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INURXX  Inspired by radio code 10-20 slang "What's your twenty?" INURXX thus means you are here, in the present, in your twenty. Spread ❤️ & ☀️!

First responders and military members see trauma regularly due to their passion to help others. As a result many of these real life heroes train to be experts in planning for the worst and most catastrophic scenarios, as well as analyzing what went wrong in the past. By concentrating so much energy into the future and the past, many forget to live in the present.

INURXX (Pronounced: In Your Twenty) is inspired by radio code 10-20 code slang "What's your twenty?" Used to determine someone's location. INURXX thus means you are here, in the present, in your twenty.

The two founders of INURXX are brothers (A Paramedic and an Engineer) who share a passion to innovate and have found purpose in creating products that bring awareness to PTSD and mental health overall. They intend to create products that improve people's quality of life to ultimately fund INUXX's end mission.

This end mission is to create non-judging peaceful environments where first responders, military personnel and community heroes can freely reconnect with their families. While there, they can begin to repair the mental damage incurred while serving their country and community. They can learn directly from professionals (While same lived experiences) about their diagnosis, and begin the healing process to regain control of their minds and lives, before suicide becomes their only option.

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