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Too soon? Too late? Either way I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did.

Smaller internet > Big internet

The internet doing what the internet does

When I try to go a week without eating ice cream. #6DaysIsMyRecord #AndIAlmostDied

If I was in a room with hitler, osama bin laden, and bag of raisins...and had a gun with two bullets, id shoot the bag of raisins twice.

I played basketball and my dad came to the majority of my games. I don’t really drink and I’m celibate, therefore I can’t really relate to any of this...but I assume at least @govig6 will find this funny, and that’s worth the share. #HeHasMoreLoyaltyThanTenTristanThompsonsCombined

*Skifuckingdaddle* 😂 but real talk, with allergy season around the corner, hope my white blood cells are more ‘Blood gang’ than white. #BsUp #ButDontForget #HavingAllergiesIsAChoice #YeezyQuotes

Fettu Chini would’ve worked as well. Two of my favourite food groups, I think we would get along.#NoRacist #AtLittleRacist #SheLikesCaptions #NotMyBest #ButNotMyWorst #AndICanLiveWithThat

“That is a Caucasian from the mountains of caucuses” 😂
Also this is a real convo @jexxyjex has had on like 6 occasions. This is why he moved to France. #FactsOfLife

I really don’t like parties, but I do love my grandpa, but I also really like memes. So 2 vs 1 and this is why I posted it. We’re all going to die, but at least we all don’t have to go to parties. #ChillItsAMeme

Life changer. You can also put the pasta in the bottle, so that it will cook slowly during the week #AlDente

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