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Diver helps an octopus lift a log. 🐙#inversediscovers

These are NOT aliens, they’re lampreys, a type of parasitic fish that feeds by boring into the flesh of other fish to suck their blood. (📹:@mrs.stephanie.cano) #inversediscovers

The most graceful creature in the ocean? (📹:@wanderingherb) #inversediscovers

49 years ago today. (📸:@nasa)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has once again found himself in the center of a controversy over the spread of fake news after saying that Holocaust deniers weren’t “intentionally” getting their facts wrong. LINK IN BIO to read more. (📸:Maurizio Pesce)

Augmented reality chemistry set. (🎥:Paradox Design YT) #inversediscovers

A dozen new moons have been discovered in transit over Jupiter, including remnants of ancient moons destroyed by oncoming orbital traffic. Jupiter’s moon count has stood at 69 since July 2017. LINK IN BIO to read more. 📸: @nasajuno

The Butterfly Ray can vary from light brown to greenish gray in color, and can manipulate its shading to blend better into its background. (📹:@dennisr_here) #inversediscovers

After receiving criticism following his participation in the Thai Cave rescue, Elon Musk has called one the divers credited with leading the mission a “pedo.” Hit the link in our bio to read his now-deleted tweets. (📸:@ted)

Heat wave reveals a previously undiscovered Neolithic Henge in Ireland. #inversediscovers

Yosemite Falls Rainbow 🌈 (🎥:@gregharlowmedia) #inversediscovers

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