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Mo A. Younes  Bearded & divine 👁️✨ -- 💼 Brand Strategist 🌙 Lightworker 🎨 Art & Poetry 🎸 Guitarist -- 👽 👑 @wisdomxbrand --

“You may have convinced yourself that giving is impossible because you have too little for yourself. If you are not generous when it is difficult, you will not be generous when it is easy. Generosity is a function of the heart, not the wallet.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer✨

Until 2019, I have not been able to feel as whole-heartedly generous as I feel today. Authentic generosity is a state of being that comes with a tranquil calm that could not put into words... I bond with my soul through silence. I GIVE as a result of the gratitude that I embrace, feel, and cherish towards the universe for all that I have received to date.

UNIverse. UNO. Universe is ONE. We are one. We should approach generosity with respect to the oneness between ourselves AND the people & world around us. When we are in a flow of higher generosity, as I like to call it, we harmonize with the force of the universe and feel ever-so empowered and invigorated.

Thank you for reading, thank you for taking action, brothers and sisters! 🙏✨

What's your favorite thing to do during travel?✈️✨
One of mine is drawing and trying to capture the aliveness behind majestic statues. This one, architected by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, is called "Fountain Of Four Rivers" located in Piazza Navona in Rome.

While I was there, I ordered an espresso and a croissant at a nearby cafe and sat at the "front row" to get the optimal view. People were friendly and enjoyed watching the drawing take place. Violins were playing in the background. It felt like renaissance. Every stroke of the pencil in that atmosphere was a moment of authentic euphoria.

I spent the mornings over the next four days drawing each of the 'River Gods' in the statue. By the end of it, I felt like a River God. I started to summon the rivers and cause them to gush into the clouds, and at a single command, caused them to rain onto the masses, each drop equipped with a wholesome dose of love, healing and positive energy. It was wet n' whimsical.
While that may not have taken place technically, it sure did in another, less literal way... If you know what I mean 😉

If tomorrow is yet to come
Your journey isn’t done
Yesterdays turn the page
And burn away like pleasant sage
Tomorrow’s just a day away
But it’s not for sure it’ll come our way
So let your dreams come out today
Your tomorrow’s could be lived today
And on this lovely full moon day, may a life of meaning head our way 🙏🌠

True love comes with gravity💗
and enemies of mermaid cavalry🧜‍♂️
You’d think you'd never be apart🎎
but your heart makes bets so savagely🎲

All in on love, left mind at sea🌊
your 3rd eye sleeps so gracefully😴
but by the time it opens its lid to see👁️
girl you've already sunk like gravity⚓

What’s a heart to love so lavishly,
to leave a third eye blind and a mind at sea? 👁️ 🌌 ☠️

Hey I just met you
And this is craazyy
Here's my death note
Write in it maybe 😈 📝

Taken right before I took Ryuk underwear shopping 🍎✨

Scroll to the bottom of your feed to your first post, at which date was it posted?? 🤔📖 Let's see how much insta-wisdom our accounts have! ✨

This account's first post dates back to October 2015, although my first ever gram was created back in 2012. -- Can you imagine there are folks out there who created their accounts back when instagram was first launched (2010)?? That's a 9 year old account, equivalent to 90 human years. 🧙‍♂️✨

Two years back this shirt I wore,
When I thought I knew what I was destined for.

I planned for two years but no years more,
To achieve the dreams that I was hoping for.

Two years later, I’m at this door,
And it leads to more doors I can not ignore!

Turns out these years that I sewed before,
Were merely the sleeves of the dreams I wore.

Next two years, I will love life more.
Because two becomes four, and four becomes more.

I have more years than I’m accounting for,
For the dreams that become my life decor. --
Here's to a magical 2019 of dreams & manifestation.

Would you forgive your love for crime ☠️ or would you leave that love behind..? ✨ #L

Word on the street is that our world brings us conflict 🌧️⚡ I reckon that’s because humans are full of differences 🧐 We cannot all be compatible, can we? ..not in the slightest chance!

Compatibility is deceitful.

You can never know how compatible to a person you are until you see their true colours.

First, we need to know our own true colours.

We need to dive deep and expose our own personal palette of VALUES, BELIEFS and PRINCIPLES...only then will we be able to have a radar for those who would spoil our paintings.

🌟 VIDEO ALERT! Watch until the end 🌟
Progress on artwork for in collaboration with @dissection.of.a.dream 's poem "Dark Throne".
This vampire vixen was illustrated on #fabriano paper using my favorite, @sharpie pens. Painting takes place on a high res scan in Photoshop.
Song: "Slow Dancing in the Dark" by JOJI @sushitrash
Enjoy 👽 & a magical holiday to all y'all ✨✨

It feels as though it was just yesterday we were attempting back flips at highschool, getting into trouble with miss Lina, and rescuing our little mountain pup John Mayhem with @regal.the.brat (pre 2006). It feels like just yesterday when we were united for a fun evening of hanging out and gaming in Beirut (pre 2012). Even today, as we stand here as grown men and women, the yesterdays remain in our minds and hearts because those yesterdays were special days with special people.

Except, I only wish I had the chance to see you one more time yesterday, to remind you that not every day had to be as hard as yesterday.

Your number was and still is the only number I have memorized, and I wish I would've made that call just in time, yesterday... Today, I mourn the loss of my friend and my brother. The one who made us laugh. The one who supported us and always had our back. It's true that the best of us leave too soon, and you were no exception.

May you rest in peace Fifi. Know that our yesterdays will always be with us in the todays and the tomorrows, as you soar through better days.

For today, know that we will meet again another day, in a better way, in a place where we can freely monkey around and play 🙏🙏❤️❤️ ~RIP FIFI~

What goes up, must come down. And down it comes 👇🏻 Sometimes it explodes like an avalanche of might, other times it trickles down like a chilly snowy night.

I find myself choked by a grip so tight, so chilly and cold - I feel silly and old and towards myself I begin to holler and scold.

But in spite of the cold snow trickling on my shell, and the pickled smell of failure and emerging hell, in spite of my being in my lowest of lows, I’ve got to thicken my skin and take the slowest of blows.

I’ve been here before and it’s a place I adore ‘cause I always feel the growth stem out of my core.

I count the blessings that I’m grateful for and honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I know this new shore that I’ve chosen to explore will lead to more light and blessings galore 🙏🌌🌌

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