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Invent Electronics  We help you bring your electronics projects to life by providing you with good quality electronic components and timely support any day, any time.

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Team IE. Hanging out today after work. Work and happiness. :D

Get all you need to start diving into the amazing world of Arduino with the Invent Arduino Starter Kit.

The Kit contains over 60 individual parts including sensors, an Arduino board, passive components, power supply, connectors, LCD screen, actuators and more.

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#TutorialThursday Need to display info on a screen? Connect a Liquid Crystal Display to an Arduino and you good!! ⠀

How will you help advance the Internet of Things using the new Arduino MKR FOX 1200? There's a challenge for you to create an innovative project.⠀

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We’re more than just an electronics store. We are also a community of makers, engineers, hobbyists, students, professionals and more…all driven by a common passion for electronics.⠀

Join our community today and meet other people like you, get all the help you need for your project and enjoy electronics together.⠀

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There is a style guide to writing library APIs in Arduino. Some of these run counter to professional programming practice. ⠀

This allows other people to easily use the code that you've written and to easily update it as you improve the library.⠀

Wednesday Wisdom nuggets from one of the greatest inventors to have ever walked the earth. #NikolaTesla #genius #wisdom #geek

And the week goes skrrrRAAA!! #MotivationMonday
Have an awesome and productive week!!

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