities. But no I'm not gonna buy a wheelchair so that you will be convinced- because the sores across my waist the scars on my hips and results in my medical binder AND past flares you e witnessed haven't gotten your ignorant asses convinced. #ChronicIllness #Spoonie #Ouch #Ignorance #fibro #lupus #MS

#handicap #disability shower chairs are great if you only have leg problems! On days my legs are no good it is great, but for over fatigue/low energy/tiredness it is not! You will be just as tired sitting your arms will not be better just because your legs are resting. #Lupus #Fibro #Chronicillness #illness

#Lupus got its name from patients looking as if they suffered a wolf attack. It looks like a wolf attacked me with a fork. 🍴

So sweet 😭💜 #lupus

I've had #lupus almost a year now, in January all that hair (not in the ponytail) had fallen out. Things I found helped: not prenatal vitamins, not med shampoos. Rather biotin, folic acid, and maybe the steroids (prednisone&what they gave me in surgery) allowed those to work well. #hairloss #sle #suncutaneous #chronicillness

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