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“Just like darkened mists over an absent ground
My lonely soul fogs up an absent town
No creatures around, just night and distance
Nothing but a question behind our existence
With your persistence aboard my crazy train
How did you tolerate my hurricane
You took my hand and you shook my land
And I’ll give you a fairytale like no man can”
Original 2017 ©

You are not who you think you are! Let me explain.

Imagine asking “how would you describe your self?” to every person on our planet. For starters, the closest five people to you will most likely have different answers. Now no matter what the rest of the six billion nine hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-five people around the world say, no two people will have the same answer.

What defines the “self” is different from person to person. And your personal self evolves from decade to decade, year to year, or maybe even minute to minute. Meet up with someone you haven’t seen in five years and your vibes alone will prove this point. Worth writing down: the 'algorithm' that makes up our self is a variable in constant evolution.

So where’s the meat of the conversation? By reading between the lines, you’ll realize that there are infinite probabilities of who your “self” can be throughout your lifespan. So.. try new things. Explore. Challenge your fears. You can’t really be sure of who you are or what you’re capable of until you TRY! Break the routine. Amend your patterns. Aim for the stars and believe that you can change your “self” for the better – one you, one life baby!
'The Imbalance Of Superego' is a post inspired by the Freudian concept of Identity, Ego and Superego. Read more at, link in bio. 🙏❤

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⬜ Every square has four sides -
🌊 Every sea has shoreside -
👤 Every you in the mirror -
💪 Has dreams to score high.
💀 Neglect the war life -
👼 Protect your soul tribe -
💤 Sleep well the whole night -
🌟 n I wish you foresight.

Friends with hearts of gold. It’s important for us to realize that Regardless of how advanced we’ve become as a populous, the world still functions primarily on survival of the fittest.

While it’s incredibly fulfilling to meditate or do yoga, create inspiring art with positive messages or be a good person in general, an important part of your human characteristic is your INNER WILD BEAST.

It is this beast that comes to your rescue when you have to fight for something - and Do fight for something. Fight often for your rights. Fight hard for your dreams. Don’t let lowkey people step on your soul like a sorry sewer cockroach.

50% Namaste, kill them with kindness.

50% F*ck Outta Here, to all the haters and backstabbing goblins we cross paths with.

On a separate note, if you have a heart of gold please do leave your blessings in the post linked in my profile (if you haven't). All you need to comment is a Facebook account. I want to fill that page with powerful love from you people, so comment and mingle with the other hearts of gold! 💛

There is nothing worst than people who stab you in the back. Acting one way around you and another way when you ain’t around. Beating around the bushes and twisting the truth in their favour. You know what I mean right? How frustrating is it dealing with someone like that? How much life and energy does it suck out of you? How much time does it waste? It’s like a virus and the only way to get it out is a genuine F*CK YOU to their face.

There was a time when I would take physical action and attempt to obliterate the symmetry of a backstabber's face, but I found two certain alternatives:

One, dealing with people teaches you lessons and it's up to you to learn (developing emotional intelligence by realizing where mistakes are being made). Two, trust that the universe has its way of bringing karma back to those devious beings.

After I realized this, I became somewhat more of a human in peace.


It’s all out of my hands, a pointless situation
Was it true or wasn’t it true, faded petals of blue
I’m jaded pedalling you
Thought I was settled, I’m through
Faded petals of you..🍃🍃
Poetry of the day..delivered right to your screen 👌

I remember a few years back, I went to a hospital to check up on a loved one. After my visit, I noticed 7 charity boxes, located about a meter apart from one another.

I thought to myself “Yeah I want to give to those in need. But I need help too. Maybe some other time, when I’m rich, I’ll donate.” I was at that same hospital yesterday for my sister’s baby's birth, and I had a revelation. I paused beside the boxes, as if frozen in time by a divine kinetic forcefield. I looked over at the 7 boxes, and they seemed like windows of hope looking through to the eyes of despair. At the very least, hungry children were on the other end.

This time, I thought to myself “I’m grateful for everything I have. I’m so blessed and have everything I need, in abundance.” Then I proceeded to walk over to the first box and slipped in 3 dollars. My back started itching. I walk over to the next box, and also slipped in 3 dollars. Something was coming out of my back. I walk over to the third box and realize that there were wings piercing through out of my back.. By the time I reached the seventh box, I grew large majestic wings, and after donating the final 3 dollars, I used my feathery silver wings to soar over to the families I was helping in my own little way, and shower them with lots of love, light and blessings. 😇

1989, you were a mysterious case
A blurry white ball floating in outer space
I could barely see anything through my tiny little eyes
Your mysteries were too vast for my tiny little pace.. 1995, I would look at you at night
You weren’t made out of cheese but I guess that was alright
Teachers said you existed even with the day ahead
But to me you existed to tell us when to go to bed!

1999, I’d been seeing you for years..
Why did grown ups come to you when they broke out in tears?
You were still just an employee working overnight shifts
Supervising skies, giving moonlight as a gift.

2002, my parents no longer together.
I needed to be stronger while drifting through the ether..
It would just be you and I in a cold dreary hall,
I am forever indebted to your presence when I fall.

2009, you looked absolutely divine.
You shone your light of glory as I learned the art of rhyme.
I picked up the guitar and sang a song or two,
No number of songs are enough if sung to you.

2017, here we meet again!
Bleeding love that never ends through this ballpoint Bently pen.
I’ve been witnessing you move with the motion of my days
I grant my truest gaze to you, my truest glowing friend.
"Me & The Moon," Original 2017.
Let's show some love for the friend who's always there.. 🌙👽

"Looking for a shortcut to be disrespected by everyone around you? Be dishonest. Don't tell the truth. Tell a lie, and even after you've been busted for lying, don't learn from your mistake--just keep lying. Hide things from people. Maintain a secret agenda. Don't tell anyone the truth. Let that be your reputation.

Do this everyday and I guarantee you will be the undeniable master of dishonesty."
Principle #5 from the 7 Warrior Principles! Check out the other value-packed principles on, or use the short link It's a heavy read so make sure you have a few minutes available. Have a great week brothers and sisters! 💙💙💙
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The Mooncat is there with the most genuine care
Guiding your light in the midst of your fight.
Indeed it is rare for her heartwarming stare
To shine love on a fool who has evil in sight!

For that fool is a tool that the evils declare
In spite of the rights that he fights for in fight.
But in a fight against justice the fool just cannot fare,
He'll get clenched between the jaws of real justice and right!

The struggle is real and that fact you must bare,
'Tis these struggling nights that take one to new heights.
The Mooncat is there healing pain and despair,
Dreaming each night and sheilding your light!
The Mooncat is from last week's blog post "Unleashing Your Inner Spiritual Warrior!" Find it at or use this short link: for 7 Effective Warrior PRINCIPLES that you could apply to your life today. Hope you enjoyed that verse my friends! 💙
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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." -Mahatma Gandhi 👌💯💯
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