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Invictus Leaders  Mindset Coaching: Performance through Purpose

💃🏽🔥💃🏽Our men Alex and Jack had an unreal day pickling those balls! Video'd here is Borgida's insane comeback win point and Jack's utter devastation. NOT video'd here is Jack kicking my butt. Mixed feelings to admit it but my guys are getting better than me! Check out Alex dancing in the back!!! #fun #pickleball #dance #winner @aeborgida @jackmoe3

INCREDIBLE SHOT!!! Borgida for the win! The objective was to get the ball as close to the opposite baseline as possible without going over. You get three tries. Insane shot! #winner #muscles #fun

Nothing short of superhuman dedication and determination got Ty over the line on his last set. That's what it takes. #badass #basketball #dontquit @tyterry_

🔥☠️DEATH MARCH ☠️🔥-- To this day, only two clients have passed 100 yards in the 200 yard Death March without dropping. They are both from DeLaSalle high school. The 200 yard Death March is made of 4 sets of 20, 40, 60 and 80 yard plate push shuttles respectively. Your score is where you drop but you are required to finish. It seems so easy when you watch it being done. It's awful and not to be attempted by yourself. Only adamant mental strength will carry you over the 100yard point. The right to attempt it must be earned. @tyterry_ @gabe11islander are the only ones in the 100yard+ club. Get some. #mindset #tough #getsome

Presented to an elite club of ultimate frisbee players last night. Eclectic group as you can see from their shoe selection. Great guys and what a learning experience! #fun #ultimatefrisbee #bros

🔥Drawing up a lesson at a beautiful lake beach in Minnesota with our guy Sam! Sam has proven to be a quick learner and go-getter early on. He listens well and challenges himself in every session. He's already improved a great deal. Can't wait to see what paths this young buck will pioneer!!! #beach #important #prioritize

✈️ SUPERHUMAN ✈️ ! Mason lets rip a pterodactyl scream after flying high for a 40" jump!!! He's 5'10" and can now touch 11 feet!!! We're talking about a young man who could barely get 10 feet when we first started with poor mechanics and valgus knees. He's worked so hard on his hip hinge and body position. Hard work and diligence pays off. He's now getting looks from colleges as a multi-sport athlete!!! Incredible. #hardworkpaysoff #hardwork #muscle

Brothers! Young bucks training the forward lean. There is an age difference but they don't hold back. Jimmy and Teddy get after it and the competition is a thing of beauty. Always a pleasure working with these fine young men! #brothers #family #competition

It's a simple truth. There is no shortcut. Do the work. Walk the road. Get some. #truth #beautiful #hardwork

There is no magic bullet or short cut to become a consistent, elite performer. Do the work. #hardworkpaysoff #motivated #gamer

😱#ohnohedidnt STEAL THE BACON 🥓 Watch closely to witness one of the greatest touchdown celebrations of all time! #touchdown #score #celebrate #gamer

It's one of my favorite drills to have athletes jump and spin and do all sorts of tomfoolery. So important to train in all planes of motion. Video'd here we have three motivated green horns working hard and having fun on a GORGEOUS Minnesota day. Try jumping, doing a 360 and landing in balance both directions. #fun #slomo #squad

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