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Inuyasha/Kagome♡  Lots of pictures and more ! ❤ Make the blue button green !💙 Love inuyasha and kagome ?🙈 Follow us: -->@inuyasha_official_fanpage 50🔒100🔒150🔒200🔒

I'm so sorry guys that I don't have posted so much on the last months I love you guys, I'm on vacation and I can't use my phone so often. Have a great day ! ❤
#sorry #inuyashaandkagome

Just have fun.♡
#inuyasha #kagome #Shippo #Miroku & #Sango I love that team so ! *-* ♡
who has vacation now ? I have vacations today until the 15th of September 😄❤
I'll fly now to California to my aunt's, and you ? Tell me about !

Love you guys. ♡ You're all amazing! ❤

Kagome: Inuyasha ?.. did you think, we can stay forever ?
Inuyasha: Together ?..
Kagome: Yes..♡ Inuyasha: Sure.^^♡ #InuyashaxKagome #kagome #inuyasha #Inuyashalove #inuyashaandkagome

A wish from @sesshxrin01 I love this picture♡ They two together are so sweet*-*, you love them too ? Coment why !♡ #sesshomaruxrin #inuyahsa'sbrother
#Rin #Sesshomaru

#InuyashaxKagome I love this couple. . ♡ They're so cute together *-* !

I love you guys, your all amazing. Thanks for all my followers *-* ♡
Have you a wish ? Coment your wish and I make it true. (:

Shippo! *-* He's so cute ! *-* you love them ? Coment why ! ❤

#Shippo #Inuyasha #Kagome #lovethem

#Kagura *o* i love her ! *-* you too ? Coment why ! ❤

I love they too ! :3 Sango & Miroku
Are they too sweet together ? Yes ? Coment why ! ❤
#Inuyashalove #MirokuxSango #Sango, #Miroku

I love this team! :3 Kagome, Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku & sesshomaru ! *-* ❤

Kagome smile, because she belive in inuyasha, every moment.. and he never let her alone, in this big bad world.♡ #inuyasha #kagome

hey i'm new :3 i hope you enjoy my page and have fun it would great if you follow me :)

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